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Best time to Visit Uzbekistan: Weather, Seasons, Important Events and More

TeamAckoFeb 27, 2024

If you are planning to visit Uzbekistan, you must be aware of the beautiful places that it withholds for its visitors to enjoy. From the history of the Silk Road to fascinating architecture, Uzbekistan is a place to explore with your loved ones. Moreover, what more can you want if you know the weather conditions of different places to have a comfortable journey?

So, if you are wondering when is the best time to visit Uzbekistan, go through this article. We have explained the seasons in which you can visit this nation to enjoy a memorable vacation.



When is the Best Time to Visit Uzbekistan?

If you are thinking about the ideal time to tour Uzbekistan, you must explore the region in spring and autumn (March to May and September to November). The weather is warm and dry during these seasons, allowing you to explore the country and witness the charm it has to offer. 

When you visit Uzbekistan during the spring, you can experience the colourful blooms in the garden and explore the country’s archaeological sites. During the autumn, you can participate in various outdoor activities and hike the mountains. In addition, you can enjoy various events in spring, like the Navruz Festival and the International Music Festival. 

Since the temperature reaches a maximum of 30°C, you can explore the desert region of Uzbekistan without feeling uncomfortable. Make sure to explore the unexplored regions of the country, as the weather will surely aid you in doing so. However, the best time to visit Uzbekistan differs from one individual to another as it depends on various factors. These factors include the feasible time you want to go on your trip and the cities and places on your bucket list to tour and enjoy as per your liking.

Best Season to Visit Uzbekistan

There are three main travel seasons in Uzbekistan, depending on budget, weather and crowds. Here is a breakdown of each season.

Peak Season in Uzbekistan

The best season to visit Uzbekistan starts in March and ends in May. In this season, the temperature ranges between 15°C to 25°C, making it ideal for tourists to explore the southern region of Uzbekistan. It also enables them to tour the central region and the Amu Darya Basin. Travellers can explore the place without worrying about the cold temperatures in the spring.

Moreover, tourists can even tour Uzbekistan during the autumn, starting in September and ending in November. During this period, the average temperature is around 25°C, enabling travel enthusiasts to explore Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent and other adjoining areas. However, tourists can expect some rainfall in the capital city. They can also tour the archaeological sites, including the historical remains of the trading route of Alexander the Great. 

Nevertheless, visiting Uzbekistan during the peak season can be a bit of a hassle, as the tourist places remain crowded with people visiting from all over the world. During this season, the travel and accommodation costs are usually higher, and you will witness a lot of crowds. 

To make your Uzbekistan trip hassle-free, you must book your reservations and tickets in advance to enjoy a memorable vacation. Also, make sure to get travel insurance online to keep you safe from unwanted losses.

Pros of Going to Uzbekistan During the Peak Season:

  • Great time to explore the flora of Uzbekistan and its blooming landscapes.

  • You can attend the Folklore Festival in Surkhandarya Province.

  • In late September and early October, you can witness the markets of Uzbekistan full of flowers and wines.

Cons of Going to Uzbekistan During the Peak Season:

  • You will witness a lot of crowds visiting Uzbekistan during this season.

  • Expensive travel and accommodation options are available.

  • Some popular tourist sites will limit their entry as too many tourists visit them during this period. 

Shoulder Season in Uzbekistan

The shoulder season in Uzbekistan starts in June and lasts until August. During this period, the temperatures climb up, and the climate gets humid and balmy. It is the best time to trek in the mountains and enjoy some of the biggest Uzbekistan festivals, like the Festival of Traditional Culture. 

Moreover, visiting Uzbekistan during this period will be budget-friendly, as there is a reduction in accommodation and travel costs. You can tour the Fergana Valley during this season, as the temperature is cooler than in the desert areas.

Pros of Going to Uzbekistan During the Shoulder Season:

  • Due to fewer crowds visiting the region, you can explore Uzbekistan more freely.

  • Lower accommodation and travel costs.

  • You can visit Tashkent during this season, as it gets lively.

Cons of Going to Uzbekistan During the Shoulder Season:

  • Due to warm weather conditions, you cannot tour the desert region of Uzbekistan.

  • There is a constant fluctuation in weather during this period.

Low of Off-Season in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan's off-season starts in late November and lasts until early March. By this time, the temperature drops and the winter starts, offering stunning views and the chilly weather of Uzbekistan. The winter is an ideal time for ski lovers to visit the region, as they can ski in the snow-capped areas of the country. They can even opt for heli-skiing from a height of 10km. 

In addition, the harsh winter climate reduces the tourist footfall in the country, which leads to negotiable rates for accommodation and transportation. If you are a snow-lover and want to enjoy Uzbekistan, the perfect time is during the winter. 

Pros of Going to Uzbekistan During the Low or Off Season:

  • It allows you to explore certain areas of Uzbekistan, such as Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, better as there will be fewer crowds.

  • You can negotiate the hotel and travel costs.

Cons of Going to Uzbekistan During the Low or Off-Season

  • The harsh winter makes it difficult to explore the northern regions of Uzbekistan.

  • As you will need to carry your winter clothes, the baggage exceeds your capacity, causing you hassle while travelling to and from parts of the country.

Best Month to Visit Uzbekistan

The best month to visit Uzbekistan depends on various factors. These factors include the areas you want to explore, the weather you want to witness and your preferences. Since there are plenty of places to tour in Uzbekistan, there is no odd time to visit the country. 

Nevertheless, we have broken down the different seasons in the table below to help you choose according to your preference.


Travel Months

Min Temperature

Max Temperature


June to August 

37° C

39° C


September to October

12° C 

34° C


November to February




March to May



June to August (Summer in Uzbekistan)

Summer is one of the best seasons to visit Uzbekistan. In this season, you can witness the average temperature ranging between 32°C, which makes the temperature warm and humid. You can tour the capital city, Tashkent and its adjoining areas. 

The accommodation and transportation costs are low, and you can bargain to get these services at negotiable rates. Enjoy different festivals and events during these months to make the most of the Uzbekistan tour.

Important Events in Uzbekistan this Summer:

  • Silk and Spices Festival (16th to 18th June), Bukhara

  • International Ecological and Tourism Festival "Chimgan-ECHO" (9th to 11th June), Tashkent

  • Lavender Uzbekistan (12th to 14th June), Ferghana Region

  • International Festival of Ethno Games (19th to 20th August), Namangan City

Why Should You Visit this Month?

Visiting Uzbekistan during this period can be ideal for tourists who want to spend a budget-friendly vacation. You can even witness the Silk and Spices Festival and the Lavender Festival. 

Things to Remember:

Since you are visiting during the summer, you must carry necessary items like sunscreen, caps, sunglasses, etc. Moreover, you must pack light and comfortable clothes, as you will experience warm weather conditions.

September to October (Autumn in Uzbekistan)

Autumn is the best time to go to Uzbekistan, as the temperature fluctuates between 12°C to 34°C, making it a perfect weather condition to explore the region. It is the best time to walk through the streets of Tashkent and explore its markets. 

However, in Samarkand, the weather is a bit chilly, and you can notice the temperature dropping down to 8°C. In the Amu Darya Basin, you can witness the same weather conditions. Nevertheless, visiting Uzbekistan during this period can be expensive as many tourists visit the region, which raises the price of travel and accommodation. 

Important Events in Uzbekistan this Autumn:

  • International Ethnosport Festival (6th to 10th September), Khiva

  • Shaq Taronalari (13th to 17th September), Samarkand

  • Festival of Grapes (September 25), Tashkent

  • National Souvenir Festival (10th to 11th October), Bukhara

Why Should You Visit this Month?

The cool and pleasant temperature of Uzbekistan makes the northern and southern regions more beautiful. You can explore the less travelled areas of Uzbekistan and create some great memories. In addition, it is a dry period, which means you can get fresh fruits, vegetables and wine in Uzbekistan’s markets.

Things to Remember:

Since it is a dry season in Uzbekistan, you can expect a lot of tourists to visit the region. So, plan your itinerary and book your tickets in advance. Ensure to visit Samarkand’s Registan Square, as many folk artists from all over the world visit this region to perform concerts.

November to February (Winter in Uzbekistan)

If you are a snow lover, winter is the perfect time to visit Uzbekistan. In this season, the temperature drops to a freezing point in the northern regions, and the chilling winds make it feel much colder. However, you can witness blue skies and mesmerising snow-capped areas. It is one of the perfect times to visit Uzbekistan, as you can photograph the impressive mosques and minarets of the region without thinking of crowds blocking your way.

In addition, you can experience snowfall and heavy showers throughout Uzbekistan during this period. You can tour the ancient Silk Road and explore the Chorsu Bazaar. However, if you want to experience warmer weather conditions during this period, you must visit the southern region of Uzbekistan, bordering Afghanistan.

Important Events in Uzbekistan this Winter:

  • Sogdian Wine Festival (16th to 17th December), Samarkand

  • Constitution Day (8th December), Uzbekistan

  • Yillar (December 25), Uzbekistan

Why Should You Visit this Month?

Visiting Uzbekistan is great for individuals who want a budget vacation. During this period, fewer tourists visit Uzbekistan, which lowers accommodation and transportation costs. 

Things to Remember:

Due to extreme cold weather conditions, you must pack all your warm clothes while visiting Uzbekistan in the winter. You must carry your hoodies, thermals, sweaters, etc., to avoid the chilly winds of Uzbekistan. Moreover, you must negotiate the hotel and transportation prices to get better deals in winter.

March to May (Spring in Uzbekistan)

In spring, the temperature in Uzbekistan rises, attracting more tourists to visit the region. The pleasant weather of spring makes it the best time to go to Uzbekistan. You can witness the glacial meltwater and the blooming of colourful flowers. 

In addition, you can join in to celebrate the famous Navruz Festival during this season and watch some traditional sports, like Kopkari (horse racing) and Kurash (wrestling). You can explore Aral-Paygambar Island and trek to its highest peak. However, if you visit Samarkand, you will witness regular rainfall. So, tour the central and southern cities to enjoy spring. 

 Important Events in Uzbekistan this Spring:

  • Navruz Festival (21st March), Uzbekistan

  • Lazgi International Dance Festival (25th to 30th April), Khiva

  • Festival of National Costumes (17th to 18th April), Urgench

  • Ethno and Modern Fashion Week (21st to 23rd April), Shakhrisabz

  • International Flower Festival (17th to 18th May), Namangan City

Why Should You Visit this Month?

You must visit Uzbekistan in the spring, as it is the peak season, and you can witness the various flora. In addition, you can explore the cities and the archaeological remains of Uzbekistan during this period. You can even visit the various markets to shop for souvenirs and apparel. 

Things to Remember:

In this season, you will witness the serene beauty of Uzbekistan. So, pack your bags lightly with comfortable and layering clothes. In addition, you must carry rain gear, sunglasses, hats and comfortable shoes to explore the nation. Ensure that you protect your skin from UV rays by carrying sunscreen every time you go outside.

Final Takeaway

Henceforth, the best time to visit Uzbekistan depends on factors like where you are going, the things you are going to explore, your plans and your preferences. However, Uzbekistan has a lot to offer different types of tourists. If you love snow, you can visit the northern region, or else you can explore the central and southern regions of Uzbekistan. 

Regardless of all these, if you want an honest opinion, opt to go to Uzbekistan from March to May or September to November to get the best of the place.

Furthermore, do not forget to opt for travel insurance when travelling to Uzbekistan for your vacation. It will assist you in case of any medical emergencies during the trip, including injuries caused by adventure sports. In addition, it will help you if you lose your travel funds, passport, checked-in baggage or if your flight gets cancelled or rescheduled. 

Explore More About Best Time to Visit

There is never an end to knowing more about Uzbekistan. Read on to get some more news on the best time to visit Uzbekistan.

When is the most expensive time to visit Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan has different colours during different seasons; however, during the months of May and June, the country is visited by tourists from all over the world to enjoy its beauty. With the increase in tourists, the prices of everything around the place also increase, from accommodation to travel, flight fares, foods and sightseeing packages. There is a surge in everything. Hence, if your budget for an Uzbekistan trip is tight, avoid visiting the country during May and June.

When to visit Uzbekistan for good weather?

The spring and autumn seasons are the best times to visit Uzbekistan for good weather. April to May and September to early November have the best weather to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You can easily carry on outdoor activities or explore off-beat parts of the country without sweating. Therefore, when planning for your next international trip, make sure to consider the best season to enjoy the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the best time to visit Uzbekistan.


When is the best time to travel to Uzbekistan?

The best time to travel to Uzbekistan is in the spring or autumn. In these seasons, the temperature is moderate, and you can explore Tashkent and other major cities in Uzbekistan.

Which are the places to visit in Uzbekistan in winter?

Here are some places you can visit in Uzbekistan in the winter:

  • Registan Square

  • Chor Minor

  • Amir Timur Museum

  • Aydarkul Lake

  • State Museum Of The History Of Uzbekistan

What are some of the famous events in Uzbekistan?

  • Some of the famous events in Uzbekistan are as follows:

  • The Navruz Festival (21st March)

  • Sogdian Wine Festival (16th to 17th December)

  • Shaq Taronalari (13th to 17th September)

  • Silk and Spices Festival (16th to 18th June)

  • International Flower Festival (17th to 18th May)

What is the most budget-friendly time to visit Uzbekistan?

If you want to tour Uzbekistan in a budget-friendly, you must visit in the winter. It is an off-season as fewer tourists travel to the nation, reducing the accommodation and transportation costs.

How many days do I need to explore Uzbekistan?

If you have plans to Uzbekistan for the first time, you must prepare your itinerary for 10 days. During these 10 days, you can explore the different colourful regions of Uzbekistan.

Which are the best cities to explore in Uzbekistan?

Here are some of the best cities you can visit on your next trip to Uzbekistan:

  • Tashkent

  • Samarkand

  • Bukhara

  • Khiva

  • Kokand

  • Registan

Which is the hottest month in Uzbekistan?

July is the hottest month in Uzbekistan. In this month, you can witness the temperature rising to a high of 37°C, making it difficult to explore the desert regions of Uzbekistan.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to change. Please consult an expert before making any related decisions.


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