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Islands of Maldives: A Map to Navigate!

TeamAckoFeb 27, 2024

The Maldives is a station for several islands that exist separately, but come together to form a whole country. Especially for a tourist to explore, there is no spot in the world like the Islands of Maldives! 

A tropical haven where dreams come true. In this blog, we will take a journey or rather a tour of the Maldives' captivating islands, revealing their unique charm, vibrant marine life, and the experiences they have in store for every adventurous soul.


To get to most of the resorts in the Maldives, you'll first land at the Velana International Airport in Malé. Malé city is the Maldives largest city and its capital as well. There are a few hotels on Malé and surrounding islands. From Malé, if your hotel or resort is on another island, you will take either a seaplane, a commercial flight, speedboats, or dhows to that island. Most resorts are on private islands, which means that you can enjoy life on an island during your holiday! If you want to check out other islands, you can go island hopping. 

Check out some of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives in this article! We've also included hotels and restaurants nearby for you to refuel after enjoying paradise.



Island of Maldives: A Slice of Heaven

Nature took its time with these islands, but each one is a stunning masterpiece in verdant greens and sparkling blues. From the tranquility of secluded hideaways to the excitement of bustling hubs, the Maldives has something for you, whether you're an adrenaline junkie, a beach baby, or someone who just likes to appreciate nature with a good book.

Some of the Islands of Maldives

  • Male Island: The Capital 

  • Hulhumalé Island: For the Urban Vibes

  • Veligandu Island: For the couples

  • Maafushi Island: For those on a budget

  • Baros Maldives: For Luxury

  • Vabbinfaru Island: For Snorkeling

  • Fulhadhoo Island: Untouched Tranquility 

Malé Island: The Vibrant Capital

Malé is the Maldives' only largest city and its capital as well. This bustling and crowded island of the Maldives is not only its capital, but also its cultural and economic hub. Malé is a vibrant blend of tradition and modernity. You can shop at the local markets, marvel at the historic Friday Mosque, and learn more about urban Maldivian life with the clear blue ocean as the backdrop. You should check out the markets that sell the world famous Maldives fish—dried, seasoned, and shredded tuna—that's popular in Maldivian cooking! 


Experiences that are a must:  Male has its own ocean pool called the Artificial Beach, where you can enjoy a scrumptious lunch by the sea. The island also has plenty of activities like snorkeling and underwater scooter riding, adding to this is the island hopping trips organized by several agencies. When you are here, you definitely should not miss out on the Malé Fish Market, Tsunami Monument, National Museum, The Sultan Mosque and the Grand Friday Mosque.

Best time to visit: April and November

How you can reach here: Via The Male International Airport

Hotels you can stay at: Hotel Jen Malé, Maagiri Hotel, Maldives by Shangri-La

Restaurants nearby: Seagull Café, Belle Amie Bistro

Hulhumalé Island: Urban Oasis

Close by to Malé is the Hulhumalé island, which is a man-made marvel. Hulhumalé combines the beauty of the stunning blue ocean with modern creature comforts. This reclaimed island is perfect for beach lovers seeking a comfortable urban escape from Malé and the rest of the world. You can enjoy exhilarating water sports, explore vibrant cafes, and experience the Maldivian way of life.


Experiences that are a must:  Unlike the other islands of the Maldives, Hulhumale Island is less frequented by tourists, which means that you'll find it to be an island with a more laid back vibe than Malé. The idea of the island is to help depopulate the surplus tourists The Maldives receives and the purpose is served very well.

Best time to visit: Between December and April

How you can reach here: One can take a flight to the Velena International Airport and reach here via local transport. 

Hotels you can stay at: UI Hotels and Hotel Ocean Grand

Restaurants nearby: Shell Beans Hulhumale, Bombay Darbar, Cafe Asiana, and CopaCabana

Baa Atoll: UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

For nature enthusiasts, Baa Atoll is a treasure trove of biodiversity. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is home to stunning coral reefs, marine life, and the famous Hanifaru Bay, where you can witness the incredible annual gathering of manta rays and whale sharks.


Experiences that are a must:  Baa Atoll is home to the largest population of Manta Rays in the world along with its richest coral reef systems that can simply not be missed with snorkeling.

Best time to visit: Between June and November

How you can reach here: You can take a flight to the Male International Airport and a seaplane ride to reach the island. Domestic flights, local speed boats, and ferries are options too

Hotels you can stay at: Amilla, Finolhu Baa Atoll, Royal Island Resort & Spa

Restaurants nearby: Benjarong, Sea Fire Salt Sky, Fresh in the Garden

Veligandu Island: Romantic Retreat

Escape to Veligandu Island for a romantic getaway like no other. This adults-only haven promises overwater bungalows, intimate dining by the ocean, and serene spa treatments—the perfect recipe for an unforgettable honeymoon or couples' escape.


Experiences that are a must:  As it's known for the romantic endeavors two can explore, scuba-diving and snorkeling are the best-known experiences of Veligandu Island. The surreal lagoons on their own are rejuvenating, club it with a meal from the fishing villages nearby and you have just etched a memory to cherish.

Best time to visit: January, February, or May 

How you can reach here: The Velana International Airport

Hotels you can stay at: The most well-known Veligandu Island Resort & Spa, Kuramathi Maldives

Restaurants nearby: Madivaru Restaurant, Dhonveli Restaurant

Maafushi Island: On a budget

For those seeking affordability without compromising on the Maldives' magic, Maafushi Island beckons. This local island offers guesthouses, budget-friendly activities, and the chance to immerse yourself in Maldivian culture, making it an ideal destination for backpackers and adventure seekers.


Experiences that are a must:  On budget, snorkeling, catamaran rides enjoyed with sunbathing in the north followed by an island-hopping tour via local boats are activities that can simply not be missed.

Best time to visit: January, February

How you can reach here: The Male International Airport from where one can take a taxi ride to the Maafushi Ferry

Hotels you can stay at: Nirvana Guesthouse, Arena Beach Hotel, Kaani Grand Seaview

Restaurants nearby: Blossom Cafe, Bandharu Kada

Baros Maldives: Luxury in Seclusion

For the ultimate luxury experience, Baros Maldives offers exclusivity, stunning villas with private pools, and exceptional services. Dive into the crystal-clear waters, indulge in spa treatments, and relish exquisite dining options on this picture-perfect island.


Experiences that are a must: Fine dining is one of the best experiences here at Baros and on the other hand, snorkeling.  

Best time to visit: From August to February

How you can reach here: The Male International Airport from where one can take a 25-min ride on the speedboat to the island

Hotels you can stay at: Angsana Ihuru, Baros Maldives, Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives

Restaurants nearby: Sails Bar, The Lighthouse, Lime Restaurant 

Vabbinfaru Island: Snorkeler's Paradise

Because of its colorful house reef, Vabbinfaru Island is a snorkeler's dream. Grab your mask and fins to explore the underwater world, which is full of colorful marine life like bright corals and graceful turtles.


Experiences that are a must:  Without a doubt, the private sandbank dining along with massage on the beach, spa, and some water activities like wakeboarding, water skiing, catamaran sailing, and more!

Best time to visit: April, May followed by June

How you can reach here: The Male International Airport from where one can take a 20-min ride on the speedboat to the island

Hotels you can stay at: Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, Dhawa Ihuru

Restaurants nearby: Maiboli Bar, Ilaafathi Restaurant

Fulhadhoo Island: Untouched Tranquility

Fulhadhoo Island is a quiet paradise where you can find untouched beauty and peace. There has not been much development on the island, so you can get back in touch with nature, look at the stars from untouched beaches, and see Maldives at its purest.


Things you have to do: Since it is not usually crowded, you have to just chill out on the beach. There are, of course, snorkeling and freediving, as well as many other things to do. The island is a great place to just walk around and learn about the people who live there and their culture. 

Best time to visit: July to October

How you can reach here: The Male International Airport from where one can take a 20-min ride on the speedboat to the island

Hotels you can stay at: Three Hearts Guest House, Azoush Tourist Guest House, Vilu Beach

Restaurants nearby: The local restaurants 

Thoddoo Island: Tropical Harvest

Dubbed the fruit Island of Maldives, Thoddoo is a lush oasis known for its bountiful fruit plantations. Explore the verdant landscape, immerse yourself in the local way of life, and indulge in a tropical feast with an array of fresh fruits.


Experiences that are a must:  An island one must explore! Known for its watermelon production, Thoddoo is a place for couples to simply stroll around the markets, interact with the locals, and indulge in the authentic Maldivian Food.

Best time to visit: June, July, April

How you can reach here: The Male International Airport, from where you can take scheduled speedboats daily at 7 AM or 3 PM or a public ferry on Mondays and Thursdays

Hotels you can stay at: Holiday Cottage Thoddoo, Thoddoo Retreat Grand, Coco Villa

Restaurants nearby: Holiday Cottage Thoddoo, Sunset Corner, Maracuya Restaurant

Addu Atoll: Southern Paradise

For a unique Maldivian experience, go to Addu, the southernmost Atoll. There, you will find different landscapes, historical sites, and fun things to do like cycling, diving, and exploring the remains of an old British airbase.


Experiences that are a must:  Tourists can indulge in the spa, hike through the tropical forests, and bathe in the sun, along with several water sports it has to offer. 

Best time to visit: April and November

How you can reach here: The Gan Airport from where one can take a 5-minute boat ride

Hotels you can stay at: Equator Village, Shangri La's Villingili Resort Island & Spa, South Palm Resorts Maldives

Restaurants nearby: Palm Village, Javvu Restaurant 


The islands of the Maldives are more than just tropical paradises; they are full of new things to try. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a romantic couple, a nature enthusiast, or a cultural explorer, the Maldives offers a kaleidoscope of options. From urban vibes to untouched tranquility, each island is a unique chapter in the story of your Maldivian adventure. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on Islands of Maldives


Are all Maldives islands suitable for tourists?

Yes, the Maldives offers a wide range of islands catering to various preferences – from luxury seekers to budget travelers.

Is it possible to visit multiple islands during a trip?

Absolutely! Speedboats and domestic flights make island hopping convenient, allowing you to experience different aspects of the Maldives.

Are there islands suitable for solo travelers?

Certainly! Islands like Maafushi offer budget-friendly accommodations and a lively atmosphere, perfect for solo adventurers.

What's the best time to visit these islands?

The dry season from November to April is ideal, offering sunny skies and calm seas for a memorable island vacation.

Do all islands offer water sports and diving?

Many islands offer a range of water sports and diving opportunities, but some, like Baa Atoll, are renowned for their exceptional marine experiences.

Are these islands family-friendly?

Yes, many islands have family-friendly facilities and activities, making the Maldives an excellent destination for families.

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