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Places To Visit in Phuket: Tourist Places & Attractions

TeamAckoJan 18, 2024

There's nothing better than a holiday in Phuket, where you can enjoy fun and sun at the beach, shop til you drop at Thai shopping streets, and feast on Thai snacks and drinks! Welcome to Phuket, Thailand's beach resort destination. There's a reason that Phuket is one of the most popular places to visit in Thailand - it has everything you need for the perfect beach vacay. 

Come explore the best places to visit in Phuket with us! You'll find everything from tourist must-visit destinations, beautiful beaches, and restaurants in this article. What are you waiting for? Phuket is calling! 




List of Top Places to Visit in Phuket

Magical Phi Phi Islands 

Are you someone who loves to take a dip in warm blue lagoons and enjoys snorkelling? Then don't miss exploring the Phi Phi Islands! This beautiful destination is a 2 hours ferry ride (Rs. 922) from Phuket, and if you are excited to reach the island faster, then  a speed boat ride (Rs. 2,074) can take you there in less than 50 minutes. Once you set sail, there are a few more beautiful stops that you should definitely make from here. 

Things To Do 


  • Check out Maya Bay at night

  • Climb up to the Phi Phi Viewpoint


  • Knock out bar & Restaurant phi phi island (4.5) 

  • Oasis Bar & Restaurant (4.5)


  • ETK Patong Resort (4.1) 

    • Rs. 1,836/night 

  • Hotel Tide Phuket (4.2) 

    • Rs. 3,574/night 

Pileh Lagoon

Tourists never miss this beautiful emerald green lagoon on their way to visit the Phi Phi Islands from Phuket. The very first expression that will pop on your face the moment you set your eyes on this beautiful lagoon will be nothing short of awe. You'll want to take a dip in these magical waters, and you won't be alone here! The towering limestone cliffs, dressed in green, surround and keep you secluded from the monotonous world and shelter you with the magic of nature. 

Leave with the best memories, which might make you want to write a book about Phuket! To enjoy the full bliss of this magical lagoon, the best time to visit Phuket’s PiLeh is early in the morning when it’s less crowded. 

Things To Do 

  • Private Longtail Boat to Maya Bay

  • Snorkeling in Pileh Lagoon 

  • Take pictures of the stunning waters 

Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island is enclosed by a forest of thick, lustrous, dark green bamboo trees, surrounded by blue waters on all sides, with no people! Does that sound interesting? Yes, this secluded island is located northeast of the main Phi Phi Island. Tourists flock here to enjoy the sandy white beaches. Love snorkelling? This is the best place to enjoy snorkelling, where the crystal clear waters make snorkelling a dream come true.

Things To Do  

  • Enjoy this national park attraction with gorgeous bamboos and blue water 

  • Go in the afternoon to beat the crowd

Viking Cave

The natives call this cave Tham Phaya Nak. Tourists with an interest in history and culture are in for a treat here. Your thirst for exploration can be quenched by making a visit to the Tham Phaya Nak Cave. This marvel is located on the north eastern side of the main pier of the Phi Phi Islands. 

Now, why is this place called the Viking Caves? The answer to this question is the marvel that this cave holds within, located under a humongous and tall limestone cliff. This cave is home to paintings of mighty Viking ships on its walls. Once upon a time, a crew of fierce Viking sailors took shelter in these caves to escape a monstrous storm. While they waited out the storm, they left behind timeless paintings on the walls of the cave, which are now one of the best things to see in Phuket.  

Things To Do 

  • Explore the Viking cave to see the ancient Viking ship drawings 

  • Witness harvesting of birds nest for iconic birds nest soup 

The Breathtaking Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is located to the north of Phuket Island. You are in for a wonderful encounter with Mother Nature here! The emerald green, crystal clear waters give way to towering limestone cliffs that surround the bay. Further inland, you'll be greeted by green mangrove forests that are nothing but a feast for the eyes. 

Stand on the shore and enjoy the gentle touch of the cold breeze touching your skin. Let your eyes be filled with the magic encompassed in front of you here at this bay.  Also, while you're here, make it a point to visit the Koh Panyi village. It is one of the most beautiful attractions of the bay, and you can experience the local culture here. 

Things To Do 

  • Explore the famous James Bond Island

  • Eat lunch or dinner at Koh Panyee village

  • Climb up to the Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

Similan Islands 

“Island Hopping” is a term that  you will hear again and again once you explore Phuket. There are a collection of beautiful small islands blessed with their breathtaking flora and fauna surrounding Phuket. You should definitely make it a point to visit these islands during your visit to Phuket. Each and every one of these islands possess their very own unique magic. 

Similan Islands is one such beautiful destination, surrounded by blue waters that are home to some of the most stunning marine life around. The white sandy beaches will tell you a tale of yesterday as you sink your feet into their soft sands.

Things To Do 

  • Climb to the top of Donald Duck Bay

  • Go swimming at Ba Ngu Island

  • Soak up the sun at Miang Island

Party at Patong Beach 

Are you a nightlife lover? Maybe you're someone who loves to party and sip beer? Then there’s a place that can give you the best experience here at Phuket! Patong beach, located in the Kathu District, is where the party animals live. Thousands of tourists flock here at this serene beach, to enjoy all its itineraries and have the best fun of their lives. 

The beach is filled with different varieties of go go bars and some of the finest beer bars. Nightlife at the Patong beach is one of the finest in the world, where you can catch people dancing under neon lights, enjoying their bucket drinks - oblivious to reality. Fashion lovers will also love this spot with lots of interesting stores and stalls. You can find fun and exciting clothes, home decor, accessories and souvenirs. 

The Astonishing Big Buddha 

Spiritual lovers and  people who are fascinated by the teachings of the great Buddha will enjoy marveling at the massive Big Buddha statue (45 meters above ground)! The Big Buddha is frozen in eternal meditation, exuding an aura of pure calm and bliss atop the Nakkerd Hills. The first feeling you get when you visit this spot is a serene air of calm, a feeling of peace, and tranquility that will fill your mind, body and soul. The Big Buddha is a must-visit place in Phuket. 

The Chirping Phuket Bird Park

Want to go to a fun place in Phuket? The best place in Phuket for nature lovers, and for the souls that fancy the wonders of wildlife is the Phuket Bird Park. This beautiful park houses different kinds of fascinating birds and is located at Chao Fah Tawan Tok Road, Mueang District of Phuket. The key feature of this park is its ecosystem, which is a natural habitat consisting of lush green gardens. Chirping Phuket Bird Park is a huge space where our feathered friends fly free. 


Phuket’s cultural history is one of the finest in the world, and getting acquainted with it will take you on a pleasant ride to its ancient past! Visiting the FantaSea cultural theme park after sunset takes you on a trip across the interesting cultural heritage of Thailand. The FantaSea cultural theme park is one of the best places to visit in Phuket where you can enjoy an entertaining evening. This is the best spot for family travelers, and you bring young travelers - they'll have a blast. 

The entertainment offered here includes:

  • Acrobatics

  • Pryotechniques

  • Magic Shows 

  • Animal Performances

The Bustling Old Town of Phuket

The bustling old town is the most happening place on the Island. Filled with buildings from the Sino-Portuguese era, friendly street vendors, and the hustle and bustle of people going about their day are the key features of this town. This Old Town Phuket is at its full beauty during the evenings, when the brightly lit lights, cozy cafes, colorful street artists, and diversity comes to life. The old town is known for the various ancient Chinese temples and museums.


That's Phuket, Thailand, for you, folks! It is one of the most fascinating places on earth, blessed with great flora and fauna. Phuket is one of the most beautiful places blessed by mother nature. Beautiful Phuket is ideal for solo travelers, people seeking an escape from reality, and nature lovers. 

Travel photographers, travel bloggers, and video bloggers can add Phuket to their lists. Each and every corner of the place is breathtaking. Phuket boasts a variety of small and beautiful islands, stunning bays, and a breathtaking marine ecosystem. The rich cultural heritage, delicious food, and inviting people of Phuket leaves a strong impact on every traveler to this beach destination! Be sure to visit the best places in Phuket! Enjoy its magic!

Travel Insurance

When you travel to Phuket, be sure to purchase travel insurance. Keep yourself and your loved ones covered while you go island hopping, and enjoy Phuket's culture. Your insurance from home may not be covered nor accepted! Travel insurance will cover any medical emergencies and illnesses while on holiday. Turn holiday mode on and worry mode off by getting travel insurance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about places to visit in Phuket


Is Phuket a safe place to travel with family ?

Yes! Phuket is a relatively safe destination for family vacations. The crimes committed here are minor in nature. However, do your own research on the crimes to avoid fraudsters and petty thieves. 

What are the best places in Phuket for my children?

There are a variety of places in Phuket that are highly entertaining for children. There are various water parks, like Splash Jungle Water Park and Blue Tree Water Park. Apart from water parks, there are other fascinating places for children, like the FantaSea theme park, the Phuket Bird Park, etc.

Which are the best places to enjoy nightlife in Phuket?

Patong Beach is one of the best places in Phuket to enjoy nightlife; it's the most happening party place in Phuket. 

How much is the budget for travelling to Phuket from India?

The answer to this question depends upon the number of days you are going to spend there; for seven days, it can range approximately from Rs. 45,000 - Rs. 51,000 in Indian rupees. 

I am a travel photographer, and what are the best places in Phuket? Where can I find good scenery to capture moments?

In this case, the entirety of Phuket is blessed with a lot of places that offer good surroundings, scenery and lighting. You can capture the best sunrises and sunsets at the seashore. There are beautiful spots like Promthep Cape, Maya Bay, Old Phuket Town, the Viking Caves, Phi Phi Islands and the windmill view points where you can capture a lot of beautiful photographs. The sea surrounding the islands is filled with one of the finest marine life in Thailand, where you can capture its entire marvel

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