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Triumph Rocket 3 Bike Insurance

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Triumph Rocket 3 Bike Insurance

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Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? If yes, then you must be familiar with the new generation Triumph Rocket 3 model. The motorcycle has a powerful engine capacity of 2500cc, which delivers the highest torque compared to its competitors. It is a rider's responsibility to protect the cruiser bike against damage, dent, and accidents. However, in case of accidental damage, the bike insurance will pay for the repair bill and cover third-party losses. Read on to learn all about Triumph Rocket 3 bike insurance and the benefits of online insurance.

Benefits of Buying Acko Two-wheeler Insurance Policy for Triumph Rocket 3 Bike
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You need to be very cautious when it comes to buying a reliable insurance policy for your vehicle. ACKO is a digital insurance company which provides a paperless experience in a hassle-free manner. Below are the benefits of buying two-wheeler insurance online for your Triumph Rocket 3:

1. Effortless Online Process
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ACKO enables a faster and easier online procedure of buying, renewing, and settling claims without any paperwork. Visit the website or the mobile app to get your bike insurance.

2. Get Expert Support
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Get expert advice from well-trained insurance professionals on purchase, renewal, and settling claims of the policy.

3. Cashless Experience
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Get cashless repairs from network garages located across the country.

4. Hassle-free Claim Settlement
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Claim settlement procedure can be cumbersome for a policyholder; however, ACKO offers paperless work with the support of an efficient claims team for a hassle-free claim settlement experience.

Bike Insurance Plans for Triumph Rocket 3 Bike
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Two-wheeler insurance for Triumph Rocket 3 is of two types:

Comprehensive Bike Insurance
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The comprehensive bike insurance plan protects you against liabilities to the insured bike and includes third party legal liabilities. It also offers an option for add-ons.

Third-Party Bike Insurance
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Third-party bike insurance protects you against third party liabilities.

Coverage Comprehensive Bike Insurance Third-Party Bike Insurance
Third-party property or life Yes Yes
Damage to the insured motorcycle Yes No
Personal Accident (PA) cover for the owner-rider Yes Yes
Damage or loss due to fire, explosions, theft, etc Yes No
Damage or loss due to natural calamities Yes No
Option to include add-on Yes No
Option to customize the Insured Declared Value (IDV) Yes No

What’s Covered in Triumph Rocket 3 Insurance?
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Comprehensive Insurance and Third-Party Insurance are the two types of bike insurance policies. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, Third-party Insurance covers the third party liabilities. Comprehensive Insurance is optional for a vehicle. It offers the following coverage for the Triumph Rocket 3 bike:

Exclusion of Triumph Rocket 3 Bike Insurance
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The following are the exclusions of Triumph Rocket 3 bike insurance cover:

Add-ons for Triumph Rocket 3 Two-Wheeler Insurance
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The following add-ons are offered with comprehensive two-wheeler insurance for Triumph Rocket 3 bike:

1. Zero Depreciation
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Opting for a Zero-Depreciation add-on will ensure that you get the full compensation amount without including the depreciation factor. The Zero-depreciation cover offers 100% coverage for all types of fibre, plastics, and metals of Triumph Rocket 3; however, this add-on doesn’t cover the replacement cost of tyres and tubes in case of a total loss of the insured vehicle. 

2. Pillion Rider Cover
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This add-on offers coverage for the pillion rider since the owner-rider gets accident cover in a comprehensive insurance plan.

3. Engine Protection
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The insurance company will cover the damages to the engine caused due to oil leakage or water ingression.

4. NCB Protect
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Avail the No Claim Bonus even if you raise a claim during the insurance policy period.

5. Return to Invoice (RTI)
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RTI add-on enables the customization features of your insurance to offer maximum coverage for your Triumph Rocket 3 bike to save your finances. In case of theft or total loss of your vehicle, the RTI add-on helps to receive the bike’s entire value. The original invoice of the bike is necessary at the time of claiming.

Claim Procedure
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The process of registering a claim differs between insurers. However, the basic procedure remains similar. The following steps let you know how to raise a claim:

Note: You can also choose a reimbursement method for the claim, but it can be a cumbersome task. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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It is very crucial to insure your bike against any unforeseen events. The repair bills or charges can cost a lot for any person, so to save your unnecessary expenses, insurance comes into the picture.

Here are a few frequently asked queries about two-wheeler insurance that will help you understand better:


1. What are the different types of bike insurance available in India?

There are two types of two-wheeler insurance in India: one is a Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan, and the other one is Third party bike insurance. The former offers complete coverage against loss or damage to the insured bike, and it also provides third-party coverage. Third-party Insurance only covers third-party liabilities, and it is mandatory in India.

2. What is the insurance cost for the Triumph Rocket III bike?

The insurance cost may vary with bikes. For Triumph Rocket 3 bikes, the insurance cost depends on the vehicle price, manufacturing year, and the bike's geographical location. You should choose a policy which offers wider coverage at a lower premium.

3. Which parameters decide the Premium cost of any insurance?

The following parameters decide the premium cost of two-wheeler insurance:

4. How to claim if my Triumph Rocket 3 bike is stolen?

If your Triumph Rocket 3 bike got stolen, the first thing you need to do is file an FIR at your nearest police station. After that, you have to inform your insurer regarding the theft by submitting the FIR copy and supporting documents. Your insurer will review the documents and settle the claim accordingly.

5. Can I switch my insurer?

Yes, you can switch your insurer. Before switching, you have to inform your previous insurer 45 days prior to your policy expiration date. Post that, you need to submit a few details such as your registration number, location, photocopy of your ID proof to discontinue your policy.

6. Can I claim for minor damage on my Triumph Rocket 3 bike?

Yes, you can raise a claim for minor damages; however, you may lose out on the No Claim Bonus (NCB). No Claim Bonus (NCB) comes into the picture when you ride safely and do not raise any claim during the policy period. Your insurance company will consider you as a safe rider and reward you with a discount on the premium for not raising any claim. So, it is better to raise a claim for a higher repair bill or bigger damages.

7. What are the documents needed to get my Triumph Rocket III Motorcycle insurance renewed?

The following documents are required for the renewal of the Triumph Rocket 3 bike insurance policy:

  • Registration Certificate of the bike

  • Identity proof of the policyholder.

  • Address proof (Aadhaar card/Voter ID/Passport)

  • Old policy number, if required

8. What are the add-ons for a Triumph Rocket III bike insurance?

A comprehensive insurance offers various add-ons such as Zero depreciation, Engine protection, Pillion rider coverage, Roadside Assistance, NCB protection, etc.

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