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Triumph Tiger 900 Bike Insurance

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Triumph Tiger 900 Bike Insurance

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The Triumph Tiger 900 is arguably one of the best adventure motorcycles currently available in India. The British motorcycle manufacturer has ensured that the Tiger 900 is specially designed for off-road adventure along with comfort and capability. The Triumph Tiger 900 range has all the rider-focused features and technology to ensure that the bike offers ample off-road and on-road support. An adventure-focused Triumph Tiger 900 also requires well-balanced bike insurance. Read on to learn more about Triumph Tiger 900 bike insurance and the benefits of online bike insurance.

Importance of Buying Bike Insurance for Triumph Tiger 900
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The Triumph Tiger 900 is a well-designed adventure motorcycle and one of the best premium adventure bikes in the segment. A motorcycle with several expensive performance features requires an excellent bike insurance plan. In case of accidental damages or in case your vehicle is stolen or damaged due to a fire or riots or due to natural calamities such as flooding, then a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan will certainly add value to the motorcycle.

While the adventure bike is loaded with safety equipment to safeguard you and the bike, it is important to insure the bike so that you do not have to be impacted by unforeseen financial losses. The comprehensive plan for your bike along with useful add-ons will offer wider coverage for the Tiger 900.

Insurance Plans for Triumph Tiger 900
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Insurance plans by ACKO are designed for different types of bikes. Be it adventure, cruiser, commuter bikes, we have a plan for you. Mentioned below are the types of bike insurance policies for your Triumph Tiger 900:

Third-party Bike Insurance
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The insurance plan covers financial losses in case you have caused losses or damages by the insured bike to a third party. It is also mandatory as per the legal requirement of the country.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance
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Apart from the Third-party Liability cover, it also includes damages or losses incurred by your bike with the Own Damage (OD) cover. There are several add-ons that you can take advantage of.

Below is a comparison of the Comprehensive and the Third-party Bike Insurance Plans:

Inclusions (Coverage) Comprehensive Car Insurance Third-Party Car Insurance
Third-party losses Yes Yes
Accidental damages to the insured vehicle Yes No
Damages due to vandalism, riots, or such man-made calamities Yes No
Damages due to floods, storms or such natural calamities Yes No
Theft of the vehicle Yes No
Personal Accident (PA) cover for the owner-driver (To be taken if not opted) No (Optional) No (Optional)
Optional add-ons Yes No
Choose/Modify Sum Insured (Insured Declared Value) Yes No

What’s Covered in Triumph Tiger 900 Insurance (Inclusions)?
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For a comprehensive cover for your Triumph Tiger 900, you should consider insuring it with the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan. Below are the inclusions of the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy:

For optimum coverage of your bike insurance, it is recommended to opt for Personal Accident cover. Apart from being mandatory by the law, Personal Accident cover protects you from damage/loss in case of permanent disability/death while riding a bike. 

Exclusions of Triumph Tiger 900 Bike Insurance
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Below are the exclusions under the Triumph Tiger 900 two-wheeler insurance:

Add-ons for Triumph Tiger 900 Bike Insurance
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The following are different types of add-ons that you can include along with the comprehensive plan for your vehicle:

Claim Procedure
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ACKO’s claim process is easy and hassle-free. Follow the below steps to file a claim in case of accidental damages to the insured vehicle:

Frequently Asked Questions
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For more information about bike insurance for the Triumph Tiger 900, below are some of the frequently asked questions:


Can I buy insurance for my Triumph Tiger 900 online and is it safe and reliable?

ACKO is licensed and registered by the insurance regulator of India, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). ACKO is 100% digital and all transactions are carried out online to remove agents or intermediaries which results in lower operating costs. This benefit is passed on to customers, hence, we offer low premium bike insurance for your Triumph Tiger 900. Also, you can transact directly with us, so, it is safe to buy online bike insurance for your Tiger 900.

Which is the best insurance plan for the Triumph Tiger 900?

Because the bike features high-end performance parts which are expensive to repair or replace, it is essential to protect the bike with a well-packaged insurance plan. The Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan not only covers your bike but also provides coverage for third-party liabilities. Also, consider opting for useful add-ons which enhance the standard insurance plan. Add-ons such as Roadside Assistance, Zero Depreciation, Engine Protection, NCB Protection are some of the useful add-ons to choose from.

How to renew bike insurance for my Triumph Tiger 900?

The Internet and smartphone have changed the way we buy, renew policies or file a claim against the policy. The digital platform has transferred the way you renew your insurance policy at ACKO. Visit our website or mobile app to renew the insurance policy for your Tiger 900. Enter a few details about the bike, and you can choose the right plan, pay the premium and receive the policy document immediately via email.

How much does it cost to insure the Triumph Tiger 900?

The cost of insurance for your Triumph Tiger 900 is based on the value of the bike, location, year of manufacture, etc. You can get an insurance quote for your Tiger 900 by visiting our bike insurance page to understand how much insurance costs for your Triumph Tiger 900.

What types of documents are required to buy bike insurance for the Triumph Tiger 900?

With a 100% digital environment, ACKO does not require paperwork to insure your Tiger 900. Simply enter a few details of the bike, choose the insurance plan, pay the premium and get the policy document to your email account. It is that simple!

Can I buy only the Third-party Liability Cover instead of the Comprehensive Cover to reduce the premium of the insurance plan?

While the premium for the Third-party Liability cover is lower than the Comprehensive Insurance cover, it is the latter that provides coverage for your bike in case it is stolen, damaged due to natural/man-made calamities or accidental damages to the bike. The comprehensive plan also lets you choose from a variety of add-ons to enhance the cover for your bike.

Which are the best add-ons for my Triumph Tiger 900 bike insurance?

You need to choose the right mix of add-ons to suit your requirements. If you like riding long distances and travelling for many kilometres, consider including the Roadside Assistance cover or the Zero Depreciation cover to get the maximum coverage during claims. By choosing the right add-ons, the insurance plan for your vehicle will be well-packaged during unforeseen circumstances.

What are the documents required while filing a claim against the bike insurance policy for my Triumph Tiger 900?

At ACKO, you need not fill up paperwork to file a claim against your policy. Visit our website or our mobile app to raise a claim by entering a few details. Upload the photos of the damages to your bike and receive an instant in-account settlement for minor damages such as a dent to the fuel tank or a broken mirror. For major damages, file the claim on the website or mobile app and our executives will guide you through the next steps.

What is the best Insured Declared Value (IDV) to insure my Triumph Tiger 900?

Insured Declared Value is the approximate market price of the bike. This is also referred to as the Sum Insured. In case your bike is totally damaged, ACKO will pay the Sum Insured or IDV in bike insurance after deducting the necessary depreciation of the motorcycle. You have the option to modify the IDV and the premium will depend on the actual amount. It is important to insure your bike with the right IDV and as per the current market value to get the right compensation in case of damages to your bike.

What is the cost of insurance for Triumph Tiger 900 in Bengaluru?

You can visit or our ACKO app, enter a few details about your bike to get the insurance cost and a quote for Bengaluru. That being said, the premium of the insurance is primarily based on the age of the vehicle, the location and the value of the bike.

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