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If you are planning to purchase a Triumph Bike or already have one, then you must consider its insurance cost. A two-wheeler requires continuous investment. This is usually in the form of fuel, maintenance, and insurance charges. Note that insurance is a mandatory requirement in the country. For example, you need Triumph Bike Insurance to comply with the law and insure your bike.

If you manage expenses for fuel, maintenance, and insurance well, you will be able to manage your bike’s expenses smoothly. This article will help you with the insurance part of the triad. Read ahead for detailed information regarding purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy for your Triumph bike.

Benefits of buying Two-wheeler insurance for Triumph Bikes

Listed below are the benefits of insuring your Triumph bike with a wide-ranging two-wheeler insurance policy.

1. Compliance

Be a law-abiding citizen by insuring your bike. Stay away from penalties by buying and renewing bike insurance.

2. Liability Cover

In the case of third-party mishaps, the insurance policy will cover your financial liabilities as per the policy’s terms and conditions.

3. Own Damage Cover

Triumph bikes are costly as compared to the average bikes in the Indian bike industry. This means that the spare parts and the cost of repair can also be on the higher side. Here’s where an insurance policy will be of great help.

4. Extra Covers

You can buy add-ons to ensure better value for money and peace of mind. Some add-ons, if used smartly, can help to save money in the long-run.

Insurance Plans for Triumph Bikes

In India, you can choose from two insurance policies. The first one is the basic Third-party Plan. It is known as Third-party Liability Two-wheeler Insurance. As the name suggests, the insurance policy covers the bike owner’s liability when it comes to injury to third parties. It also covers damages to third-party property. Both these damages are covered if they are caused by the insured bike.

The second option is a wide-ranging one. It is known as a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Policy. You can insure your Triumph bike with this policy to ensure a Liability Cover as well as an Own Damage cover. Such a cover also provides you with an option to purchase add-on covers.

What’s Covered in Triumph Bike Insurance (Inclusions)

You can benefit from the following coverages on purchasing a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy for your Triumph bike in India.

  • Personal Accident Cover for the owner/rider of the insured Triumph bike in the case of involvement in an accident resulting in permanent disability or death.

  • Insurance cover for the Triumph bike in case of damage to its parts due to an accident.

  • Insurance cover for the Triumph bike in case of damage due to fire.

  • Insurance cover for the Triumph bike in case of damage due to natural calamities.

  • Insurance cover for the Triumph bike in case of damage due to manmade calamities.

  • Insurance cover in the case the Triumph bike is stolen.

What’s Not Covered in Triumph Bike Insurance (Exclusions)

There are certain instances where the insurer will not be able to settle the insurance claim raised against a Comprehensive Policy of the insured bike. These instances are known as policy exclusions. Here’s a list of such exclusions.

  • Consequential damages to the insured two-wheeler.

  • Riding the Triumph bike without a valid Driving License.

  • Riding the Triumph bike without a valid insurance policy.

  • Riding the Triumph bike in an intoxicated state beyond the permissible limits if any.

  • Claiming against instances that are not mentioned as inclusions in the respective insurance policy.

Add-ons for Triumph Bike Insurance

Add-ons are extra insurance covers. You can buy them by paying an extra insurance premium. There are multiple add-ons to choose from. Each add-on will increase your final payable premium. Thus, it is crucial to select only those extra insurance covers that can add value to your insurance policy. Such add-ons cannot be purchased with a liability-only cover nor are they standalone covers. They need to be clubbed with a Comprehensive Cover. Here’s a list of popular add-ons for your Triumph Bike.

1) Zero Depreciation

This add-on helps you make the most of a claim as it negates the depreciation calculation during claim settlement.

2) Engine Protection

Insure your bike’s heart with this add-on as a Comprehensive Policy won’t be able to provide ample coverage in this regard.

3) No Claim Bonus Protect

Protect your hard-earned No Claim Bonus (renewal discount) with this add-on as it allows you to raise a claim or two during the policy period without resetting the NCB.

4) Invoice Protection

With this add-on, you can receive the insured bike’s invoice value as opposed to its Insured Declared Value (less than the invoice value) in the case of a total loss (damage beyond repair or theft).

5) Pillion Rider Cover

Ideal for those who often ride their Triumph bike with a companion. Such an add-on offers the pillion rider with a cover like the Personal Accident Cover for the owner/rider.

Benefits of Buying Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy for your Triumph Bike

You can buy and renew Triumph two-wheeler insurance easily with Acko. Listed below are the top reasons why you should consider insuring your Triumph bike with Acko.

1. Affordable Cost

Acko offers bike insurance policies at a low cost. This is possible because there is Zero Commission charged when you buy directly from www.acko.com. As there are no middlemen here and the overall operational cost is low because of the digital-first nature of the company, the cost-benefit is transferred to the policy purchaser in the form of incredibly low premiums.

2. Simple and Easy

You do not have to set appointments or reach out to an executive to buy bike insurance online. Simply visit the company website and insure your bike within the time taken to order a meal online. This can be done without any expert knowledge of insurance as all the necessary information and support is available online.

3. Smooth Claims

Claiming insurance with Acko is completely hassle-free. Just initiate a claim by logging in to the website and the rest will be managed smoothly by the dedicated claims team. You shall get regular updates about the claim status while it is being settled.

Claim Procedure

If you find yourself in a position where you need to raise a claim against your bike insurance policy, you need to follow the below-mentioned process. Note that the following steps are generic. Some insurers might have a specific process when it comes to settling claims.

Step 1: Contact your insurer via the applicable medium (website, mobile app, call, email, etc.) and inform them about the instance for which you want to raise a claim.

Step 2: Comply with the insurance company and provide essential details regarding your insurance policy and the incident for which you are raising a claim.

Step 3: Follow the stated process in terms of filing a claim and providing documentation if any.

Step 4: The claims inspector will have a look at the vehicle and ascertain the cost of repairs.

Step 5: Claim shall be settled via the Cashless or the Reimbursement process.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is all about common queries and their answers regarding Triumph bike insurance.

Commonly Asked Questions About Triumph Bike Insurance

I am thinking of purchasing an online bike insurance policy for my Triumph bike and was wondering if it needs to be verified from a physical office after downloading?

An online bike insurance policy is a valid document considering you buy it from an authorised seller. There’s no need for further validation.

Can I upgrade from a Third-party Liability Bike Insurance policy to a Comprehensive Plan while renewing my policy? If yes, then what will be the payable amount?

Yes, you have the option to upgrade to a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan at the time of renewal. You can also buy suitable add-ons with the plan. The payable amount will depend upon your bike’s model, location, insurer, etc. You can check out the payable premium by visiting Acko Two-wheeler Insurance page.

My Triumph Bike Insurance has expired. Will there be an inspection before renewal?

The insurance company might need to inspect your bike before offering a Comprehensive Bike Insurance cover. This can depend upon the number of days that have elapsed after policy expiry along with the insurance company’s renewal and inspection policy.

Can I buy multiple add-ons with my Comprehensive Plan?

Yes, purchasing multiple add-ons with a Comprehensive Plan is allowed.

Can I claim insurance and still be eligible for a No Claim Bonus?

You can raise a claim and benefit from the No Claim Bonus discount if you have purchased the No Claim Bonus Protection Add-on. This add-on can be named differently by different insurance providers.

It seems like there is an error in my bike’s insurance policy document. What should I do?

If you come across any errors in the policy document, get in touch with your insurance company and let them know about it. Usually, they will make the changes and share the updated policy with you.

Will my Triumph Bike Insurance cover the repair cost for damages to the bike due to vandalism?

If you have a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy, vandalism should be covered by it. For details, you can refer to the respective Policy Wordings. The claim settlement will also depend upon various other things such as your compliance with the due process, submission of necessary documents, and other terms and conditions.

What if my Triumph bike’s model is not listed on the online insurer’s website? Can I still insure it online?

If you are unable to find your bike on the insurer’s website, you can call the insurer, contact the team through social media, or simply sending a query email to them. They will let you know if it is possible to insure the bike online or not.

I use my Triumph bike for a lot of road trips and I am planning inter-state road trips as well. So, is a policy purchased in Karnataka valid in Maharashtra?

Yes, a bike insurance policy is valid across India, unless specified otherwise.

The bike dealer had provided an insurance policy for my Triumph bike while purchasing. Can I shift the insurer while renewing the plan?

Yes, you can choose a different bike insurer while renewing the policy.

About Two-wheeler Insurance for Triumph Bike

As mentioned at the start of this article, Triumph Two-wheeler Insurance is a legal necessity. You cannot leave your bike uninsured. If you do so, you will have to face the consequences of riding an uninsured bike in India. Such consequences include legal hassles, monetary penalties, financial loss in the form of spending a lot of money to repair the damages to the bike.

Earlier, it was challenging to insure a bike. However, that scenario has changed. This change can be attributed to the combination of smartphones, internet, and digital insurers. Therefore, you can now insure your Triumph bike any time you want from anywhere you want provided, you have the right phone and an internet connection to complete the online transaction.

The online policy purchase does not require any kind of lengthy form-filling or the task of submitting documents. In most cases, it involves no paperwork. The tech-enabled process is user-friendly and designed to save time and effort. It is crafted for convenience. You can opt for a digital-first insurer to insure your Triumph Bike to ensure a seamless insurance experience.

Why Should You Buy a Triumph Bike?

Triumph is a global brand when it comes to stylish motorcycles. The brand has its presence across continents. The brand’s ethos includes bold design, passion, and delivering a complete riding experience. Triumph has been around for more than 100 years and gone on to rank among the globe’s popular and loved motorcycle brands. It also has a presence in the Moto2 Championship as an exclusive engine provider.

In recent news, the brand has a tie-up with the new James Bond movie, No Time To Die. If you are a fan of Mr Bond and love Triumph bikes, you can consider going for the Tiger 900 and the Scrambler 1200. You can also consider buying bike-centric Triumph merchandise to further your association with the brand.  

Top reasons for buying Triumph Two-wheelers in India:

  • Great legacy

  • Appealing bikes

  • Original styling

  • Purposeful engineering

  • Balance between power, style, and handling

Triumph Bike: Specifications, Variants and Price

Here’s a table with detailed information regarding the technical specifications and its variants. The price depends upon the model, variant and location and is in the range of INR 7 to 18 lakhs. Note that the price, availability, and delivery of Triumph bikes might be affected by the ongoing pandemic. Please contact the bike dealer for details in this regard.

Specifications/Model Triumph Rocket 3 Triumph Street Triple Triumph Street Twin Triumph Tiger 900 Triumph Bonneville T120 Triumph Bonneville T100 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster
Displacement 2458 cc 660 cc 888 cc 1200 cc 900 cc 1200 cc
Max Power 167 PS @ 6000 rpm 95.2 PS @ 11250 rpm 65 PS @ 7500 rpm 95.2 PS @ 8750 rpm 80 PS @ 6550 rpm 55. PS @ 5900 rpm 77 PS @ 6100 rpm
Max Torque 221 Nm @ 4000 rpm 66 Nm @ 9250 rpm 80 Nm @ 3800 rpm 87 Nm @ 7250 rpm 104 Nm @ 2970 rpm 80 Nm @ 3200 rpm 106 Nm @ 4000 rpm
No. of Cylinders 3 3 2 3 2 2 2
Cooling System Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled
Drive Type Shaft Drive Chain Drive Chain Drive Chain Drive Chain Drive Chain Drive Chain Drive
Starting Self-Start Only Self-Start Only Self-Start Only Self-Start Only Self-Start Only Self-Start Only Self-Start Only
Fuel Supply Fuel Injection Fuel Injection Fuel Injection Fuel Injection Fuel Injection Fuel Injection Fuel Injection
Clutch Wet, multi-plate hydraulically operated, torque assist Wet, Multi-Plate Wet, Multi-Plate Assist Clutch Wet, multi-plate Wet, multi-plate assist clutch Wet, Multi-Plate Wet, multi-plate assist clutch
Transmission Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual
Gear Box 6 Speed 6 Speed 5 Speed 6 speed 6 Speed 5 Speed 6-Speed
Bore 110.2 mm 76 mm 84.6 mm 78 mm 97.6 mm 84.6 mm 97.6 mm
Stroke 85.9 mm 48.5 mm 80 mm 61.9 mm 80 mm 80 mm 80 mm
Compression Ratio 10.8:1 12.1:1 11.0:1 11.27:1 10.0:1 10.55:1 10.0:1
Emission Type bs6 bs6 bs6 bs6 bs6 bs6 bs6
Variants Rocket 3R, 3 GT Street Triple R 2020, RS 2020, S 2020 Street Twin ABS Tiger 900 GT, Rally, Rally Pro Bonneville T120 Black, T120 STD Bonneville T100 Black, T100 STD Bonneville Speedmaster STD

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