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Triumph Street Twin Bike Insurance

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Triumph Street Twin Bike Insurance

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The costlier the bike, the greater the need for wide-ranging insurance. Bike insurance is helpful if you find yourself in unwanted circumstances such as an accident. Apart from being a legal necessity, insuring your bike has a host of benefits. This article will tell you all you need to know about Triumph Street Twin Bike Insurance. Nowadays, you do not even have to step out of your house and fill forms to insure your bike. Just like most things, bike insurance is also available at the click of a few buttons. Read ahead to know the details.

Benefits of Purchasing Acko Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy for your Triumph Street Twin Two-wheeler
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There are two options while buying insurance for your Triumph Street Twin Bike. One, where you have to fill forms, deal with an agent/executive and pay more. Second, where there’s no paperwork, no commission, and you have to pay less. Which option will you choose? The second one does seem likely, doesn’t it? If that’s the case then Acko is a great option for you. Here’s why you should consider it for Triumph Street Twin Bike Insurance.

1) Two-wheeler Insurance Online
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It is difficult in today’s age to stay away from internet-enabled transactions. You must have booked a flight, paid for a movie ticket or ordered food online. Similarly, you can buy or renew insurance online easily by visiting

2) Quick and Convenient
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It only takes two minutes to insure your bike with Acko. There’s no need to fill lengthy forms or upload multiple documents. Simply select your cover, pay online, and download your policy. Acko offers bike insurance with features such as Zero Paperwork and Zero Commission.

3) Low Insurance Premium
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Acko is a digital insurance company. This means its infrastructure is tech-based. Unlike traditional insurance companies, there’s not much reliance on physical infrastructure. As a result, the operational cost is less. This helps to gain a cost advantage, which results in a low premium and a competitive advantage.

4) Easy Claim Settlement
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Acko not only offers quick policy issuance, but also offers swift claim settlement. With Acko by your side, you do not have to worry about claim hassles.

Insurance Plans for Triumph Street Twin
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Comprehensive Policy
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As mentioned above, the inclusions of a Comprehensive Policy are best-suited for a bike like the Triumph Street Twin. Such a cover includes mandatory liability coverage and also offers Own Damage cover. This means, your bike is insured against damages, which is not the case in a liability-only policy.

Liability Policy
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A Third-party Bike Insurance Policy or a Liability-only policy is a standard, low-cost, insurance policy. It is a legal requirement so you must have it either as a standalone cover or as a part of a Comprehensive Cover. With this plan, you cannot buy add-ons; they can only be packaged with a Comprehensive Policy.

What’s Covered in Triumph Street Twin Bike Insurance (Inclusions)
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Triumph Two-wheeler Street Twin’s Policy covers instances mentioned as inclusions. Here’s what’s covered in a Comprehensive Triumph Street Twin Bike Insurance Policy.

What’s Not Covered in Triumph Street Twin Bike Insurance (Exclusions)
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The following scenarios are not covered under a Comprehensive Policy for your Triumph Street Twin Bike.

Add-ons for Triumph Street Twin Bike Insurance
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If you feel your bike needs more insurance protection, you can opt for add-ons. They are extra covers that can be bought with a Comprehensive Plan. They come at a cost but offer specific coverages. This lends a bit of customisation to the policy. You can choose from several add-ons. However, the more the number of add-ons the more the payable premium. Thus, opt for only select add-ons that will truly be of assistance. Do not just bulk up the policy for the sake of it otherwise you will end up spending a lot on your insurance premium. Here’s a list of sought-after bike insurance add-ons.

Claim Process
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When it comes to bike insurance in India, you have two ways to go about the claim process. One is a Cashless mode which is dependent upon the number of garages your insurance company has a tie-up with. These are called network garages. What happens here is that the insurer and the garage have an understanding and they settle claims between themselves so that you are not directly involved in the process leading to less inconvenience. You simply have to take care of the Deductible amount or the cost for extra repairs and rest is settled by the insurance company.

The other method is the Reimbursement Model. Here, you get the bike repaired, pay the bill, and then apply to the insurer for reimbursement. It is crucial to validate your application with all the receipts and bills otherwise the insurer will not be able to verify and approve your claim request. The claim process will vary based on the chosen mode and the insurer’s approach. however. Here’s a generic step-wise process.

Step 1: Tell the insurance company about the damage.

Step 2: Comply with them regarding policy verification.

Step 3: Answer the questions raised by the claim executive/officer.

Step 4: Submit documents if requested.

Step 5: Get the repaired bike home and receive the claim amount in your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions
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If the above sections have not lent full clarity about two-wheeler insurance for your Triumph bike, maybe the following question and answer section will be able to do so.

These are common doubts that people have about bike insurance. If you have specific queries or wondering about a point that is not covered in this article, you can write an email to [email protected] for answers.


Can I get a discount on Third-party Liability insurance?

No, such a discount is not possible as the rates for a liability-only policy are determined by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. However, you can get a discount on the ‘own damage’ component of a Comprehensive Plan thanks to No Claim Bonus, Anti-theft Devices, and making an informed purchase decision by comparing premiums across insurers.

Is bike insurance mandatory only in cities?

Bike insurance is mandatory all over India if you are riding your two-wheeler on a public road. Failing to insure your bike can lead to penalties.

Do second-hand two-wheelers also need to be insured as per the law?

Be it a new bike or a second-hand one, if the two-wheeler is used to ride on public roads, then it needs to be insured with at least the basic liability-only policy. Going for a Comprehensive Plan is optional.

Does buying a policy guarantee that any kind of damage to the bike shall be repaired by the insurer?

Buying an insurance policy is not a guarantee for claim settlement. It is the first step to it. The insurer will pay for repairing the bike if the incident that caused the damage is mentioned in the policy’s list of inclusions.

Is it possible to buy a mandatory cover and the Pillion Rider Add-on?

No, add-ons can only be bought with a Comprehensive Plan. They are add-ons to the Comprehensive Plan and not standalone plans.

Will the insurance company cover for damages resulting out of vandalism?

Yes, a Comprehensive Plan does offer a cover against vandalism. However, make it a point to verify this before buying the policy as different insurers might have different clauses related to vandalism.

Can I buy an insurance policy wherein I am charged for it only when I ride the bike?

Commonly offered bike insurance policies cover the policyholder for a year. There are Pay As You Drive policies that are based on the distance travelled by bike. You will have to discuss your requirement directly with an insurer as it is a specific query.

Who decides the premium charged for the add-on covers?

The insurance companies are free to decide the premium charged for add-on covers. Some insurers might bundle some add-ons as a part of their services or include it in their Comprehensive Plan. Read the inclusions of the policy for better clarity.

Is buying online bike insurance legal?

Yes, buying online bike insurance is legal. The policy offered by a certified online insurer is a valid one.

Can I renew bike insurance from my mobile?

Yes, you can renew bike insurance using your smartphone’s browser or by downloading the insurance company’s mobile app.

Does the Street Twin need any special kind of insurance because it is an expensive bike?

If you are worried about damages to an expensive bike, a Comprehensive Plan with add-ons such as Zero Depreciation and Engine Cover should be worthwhile.

I plan to use the Street Twin for extensive road trips across India. Which add-ons should I buy?

If you plan to go on extensive road trips, you should consider an Engine Cover, No Claim Bonus Cover, and a Zero Depreciation Cover. If you plan to ride with a pillion rider, then opt for a Pillion Rider Cover as well.

I did not have a good experience with my insurance provider when I raised a claim. Can I change my insurer while renewing the policy?

Yes, you have the option of switching insurers while renewing the bike insurance company. Make sure to check the authenticity and service quotient of the insurer by researching online.

The Street Twin is a costly bike, so shouldn’t the brand itself provide insurance for it?

Insurance is supposed to be purchased by the bike owner in India. The brand does not offer it, even for expensive bikes. The bike dealer can suggest a plan but it is up to you if you want to go ahead or continue with the plan while renewing it.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Triumph Bike Models/Variants
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