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7 Things To Keep In Mind While Relocating Your Vehicle

Team AckoJun 28, 2022

India is a vast and diverse country. Each Indian state has its own culture and traditions. Even within the state, dialects change almost every 100 kilometres! Thus, leaving one Indian state and settling in another is a challenging task. This gets even more challenging if you plan to move your registered vehicle from one state to another. As you might be caught up with activities related to the upcoming shifting, concentrating on the inter-state vehicle transfer process might take a backseat.

Things To Keep In Mind While Relocating Your Vehicle

Listed below are 7 things to keep in mind while relocating within India with your vehicle. As different state governments might have different rules, the following pointers can only give an overview regarding the process. The exact details will vary from one state Regional Transport Office (RTO) to another.

#1 What’s the duration of stay?

If you are moving to another state for less than a year and planning to come back to the state where the vehicle was registered, then you do not need to worry about the process. You can drive freely. However, if you are planning to shift permanently, or for a period of more than a year, then you will have to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the RTO where your vehicle was registered and apply for fresh registration in the RTO of the new state.

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#2 NOC from RTO

Following are the documents required for re-registration of vehicle in another state:

–          RTO form 27

–          RTO form 28

–          Vehicle’s registration certificate

–          Valid insurance policy of the vehicle

–          Valid Pollution Under Control Certificate of the vehicle

#3 NOC from Traffic Police

Just as an NOC is needed from the RTO, it is also needed to be obtained from the traffic police. This is to ensure that there are no pending challans to be paid from your side. You will have to clear all dues before shifting from one RTO to another.

#4 NOC from Police Station

You also need to obtain an NOC from the police station of your locality. This is to ensure that there are no open cases registered involving the vehicle. This can also be viewed as a security measure to curb illegal activities.

#5 Re-registration

Once you have gathered all your NOCs, you will have to apply for registering your car in the new RTO. For example, if you are moving from Mumbai to Chennai, you will have to obtain all NOCs from Mumbai, and register your car in Chennai RTO. Then, you will have to follow Chennai RTO’s registration process in this case.

#6 Cancelling NOC

A change in the situation might lead to the cancellation of plans relating to relocation. If you have already obtained an NOC from the RTO, you will have to get it cancelled. However, since the relocation process was already initiated, you will have to obtain a Non-Utilization Certificate (NUC) from the city’s RTO where you were supposed to move. In the above example, you will have to obtain an NUC from Chennai RTO to cancel the Mumbai RTO’s NOC.

#7 Bike/Car insurance policy

Although a bike/car insurance policy is applicable all over India, you should inform your 4-wheeler or 2 wheeler insurance company about the move. A 4-wheeler or 2-wheeler insurance companies do take into account your location when you calculate insurance premium for a bike or a car.

Bike/Car insurance Online

Whether you choose to move states or continue to stay where you are, driving a vehicle without a valid vehicle insurance policy is a punishable offence. One can easily purchase bike/car insurance policy online in a matter of few minutes. Bike/car insurance policy renewal process is also simple and convenient.

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