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Amma Two Wheeler Scheme: Download Application Forms, Details

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

To empower working women the Tamil Nadu government has introduced the “Amma Two Wheeler Scheme” to enable them to buy women-friendly two-wheelers at a subsidized price. The scheme helps ease working women’s travel to work. Since the main motto of the scheme is the ease of use, only gearless or auto-geared vehicles are included in the scheme. This article offers insight into how the Amma Two Wheeler Scheme online application form can be downloaded, the schemes’ benefits, eligibility and the process to apply.


Amma Two Wheeler or Scooter Scheme



Amma Two Wheeler or Scooter Scheme:

The scheme was launched in February 2018 for the development of working women especially from the poor section of the society. Under this scheme, eligible applicants can avail discount on two-wheeler purchase of up to a maximum of 50% or Rs.25,000 whichever is lower. Also, three-wheeled retrofitted two-wheelers may be availed by the differently-abled women. Applicants will have to bear the remaining cost of the vehicle either through a bank loan or through own funds.

Benefits of Amma Two Wheeler Scheme:

Through this initiative, the government of Tamil Nadu wants to empower working women, especially from the underprivileged section of the society. Below are the benefits of the Amma Two Wheeler Scheme:

  • 1 lakh women to benefit each year.

  • Subsidy of 50% of the cost of the scooter or Rs.25,000, whichever is lower. (Free fund from government for the purchase of Amma scooter)

  • Applicable to all rural and urban areas of Tamil Nadu.

  • Subsidy to be directly credited to the beneficiaries bank account.

  • Differently-Abled women can avail retro-fitted three-wheeler scooter.

  • Can avail bank loan for the remaining amount or pay through own funds.

Eligibility for Amma 2-Wheeler Scheme:

The Tamil Nadu government has listed the eligibility criteria to apply for the Amma 2-Wheeler Scooty Scheme. Below is a table which offers an insight into the eligibility criteria:

Criteria Eligibility
Age 18 to 40 Years
Annual Income Not More Than Rs.2,50,000
Education Appeared Class 8th Examination (Passed/Failed)
Driving Licence (DL) Valid Two-Wheeler Driving Licence/Learner’s Licence (LL)*

*If the applicant has applied for a LL, she should submit the valid DL at the time of submitting the subsidy claim form.

Eligible Beneficiaries Under Amma Two-Wheeler Scheme:

Apart from the eligibility criteria, there are beneficiaries that the Tamil Nadu government has listed to get the Amma Two-Wheeler Scheme. Below are the details:

  • Women who are actively engaged individually or collectively as a group for a livelihood wage or activity employment.

  • Women who are commuting long distances.

  • Their earnings are the primary source of income for the family.

  • Women who are registered as workers in the organized and unorganized sectors.

  • Women employed in establishments and shops.

  • Self-employed women who are engaged in petty trades.

  • Women who are either on daily wages, consolidated salary, on contract employment in Government Aided Organizations, private institutions, government projects or community-based organizations such as:

    • Panchayat Level Federations

    • Mavatta Makkal Kattral Maiyam

    • Village Poverty Reduction Committees.

  • ASHA workers and Banking correspondents/Banking Facilitators.

  • Priority will be given to working women who are:

    • Residing in remote areas or hilly regions

    • Deserted

    • Destitutes

    • Widows

    • Differently Abled

    • Unmarried aged above 35 years

    • Transgenders

    • SC/ST

    • Household heads

Details of Reservation Quota Under Amma Two-Wheeler Scheme:

As per the circular issued by the government of Tamil Nadu, below are the details of the reservation quota for the Amma 2-Wheeler Scheme:

Category Percentage
Schedule Caste (SC) 21%
Scheduled Tribes (ST) 1%
Differently-Abled 4% (All Categories)

Amma Two-Wheeler Scheme Application Form:

To apply for the Amma Scooty Application Form 2019, below is the detailed procedure:

How To Apply and Download Amma Scooter Yojana Form:

The Amma 2-Wheeler Scheme is also popularly referred to as “Amma Scooty Yojana” details or the “Pradhan Mantri Amma Scooter Yojana”. Below is the Amma Scooter Plan application form filling process and how to download the Amma 2-Wheeler Scheme application form:

  • Step 1: You can download the application form from the official website ( or you can collect it free of cost available at all Block Offices, Urban Local Body Offices, and the Collectorates.

  • Step 2: Fill the application form and submit to the respective Block Offices or Urban Local Body Offices in person or you can post it through Speed or Registered Post. Each of these offices will have a dedicated counter to accept the application from 10 am to 5 pm on all working days. 

  • Step 3: A unique application number will be provided and the acknowledgement receipt will be filled in and signed. Ensure you take the acknowledgement receipt.

Download Application Form for Rural Areas:

To download the application form for the Amma Two-Wheeler Scheme especially for applicants living in rural areas, visit the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women or you can download from these links: Rural FormAlternative Download.

Follow the below steps while filling the rural application form:

Step 1: Paste your passport size photograph at the designated area of the application form.


Rural Application Form

Step 2: Fill the name of the district, block, village panchayat that you belong, your personal details such as name, father’s or husband’s name, sex (women/transgender), your permanent residential address, and other personal details.

Step 3: Enter other details such as the type of scooter you are planning to buy and its costs, also mention if you are buying the vehicle through your own funds or through a loan from a bank or financial institution. Enclose the invoice quotation of the vehicle and the details of the bank through which you may plan to take a loan. Also, enter your bank savings account details.

Step 4: Now, enter the details of the documents that are being enclosed along with the application form.

Step 5: Enter the date, place and sign the application form.

Download Application Form for Urban Areas:

To download the Amma 2-Wheeler application form for those living in urban areas (cities), visit the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women website or you can download from these links: Urban FormAlternative Download. Or visit:

Follow the below steps while filling out the urban application form:

Step 1: Paste your passport size photograph at the designated area of the application form.

Step 2: Enter the district you live, the name of the corporation or municipality or town panchayat, ward and your personal details such as your name, father’s or husband’s name, address, date of birth, educational qualification, etc.

Step 3: Enter details of your DL or LL, the type of two-wheeler you are going to buy, invoice quotation of the vehicle, details of the bank if you are availing a bank loan for the remaining amount, your bank account details and other details.

Step 4: Enter ‘Yes’ for all the supporting documents such as Aadhaar number, DL/LL, community certificate, proof education, etc.

Step 5: Enter date, place and sign the application form.

Subsidy (Free Amount) Claim Form:

Upon receiving the registration certificate and the completion of the physical verification of the purchase of the vehicle, the subsidy through the Amma 2-Wheeler Scheme will be released and deposited in your loan or bank account.

You can visit the Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women website or you can download from these links: Subsidy Claim FormAlternative Download. Or visit:

Below are the steps to fill the subsidy claim form:

Step 1: Enter the application number, your personal details such as name, address, father’s or husband’s name, type and date of the manufacture of the vehicle, etc.

Step 2: Enter the vehicle registration number, date of registration, your DL details and if you have bought the vehicle through a bank loan or through your own funds. If purchased through a bank loan, then you have to specify the loan account details.

Step 3: Enter your bank details such as the account number, account type, name and branch, IFSC code, and then enter the on-road cost of the vehicle and the subsidy amount.

Step 4: Sign the subsidy claim form and ensure you get the signature of the bank manager or the finance company along with the seal or stamp.

Field Verification Form:

The field verification form is for office use only. It is a checklist for the field staff to record all their observations and find out if all the information provided by you is correct. You can visit the website or you can download the form here:

Field Verification Checklist:

  • Age (Whether between 18 to 40)

  • Name & Residential Address of Applicant

  • Employment Details

  • Income (Annual Income in Rupees)

  • Driving License / LLR No. and Date of Issue

  • Priority Category

  • General Observation of the field staff

Documents Required for Amma 2-Wheeler Scheme:

Along with the application form, you need to submit copies of the following documents:

  1. Proof of age (Date of Birth)

  2. Proof of Residence (EPIC card/DL/Aadhaar Card/Utility bills in the applicant’s name)

  3. Driving Licence or Learner’s Licence Registration (LLR) issued by the competent authority.

  4. Income certificate issued by the employer or should be self-attested.

  5. Proof of employment issued by the Employer/Organization/Project Head/Society in case of salaried or wage employment.

  6. Aadhaar card.

  7. Proof of educational qualification or appearance of 8th standard exam (SSLC, Transfer Certificate, etc.).

  8. Passport size photograph.

  9. Proof to establish your membership of priority category, wherever applicable.

  10. Community certificate (in case of SC or ST)

  11. Differently-abled ID issued by the competent authority.

  12. Invoice quotation or Proforma Invoice of the vehicle.

Specifications of Amma Scooter:

Under the scheme, you can choose any brand new gearless or auto-geared vehicle subject to the below specifications:

  • Engine Capacity: Not more than 125cc

  • Registered: Under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988

  • Date of Manufacture: Should be manufactured on or after 1 January 2018.

  • Emission: Should comply with the latest guidelines.

  • Differently-Abled: Retro-fitted three-wheeler scooter.

The Project Director of the Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihoods Mission (TNSRLM) of the respective district will collate the details of the vehicle provided by you. These details will be shared with the state’s transport department. This is done so that change in registration of ownership due to sale of the vehicle does not happen for a period of three years without the prior permission of the Project Director of TMSRLM.

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Amma Two-Wheeler Helpline Number:

Below is the helpline phone number, address location and contact details for Amma Two-Wheeler scheme.

Tamilnadu Corporation For Development of Women Ltd.Mother Teresa Women’s Complex-I Floor, Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nugambakkam, Chennai – 600 034,Tamil Nadu, India.

Contact: Phone Number, Fax and Email Details:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the Amma Two Wheeler Scheme:

Where do I send my Amma Two-Wheeler scheme form?


The duly filled application form should be submitted to the local or respective Block Offices or Urban Local Body Offices. You could also submit the application form through Speed or Registered Post to the respective offices.

How can I get a two-wheeler subsidy in Tamil Nadu?


The Tamil Nadu government has launched the Amma Two-Wheeler Scheme to empower working women, especially from the underprivileged society. The scheme offers two-wheelers with 50% subsidy or a maximum of Rs.25,000 of the cost of the vehicle. The balance has to be paid through your own funds or can avail a bank loan.

How do I get an Amma scooter?


Women who are working as individuals or as groups for livelihood activity or wage employment and are commuting far distances for work are eligible for the Amma scooter scheme. However, one has to fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned above to get an Amma scooter.

Can I apply for the Amma Two-Wheeler Scheme if I have a Learner’s Licence (LL)?


If you have applied for a Learner’s Licence (LL), you should get a valid Driving Licence (DL) before submitting the application for the subsidy. The copy of your DL has to be attached along with the Subsidy Claim Form to get the 50% of the vehicle cost subject to a maximum of Rs.25,000.

Do I get the subsidy before I buy the vehicle?


No, you will have to buy the two-wheeler and submit the Registration Certificate of the vehicle along with your DL to release 50% of the eligible subsidy.

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SMEV Requests TN Government To Include Electric Scooters in Amma 2-Wheeler Scheme – March 18, 2017


The Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV) has asked the Tamil Nadu government to consider Electric scooters or two-wheelers under the Amma Two-Wheeler Scheme. The society said that EVs do not incur fuel costs and do not require DL, easy to handle and the maintenance cost is much lower compared to a combustion engine powered two-wheelers. They said that a letter has been submitted to the TN government to include EVs part of the scheme. Also, the society said that EVs decreased pollution compared to a petrol-powered vehicle. The state government had offered battery-operated three-wheeler to the differently-abled persons; however, it was discontinued in 2013.


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