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Bike Accidents in Mumbai and Insurance Claim

Team AckoFeb 16, 2024

On the Acko Accident Index, Mumbai ranks second after the country's capital, with an 18% accident rate. Although the number of vehicles in Delhi is thrice as that in Mumbai, there isn't a wide gap between the rate of bike accidents in Mumbai and Delhi - two of the most populous cities in India. Data by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) states that out of the total road accidental deaths in India, a whopping 44.5% is attributed to two-wheelers.

Bikes are responsible for the maximum number of fatal road accidents. The report also revealed that Maharashtra was the third largest contributor to maximum fatalities in road accidents on the National Highways. Given the above statistics, it becomes crucial to get a bike insurance policy when riding on Mumbai roads.




Bike Accidents in Mumbai

Located on the Konkan Coast, Mumbai is not only an urban centre, but also one of the world’s most densely populated cities. Constant migration to the city in search of better work opportunities from other parts of the country, is one of the primary reasons behind the city’s ever-growing population. The city is also infamous for high congestion, and umpteen cases of road accidents year after year. In 2020, the Regional Transport Office found that among the total number of road accident fatalities, two-wheelers contributed to 47.42%. Two-wheelers make up more than half of Mumbai's total vehicle population. 

The 2019 Road Safety Annual Report shows a decline in the number of road traffic deaths in Mumbai over ten years from 2010 to 2019. However, road safety remains a concern, given that 90% of the deaths were amongst vulnerable road users.

Number of Cases of Road Accidents Reported in Mumbai from 2018-2021

The Parliamentary Member Road Safety Committee cites wrong-side driving, rash driving, signal jumping, triple-seat riding, and the use of mobile phones while riding, as some of the major concerns responsible for the high bike accident rate in Mumbai.

Let us delve deeper to understand the probable causes and the rate of bike accidents in Mumbai.

Road Accidents in Mumbai - 2018

Total Number of Accidents

Total Number of Persons Injured

Total Number of Persons Killed

Victims of two-wheeler Road Accidents





  • Out of the total number of road accidents, a majority was contributed by overspeeding (59.3%), reckless driving and overtaking (24.6%), and poor weather conditions (2.5%).

  • Road accidents in rural areas stood at 58.2%, and the remaining 41.8% were reported in urban areas.

  • Road accidents near residential areas were 30.6%.

Road Accidents in Mumbai - 2019

Total Number of Accident Cases

Total Number of Persons Injured 

Total Number of Persons Killed

Fatal Cases of two-wheeler Road Accidents





  • Overspeeding, rash driving and overtaking, weather conditions, driving under drug/alcohol influence, and mechanical defects in the vehicle were some of the causes behind most road accidents in Mumbai in 2019.

  • Most of the accidents were reported near residential areas.

Road Accidents in Mumbai - 2020

Total Number of Accident Cases

Total Number of Persons Injured 

Total Number of Persons Killed

Death cases of two-wheeler Road Accidents





  • Overspeeding, careless driving or overtaking, and riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol contributed to road accidents in Mumbai in 2020.

  • Maximum fatalities were reported on Expressways and National Highways.

Bike Insurance Policy as a Protection Against Bike Accidents in Mumbai 

Despite numerous efforts by governmental organisations and traffic police to enforce measures for road safety, the number of bike accidents poses a serious threat to riders as well as pedestrians. To cushion yourself from a financial shock by taking an insurance claim when involved in a bike accident in Mumbai is only prudent. 

You have the choice of opting for a third-party cover or a comprehensive cover. The former protects you against financial liabilities arising from the injury or damage suffered by the third party. In addition to the third-party coverage, the latter also covers the cost of damages to your vehicle. Getting your bike insured will save you from the regret of financial loss. With ACKO, you can get your bike insured stress-free and enjoy instant claim settlements.

How to Buy a Bike Insurance Policy in Mumbai at ACKO?

Getting a bike insurance policy at ACKO is an easy 4-step process. Follow these steps to register for bike insurance online. 

Step 1: Visit ACKO's website and select ‘bike’.

Step 2: You will see an option to get an instant quote for your bike insurance once you enter your bike number.

Step 3: You can select the type of plan you wish to purchase (i.e. comprehensive bike insurance or third-party bike insurance)

Step 4: Purchase the policy after duly going through all the details. 

You will receive the policy document in your inbox right away. To renew bike insurance with ACKO, follow a similar process. Yes, it is that simple.

Documents You Require to Make a Bike Insurance Claim in Mumbai

Bike insurance claim settlement with ACKO is a paperless process. All you need is a soft copy of the following documents depending on the type of claim, and you are good to go:

  • Driver Licence (DL)

  • Bike’s Registration Certificate (RC)

  • Proof of identification of the policyholder

  • Bike insurance policy

  • Original two-wheeler keys

  • First Information Report (FIR), if required

  • Non-traceable Certificate (If required)

  • Fire brigade report (if lodged)

  • Original repair bills

  • Original payment/cash receipts 

Things to Remember 

  • The level of traffic congestion in Mumbai is amongst the highest in the world. Owing to the continual increase in population, the vehicular population is also on the rise, and road accidents are a serious menace. Therefore, you cannot afford to ride on Mumbai roads without a bike insurance policy, making it non-negotiable.

  • The number of pedestrian deaths is among the highest in road accidents. Here's where taking third-party bike insurance coverage in Mumbai will protect you against third-party liabilities. 

  • The second most vulnerable deaths among road accident victims in Mumbai are the riders themselves. Therefore, a comprehensive cover will provide you with a financial safety net when faced with a bike accident in Mumbai.

  • You can purchase a bike insurance policy at ACKO in Mumbai by following a few simple steps.

  • Do not forget to get your insurance policy renewed if it is about to lapse. The process of renewal is similar to that of getting an insurance policy for the very first time.

  • Go through the policy details thoroughly, to ensure that the insurance claim settlement process is hassle-free. For example, providing first-hand information to ACKO at the time of the accident and lodging an FIR, among others, will increase your chances of a successful claim.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the common questions about two-wheeler accidents in Mumbai.


Can I change the details in my two-wheeler insurance policy?

Yes, the details can be changed after the insurance policy has been purchased. Visit the website of your insurance provider and log in to your account. Update the necessary information. You might be asked to supplement the updated information with some documents, depending upon the nature of the change. After review, the updated policy will be generated and delivered to you.

Is a Personal Accident (PA) cover mandatory for two-wheeler insurance?

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates personal accident cover for two-wheeler riders in India. It offers financial protection to the owner of the two-wheeler against accidental death, injury, or disability to the insured or their dependents, as the case may be.

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