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The 21 Best Helmet Brands in India and Around the World [Updated in 2024]

Team AckoApr 30, 2024

Bike riding has its fair share of adventure. It is all about experiencing the thrill of cruising on two wheels and enjoying the journey.

However, bikers should be aware that things don’t always go as planned.

Bike riding also comes with its share of misadventures.


Yes, accidents are unpredictable but it is the rider’s responsibility to ride safely.

Whether it is a long road trip or a short ride, riders must always wear a helmet.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best bike, but you should have one of the best helmets in terms of quality.

Read ahead to know more about top helmet brands in India.



Why Do You Need to Wear A Helmet?

As a bike rider, you need to wear a helmet because of two reasons: one, for your safety and two, because it is mandatory to do so in several cities.

It can be a lifesaver in case of bike accidents. Not wearing one can lead to a monetary fine in most urban areas.

For example, the fine is Rs. 1000 in Mumbai. Therefore, always wear a helmet as a precautionary measure and to comply with the law.

List of Best Helmet Brands in India for Bike Riders:

Here’s a list of the best helmet brands in India. Some are national and some are international.

Most of them have a strong online and offline presence. Go through the following list and engage with a brand that fascinates you the most.

Note that the following list of the best helmet brands in India does not follow any ranking order.

1) Vega:


What began in 1982 in India has managed to leave its mark across continents in 2020.

Vega is an established brand and one of the most popular ones as well.

The brand has focused on design as well as quality and offers a wide range of helmets and accessories.

2) Steelbird:

Steelbird Hi-tech India Ltd. is a great example of how a modest family business became a renowned brand.


Brand Steelbird caters to the needs of varied customer segments and offers helmets ranging from Open-face to Motocross.

They also offer customized helmets.

3) Studds:


Studds is a well-known brand among Indian bike riders.

The company began its operations in 1973. It is also referred to as the world’s largest helmet manufacturer.

Studds focuses a lot on innovation and quality. It offers stylish helmets and functional accessories.

4) LS2:

LS2 is a global brand that has grown based on its Research and Development endeavours.

In-house knowledge, precision assembly, and quality control are three pillars of the brand’s success.


They offer a wide range of designer helmets, making them one of the best helmet brands in India.

5) THH:

Headquartered in Taiwan, THH stands for Tong-ho-Hsing.

Their helmets are known to be light in weight, good for ventilation, and made of top-quality raw material.

THH regularly comes up with exciting models and graphics. The brand aims to produce 10000 helmets daily in India.


6) Wrangler:

Wrangler is an American helmet company, for its clothing and accessories Wrangler helmets are also a hit.

They offer Open-face, Full-face, Half-face and other varieties of helmets in India. They are stylish yet easy on the wallet.


7) Royal Enfield:

Those who ride Royal Enfield bikes prefer to wear a helmet of the same brand.

Their helmets are available in different sizes and colours and match different bike designs. They are fashionable, comfortable and durable.


8) Aerostar:

Aerostar helmets fall in the affordable range.

The brand has a considerable presence in the Indian market. It offers a variety of good-quality helmets.


9) HJC:

HJC Helmets have been serving motorcycle enthusiasts for more than forty years.

The brand offers helmets for bicycles, motorcycles as well as for auto (car racing) segments. Their focus is on high quality and trendy designs.


10) SHOEI:

This brand is known as the world’s premium helmet company.

Their products are a result of meticulous research and conceptualization.

The brand offers On-road as well as Off-road helmets for bike riders, making it one of the top helmet brands in the world.


11) Gliders:

Gliders is an Indian company that is a part of TP Industries.

The company has been catering to bikers’ requirements since 1993. Their helmets are known to be quality-conscious and safe.

They launched NXT in 2005 – a brand for sporty helmets.


12) Fastrack:

This youth brand is famous for its watches.

Later, they ventured into accessories such as eyewear and bags as well. Bike helmets are another product line, which they have explored.

Just as their other products, Fastrack helmets feature appealing design.


13) Autofy:

You can explore this brand for automotive accessories and riding gears.

They offer several ‘cool’ products. Their helmets are simple yet attractive. These helmets are available at an affordable price on their website.

They run some promotional discounts as well.


14) AGV:

Brand AGV has been at the forefront of offering helmets since 1947.

It is a globally recognized brand and offers products as per a biker’s riding style.

They have appealing helmets under the following categories: Racing, Sport, Touring, Off-road, and Urban.


15) Aaron:

Aaron Helmets Pvt. Ltd. has its headquarters in New Delhi.

Innovation, quality and research have made Aaron a prime payer in India’s helmet industry.

From Bluetooth helmets to Moto-X helmets, they have got it all. Their catalogue is full of vibrant designs that are bound to catch the eye.

16) MT:

MT stands for Manufacturas Tomas.

These helmets are manufactured by a company in Spain. MT helmets have a good reputation in Europe.

The brand has its presence in more than hundred countries spread across five continents. It offers a plethora of options for bike enthusiasts.


17) SMK:

SMK brings to the market technologically advanced helmets.

They are not only safe but also aesthetically appealing. The conceptualization and designing aspect of SMK helmets is done in Europe.

Style and safety go together when it comes to SMK,  making it one of the best safety helmet brands in India.


18) Bell:

One look at the Bell Helmets’ catalogue will convince you that their brand is different.

Their helmets are distinct in design than others in the market. From classy to massy, they have a wide range of helmets to offer.


19) ARAI:

ARAI Helmets was founded in 1937. They have served the market based on their principles of protection, quality, and comfort.

These helmets are handcrafted by skilled professionals. You can check out their website to know more about how they handcraft the helmets.


20) Shark:

Shark is a French brand. Their focus is on safety, performance, and engineering.

If you are looking for high-end helmets, your search might end with Shark helmets.


21) Scorpion

Founded in 2002, Scorpion has quickly gained a reputation for innovation and quality, with helmets that are both stylish and functional.

The company's helmets are designed with safety in mind, featuring advanced features such as anti-fog visors, ventilation systems, and impact-absorbing materials

Benefits of Wearing a Helmet:

There are numerous news reports and personal accounts of people that suggest wearing helmets can make a big difference when it comes to a rider’s safety.

Here are the top benefits of wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler.

1) Avoid Injury:

Wearing a helmet can help you avoid head injuries. It is a safety precaution that every bike rider must adhere to.

2) Cut Out Wind:

The noise and the impact of the wind can get challenging for a rider if the head is exposed. A helmet covers the head and ears of a rider and cuts out the incoming wind.

3) Eye Safety:

Many times, an insect or any other object (example, gravel, leaves, etc.) can obstruct the vision of a rider. A helmet that covers the entire face comes handy in ensuring eye safety.

4) Weather Protection:

Be it the harsh rays of the sun or heavy rainfall, a helmet can keep your head covered and enable you to focus on the road without bothering much about the weather conditions.

5) Avoid Penalty:

As wearing a helmet is mandatory in several locations, especially in urban areas, it can help you to comply with the law and avoid a monetary fine from traffic authorities.

Types of Helmets:

Gone are the days when there used to be limited options regarding helmets. Nowadays, manufacturers offer an array of products to choose from.

Be it the design, colours, or the fit, there are several options available. For a higher price, one can get customized helmets as well. Here are different types of helmets for bike riders.

1) Full-face:

This is the most beneficial helmet for injury prevention.

They come with protection for the rider’s chin and jaw, which can get severely damaged in an accident. A full-face one is suitable for all types of bikers.

2) Modular:

This type of helmet is also referred to as a flip-up. It is called a flip-up because its chin bar and vizor can be flipped up.

You can choose to ride with the chin bar flipped-up or stationed down like in a full-face one. Its additional fitting can make it slightly heavier than a full-face one. 

3) Open-face:

As the name suggests, these kinds of helmets come with an open face.

They cover the top and back of the head but as there is no chin bar, the rider’s face remains uncovered.

The absence of a chin bar makes it lightweight, however, compromises the safety aspect. Some open-face ones might come with a vizor.

4) Half:

The half helmet can be perceived as a strong cap. It doesn’t offer much protection at the lower back or the front. Only the top of the head is covered.

They are good for airflow but not recommended from a safety standpoint. Mostly, people who ride short distances on scooters are seen wearing them. 

5) Off-road:

Those who prefer off-roading and ride dirt bikes opt for such helmets. Off-road ones are light in weight and designed for optimal protection.

They might not be accompanied by vizors. Riders usually wear goggles. Ensure your goggles fit well with the headgear before buying.

6) Dual-sport:

These types of helmets are hybrid. They are also known as crossover and are a mix of off-road and full-face helmets.

Therefore, they can be worn while off-roading or while riding on a regular road.

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Helmet Buying Guide in India:

Wearing a helmet that fits well, which is of good quality and offers comfort without compromising safety is of utmost importance.

Here are some points that you should keep in mind while buying protective headgear.

1) Fitting:

The best way to check whether a helmet fits you perfectly or not is to wear it. If you are visiting a store, make sure to wear different ones to check which ones fit well.

This assumes more importance for those who wear spectacles.

If you are buying it online, use a measuring tape to measure your head and match the numbers with the size chart mentioned online.

2) Weight:

Helmets can be heavy or light depending upon the raw materials used to construct it, its design, and its fittings. A heavy one is not necessarily better.

Therefore, make sure that the helmet’s weight is not bothersome for you. 

3) Padding:

The padding ensures that the helmet fits snugly on your head while riding the bike.

The padding should offer adequate comfort. It should be soft and spongy.

4) Retention:

Retention means for how long you can wear the helmet comfortably. It is a combination of multiple factors.

The helmet should maintain its position despite the terrain in which you ride. One way to check retention is to strap the helmet comfortably and pull it a bit from the back to check if it moves. It shouldn’t be wobbly after you wear it.

Its strapping should be adjustable.

5) Vision:

Your helmet should not block your peripheral vision.

It should be well-positioned so that you can concentrate on the road without the need to constantly adjust it near your forehead.

6) Visor:

The visor allows you to see ahead and protect your eyes. It should be scratch-resistant and aid proper vision.

7) Type:

Do not wear an Off-road helmet while riding on a normal road. Pick the right type as per your riding purpose.

8) Ventilation:

You should not feel claustrophobic. Make sure your helmet has ventilation spots for regulated airflow.

9) Balance:

Pick a helmet that strikes the right balance between affordability, aesthetic appeal, and comfort. However, make sure to prioritize the safety factor while purchasing one. .

10) Certification:

Check the quality certification before buying it. In India, purchase a helmet that has an ISI (Indian Standards Institute) mark. 

Apart from ISI, helmets also have the following certifications: DOT (Department of Transportation, American), ECE (Economic Commission of Europe), and Snell (standards by Snell Memorial Foundation). 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Top Helmet Brands

Here’s a list of common questions and answers.

Which is the best helmet in India?


You will have to find out which helmet is best for you. There is no one type, size, or design that can be termed as the best. However, it is suggested to buy a full-face one with proper certification as it offers better safety.

Will it be worth the money if I buy a costly international helmet?


Helmets manufactured by international brands can be expensive. On the other hand, if they have the right certifications, they can be safe and durable. Some of the top international brands offer technologically advanced helmets. However, whether they are worthy of the money is a subjective issue. You can make your decision based on safety, quality, durability, technology, and comfort of the helmet and your budget.

Is it okay to buy an uncertified helmet?


It is not advisable to buy an uncertified helmet. A certification such as ISI meets certain quality standards. You must check for the ISI mark before buying one.

Can I clean my helmet?


Yes, you can and should clean the helmet from time-to-time.

Can I replace my helmet’s visor?


You should be able to replace the visor provided the right fit is available.

Which is India’s number 1 helmet brand?


Steelbird, Studds, Vega, LS2, MT, AGV, Axxis and SMK are some of India’s top helmet brands.

Which brand of helmet is best?


Some of the top helmet brands in India are Studds, Vega, Steelbird, LS2, AGV, MT, SMK and Axxis are some of the best helmet brands in India.

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