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Upcoming Harley Davidson Bikes in India: Expected Launch Date & Price

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Harley Davidson is involved in manufacturing premium motorcycles. The American company designs, assembles and markets motorcycles and motorcycle parts and accessories. Launched in 1903, the brand has also ventured into selling electric bikes. It's one of the world's largest motorcycle manufacturers, and an iconic brand well-known for its loyal following.




List of Upcoming Harley Davidson Bikes in India

Model Name Approximate Price Expected Launch date
Harley Davidson Custom 1250 Rs 16 - Rs 17 Lakhs November 2022
Harley Davidson Streetfighter 975 Rs 10 - Rs 11 Lakhs November 2022
Harley Davidson Iron 1200 Rs 11.5 - Rs 12.5 Lakhs December 2022
Harley Davidson LiveWire Rs 18 - Rs 20 Lakhs June 2023
Harley Davidson Sport Glide Rs 15 - 16 Lakhs June 2023
Harley Davidson 2022 Low Rider S Rs 18.50 Lakhs December 2022
Harley Davidson Street 500 Rs 4 Lakhs February 2023
Harley Davidson Livewire S2 Del Mar Rs 20 Lakhs June 2023
Harley Davidson 350 Rs 2.25 - Rs 2.50 Lakhs November 2023
Harley Davidson Bronx Streetfighter Rs 12 Lakhs January 2023

Harley Davidson Custom 1250

This bike will be a brand new model as a part of the Custom lineup, which is planned to be launched this November. The Custom 1250 comes with sharp and clean lines and is going to come as a retro cruiser design. It will have high-mounted side exhausts on the side and single-seat support.

  • Engine: 1250 cc 

  • Approximate Price: Rs 16 - Rs 17 Lakhs

  • Expected Launch Date: November 2022

Harley Davidson Streetfighter 975

The Streetfighter 975 is a sleek, sharp motorcycle that is supposed to be sturdy. This bike is going to be the first naked motorcycle based on a new modular platform from Harley Davidson.  The headlamp will be mounted low, and the exhaust, tires, and single-pod analogue cluster will add to the sporty features of the bike.

  • Engine: 975 cc 

  • Approximate Price: Rs 10 - Rs 11 Lakhs

  • Expected Launch Date: November 2022

Harley Davidson Iron 1200

This bike is supposed to be the higher displacement model of the Iron 883. It will be equipped with Harley's 1200cc evolution engine. The electronics part of the bike will be almost the same as the Iron 883, with keyless ignition offered as an extra option. 

  • Engine: 1200 cc

  • Power: 67.7 HP

  • Max Torque: 96 Nm 

  • Approximate Price: Rs 11.5-Rs 12.5 Lakhs

  • Expected Launch Date: December 2022

Harley Davidson LiveWire

The Livewire is one of the first electric bikes to be launched by Harley Davidson.  Harley disclosed the details related to LiveWire in Las Vegas at the 2018 CES. The motorcycle is said to be powered by Harley's new "Revelation" drivetrain. The LiveWire will have a telematics system called H-D Connect and a lot of electronic features.

  • Power: 100 HP 

  • Weight: 562 Ib

  • Approximate Price: Rs 18-Rs 20 Lakhs

  • Expected Launch Date: June 2023

Harley Davidson Sport Glide

Harley Davidson Sport Glide was introduced internationally in the 2018 Softail lineup. This new bike is equipped with a blacked-out custom look and features such as detachable mini-fairing. In addition, it contains some exclusive features like a USB power socket,  keyless ignition, and LED forward lighting system. Sport Glide is powered by a Milwaukee-Eight 107 motor that can displace 1764 cc. 

  • Engine: 1764 cc 

  • Weight: 316 kg 

  • Approximate Price: Rs 15 - Rs 16 Lakhs

  • Expected Launch Date: June 2023

Harley Davidson 2022 Low Rider S

Harley Davidson 2022 Low Rider S comes with an American-made Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin engine. They have added frame-mounted fairing and removable saddlebags. Harley Davidson 2022 Low Rider S is powered by a 1923 cc engine. It also consists of Tubeless Tyres and Alloy Wheels. It's available in two colours - Black and Gray. 

  • Engine: 1923 cc 

  • Weight: 308 kg 

  • Power: 104.4 PS 

  • Max Torque: 169 Nm 

  • Approximate Price: Rs 18.50 Lakhs

  • Expected Launch Date: December 2022

Harley Davidson Street 500

Harley Davidson Street 500 has a Revolution X engine with brilliant power and torque values. It's equipped with a 6-speed gearbox transmission which has a one-down and rest-up shift pattern. The exhaust is blacked out. The seat height of Street 500 is around 28 inches, making it comfortable for shorter riders. 

  • Engine: 494 cc 

  • Maximum Power: 33.52 BHP 

  • Max Torque: 40 Nm 

  • Front Disc Brake: 292 mm 

  • Rear Disc Brake: 260 mm 

  • Weight: 308 kg 

  • Approximate Price: Rs 4 Lakhs

  • Expected Launch Date: February 2023

Harley Davidson Livewire S2 Del Mar

The Harley Davidson LiveWire S2 Del Mar is the second electric bike of the brand, and it is one of the most affordable electric bikes from Harley Davidson. The bike is based on LiveWire's Arrow architecture which has been designed to be modular and can assimilate with various types of chassis. It's suspended on the USD fork up front, as well as the mono-shock at the rear. It has speed brakes at both ends of the bike and 19-inch wheels at the front and rear.  The bike is powered by an electric drivetrain which is expected to churn out 81PS and offers a claimed range of 160 km in the city.

  • Weight: 200 kg 

  • Approximate Price: 20 Lakhs

  • Expected Launch Date: June 2023

Harley Davidson 350

Harley Davidson has collaborated with the Chinese bike maker Qianjiang Motorcycle Co to make its small-capacity motorcycle. The Harley Davidson 350 is one of the motorcycles in that range. This bike will have a 353 cc motor, which is one of the smallest engines Harley has in its portfolio to date. An inverted front fork, rear mono-shock, and petal discs on both ends are a few unique features of the bike. 

  • Engine: 353 cc

  • Approximate Price: Rs 2.25-Rs 2.50 Lakhs

  • Expected Launch Date: November 2023

Harley Davidson Bronx Streetfighter

Harley Davidson Bronx Streetfighter was first launched at EICMA 2019 Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy. This is going to be the first model of Harley Davidson, which will have a 975 cc version of Harley Davidson's new liquid-cooled, v-twin Max engine. It has been designed by Harley Davidson's senior designer Chetan Shedjale. 

  • Engine: 975 cc

  • Power: 115 BHP 

  • Maximum Torque: 95 Nm 

  • Approximate Price: Rs 12 Lakh

  • Expected Launch Date: January 2023 

Why is Bike Insurance necessary for your Harley Davidson bike? 

Bike Insurance or Vehicle insurance is a mandatory requirement per The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Non-compliance can lead to monetary penalties and legal issues.

So, buy vehicle insurance and keep the policy active by renewing it before its expiry date. You can buy/renew vehicle insurance easily, quickly, and conveniently via the ACKO website/app for a hassle-free insurance experience. 

Types of Bike Insurance

Mainly there are two types of two-wheeler insurance plans available in India, and you can avail both of them from the ACKO website/app. In addition, one also needs to buy the mandatory Personal Accident cover. 

Third-Party Bike Insurance

Third-Party Bike Insurance Policy is made mandatory by law in India. It provides coverage against third-party liabilities. The policy assures you financial protection if your bike damages another person's vehicle/property or causes injury/death to a third party in an accident. However, it doesn't cover damage that may occur to your bike.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy covers coverage offered by Third-Party Insurance Plan, and also covers damages or losses incurred by your two-wheeler. This insurance plan protects against events such as accidental damages, natural damages, fire damages, man made calamities like riots, and theft of the insured bike. 


Harley Davidson bikes have a huge following in India. If you are a die-hard Harley Davidson biker, then you can look up various new bike models coming up by the company in the near future. They can be bought from nearby dealers of Harley Davidson. And finally, when you buy the bike, don't forget to buy bike insurance so you can use it confidently!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are some commonly asked questions about upcoming harley davidson bikes in India.


Why should one buy two-wheeler insurance for his bike? 

You should buy third-party bike insurance for your bike as it's compulsory by law. In India, it's illegal to ride a bike without an insurance policy. You may face penalties or even imprisonment if you don't have a valid insurance policy while riding the bike. 

Which is the most costly Harley Davidson bike in India? 

The price of a Harley Davidson bike in India starts at Rs 11.99 Lakh, which is of Harley Davidson Iron 883. The most expensive Harley Davidson motorcycle is Road Glide Special which is priced at Rs 36.99 Lakh. 

How can I buy Harley Davidson bikes in India? 

In Oct 2020, Hero MotoCorp and Harley Davidson announced a partnership for Indian markets. Harley Davidson Motorcycles has collaborated with Hero MotoCorp for distribution rights of its bike sale in India. Hero MotoCorp started this process of selling Harley Davidson bikes through its outlets in April 2021. As of now, Hero MotoCorp has 12 Harley Davidson dealers across India.

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