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Bike Insurance Claim without Driving Licence & RC: Loss of License or RC Add-on

Team AckoJan 18, 2024

Driving Licence (DL) and Registration Certificate (RC) are two crucial documents for any vehicle owner/driver. DL and RC are two documents which are important for buying/renewing an insurance policy or when filing a claim. But what if you are unable to produce those documents due to extraordinary circumstances? That’s when the add-on comes into the picture. Read on as this article will provide you with all the details about Loss of Licence or RC Add-on.




Bike/Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim without Driving Licence & RC:

One question which is commonly asked is that, can you file a bike insurance claim without a driving licence? The answer is Yes. But the same can’t be said for a claim made without an RC. Because, it all depends on the terms and conditions of the insurer, but a claim can be made without an RC. In such situations, wherein you cannot produce the DL and RC due to loss/theft of the documents, the Loss of Licence or RC Add-on comes to your rescue.

When you file a claim for bike insurance, you have to produce the DL of the rider for the smooth processing of the claim settlement. Similar to a DL, the RC is equally important during a claim process. But what if the two-wheeler gets damaged even before it is registered? Or what if you do not have a DL as you are not riding the two-wheeler? If you have a Comprehensive Insurance Plan for your two-wheeler, then it will cover you in these tricky situations.

But what if you have lost the driving licence or RC and are unable to produce when filing a bike insurance claim? That’s when the Loss of Licence or RC add-on comes to your assistance.

How to buy Loss of License or RC Add-on for Two-Wheeler Insurance:

An add-on is nothing but an additional cover for your bike insurance policy, which enhances the scope of coverage. If you buy Loss of Licence or RC Add-on, you have to pay a slightly higher premium in exchange for additional coverage benefits for your two-wheeler. You can buy this add-on offline or online provided the insurer offers the add-on. If you are buying Two-wheeler insurance online, you can check the insurer's website for the available add-ons. 

If you cannot find the loss of DL or RC add-on on the insurer's website, you can contact the insurance company to enquire the same. The loss of DL or RC add-on will be helpful in scenarios such as when you lose the driving license smart card or the registration certificate smart card.


Below are the benefits of Loss of Licence or RC Add-on for bike insurance:

  • You can apply for a claim without the driving license/RC.

  • In case of loss/theft of DL or RC, the add-on will provide monetary compensation for getting the copies of the same.

  • The add-on can be bought at a nominal increase in the bike insurance premium.

  • You can purchase the Loss of DL and RC add-on when you buy Comprehensive online two-wheeler insurance.

  • The add-on will come in handy during the claim settlement process.

  • Adds a layer of protection for your documents such as Driving Licence and Vehicle Registration Certificate.

Two-Wheeler Package Policy or Stand-Alone Own Damage Insurance Policy - Add-on: Loss Of License/RC:

There are two options for buying the Loss of Licence or RC add-on: with the Comprehensive bike insurance plan or with the Stand-Alone Own Damage two-wheeler insurance plan. You do not need any additional documents to buy the add-on. But you need to submit the mandatory documents while buying the Comprehensive or Stand-Alone Own Damage bike insurance policy.

Special Conditions:

Below are the special conditions of the Loss of Licence or RC add-on:

  • An FIR (First Information Report) filed with the Police has to be attached while filing a claim for the Loss of DL/RC add-on.

Documents Required:

The add-on can be purchased along with the Comprehensive or Stand-Alone Own Damage bike insurance policy, which requires mandatory details such as two-wheeler’s engine and chassis number. To file a claim, you need to have a valid insurance policy and also need to produce a copy of the FIR.

Things to do if you lost your Smart Card Driving Licence or RC:

Below are the points you should follow if you lose the Driving Licence or RC:

  • File a complaint at the Police Station at the same jurisdiction where the documents were lost.

  • Collect a copy of the First Information Report (FIR).

  • Go to the RTO and apply for a duplicate copy of the DL/RC with all the required documents and pay the required fees.

  • You can also apply for the copy of the DL/RC online through the Parivahan portal.

  • In case of a smart card driving licence, you will have to complete the Biometrics procedure.

  • The copy of the DL/RC will be delivered to you within the specified time stated by the RTO.

Things to keep in mind while Filing a Claim:

Below are the points you should keep in mind while filing a claim for the loss of driving licence or registration certificate:

  • Apply for a claim within the timeframe provided by the insurance company.

  • Duly fill the claim form with correct information. (Not applicable for online claims)

  • Have all the required documents ready before initiating the claim process.

  • Make sure that you have an active two-wheeler insurance policy before filing a claim.

  • Provide all the required details and proofs for the smooth processing of the claim settlement.

  • Read the policy wording and terms and conditions of the policy carefully before applying for a claim.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are the most commonly asked questions about the Loss of Licence or RC Add-on:

1. Can I buy the loss of licence or RC add-on for the third-party bike insurance policy?


Now, you cannot purchase the loss of licence or RC add-on for a third-party two-wheeler insurance plan. The add-on is available only with the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan.

2. Does the loss of DL or RC add-on provide coverage against damages to my driving licence or RC?


No, the add-on only covers the theft or loss of driving licence or RC. Any damages to the documents will not be covered by the add-on and you have to bear the costs for the damage.

3. How do I know if my insurer offers Loss of Licence/RC Add-on cover?


You can visit the official website of your insurance company and browse through the available add-ons for Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan. Or you can contact the insured via email/call/chat/social media channels to know the availability of the add-on.

4. Will the loss of RC/DL add-on cover temporary registration certificates?


Yes, the add-on also covers temporary registration certificates. You can raise a claim if you lose your temporary RC of your vehicle.

5. What details are mentioned in an RC smart card?


The RC smart card of a vehicle will have details such as vehicle registration number, chassis number, engine number, make and model, owner's name and address and other important details of the vehicle.

6. What to do if I lose my driving licence?


First and foremost, you have to file an FIR with the Police if you lose your driving licence. Next, you can claim for the loss if you have purchased the loss of DL add-on. Next step would be to visit the RTO to apply for a copy of the DL.

7. Can I check the status of my driving licence online?


Yes, you can check the status of your driving licence online through the Parivahan website.

8. Do I need to submit any additional documents while filing a claim for loss of RC?


You need to submit the First Information Report (FIR) filed with the Police for the loss of RC when you apply for a loss of RC claim.

9. Can I file the claim online for the loss of DL/RC add-on?


Yes, you can apply for a claim online for the loss of RC or DL. Log on to insurer’s official website, and you will find the option to apply for a claim online.

10. How much will it cost to buy the Loss of Licence or RC Add-on?


Usually, add-ons are inexpensive and can be bought at a nominal increase in the premium. In exchange for a slightly increased bike insurance premium, you will get additional coverage benefits.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions.

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