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Does your health insurance cover gym and sports injuries?

Team AckoNov 17, 2023

Exercise is essential for good health. And most of us opt for a sport or visit the gym to fulfil this need. If you have been involved in sports long enough, you may be aware that there are chances that accidental injuries may occur. Thus, if you are a sports person or a gym junkie, it is wise to preemptively, financially protect yourself against such scenarios. But, does regular health insurance cover gym and sports injuries? Read on to find out!

Does your health insurance cover gym and sports injuries?



Common sports and gym injuries

Since each sport is different, there are sport-specific common injuries. However, below are some of the common injuries that can occur to individuals involved in sports or gymming.

  • Muscle sprains

  • Bone fractures

  • Knee injuries

  • Dislocated bones and joints

  • Achilles tendon injuries

  • Rotator cuff injuries

How to be prepared for sports and gym injuries?

Although sports and gym injuries can usually be prevented by being cautious, they may occur sometimes. That is why it is important to plan for such unfortunate events in advance. Locate a hospital that is accessible to you and if possible, find a specialist doctor too. Also, make sure you are financially covered for such injuries under an insurance plan.

Does health insurance cover injuries arising from sports or gym mishaps?

Health insurance is the most basic financial protection one can have against high medical costs. It offers comprehensive coverage against medical treatments, hospitalisation and several diseases. Granted that health insurance covers a host of medical expenses, it usually does not cover injuries resulting from sports and gym accidents. But fret not, ACKO Health Insurance Policy has got you covered!

ACKO Health Insurance Policy

In February 2022, ACKO launched the 1 Cr. sum insured health insurance plan called “ACKO Health Insurance Policy”. Some of the unique offerings of this plan include zero waiting period, no room rent capping, zero deductions at claims, and many more. Also, unlike usual health insurance plans, ACKO also covers sports-related accidental injuries under this plan.

How to buy an ACKO Health Insurance Policy

Buying an ACKO Health Insurance Policy is easy. Just visit or download and open the ACKO mobile application. Then, sign in using your mobile number and input the details of you and your family to get a quote. Finally, go through the coverages of the plan and make an online payment to instantly get your health insurance policy with 1 crore sum insured.

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How to raise a claim under an ACKO Health Insurance Policy

There are two ways you can raise a claim under an ACKO Health Insurance Policy. Namely, cashless claim and reimbursement claim processes. In a cashless claim process, you can choose a hospital from ACKO’s network hospitals and recieve cashless treatment. In a reimbursement process you can get treated, pay the bill and later get the cost reimburesed.


The following are general exclusions of a health insurance policy.

  • Injuries that result from acting under the influence of intoxicating substances.

  • Procedures that fall under the category of “cosmetic treatment”.

  • Injuries that occur while indulging in illegal activities.

Tax saving benefits

Health insurance plays a crucial role in helping us manage our medical costs in a time of need. In order to encourage the buying of health insurance, the Government of India is currently providing tax benefits for the same. As per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961, tax benefits can be availed for the premium paid while buying health insurance.

Key takeaways

If you are involved in playing sports or are a fitness junkie, there is always the risk of incurring accidental injury. Getting immediate medical attention is crucial in such cases. At that time, panicking or worrying about medical costs will only cause you more stress. That is why it is essential to buy a health insurance policy in advance, as it will financially protect you against such scenarios.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the most common questions asked regarding insurance for gym and sports injuries.

What is the age criterion to buy an ACKO Health Insurance Policy?


Currently, ACKO Health Insurance Policies are available only for adults between 18 to 45 years of age. Also, dependents selected under the plan can be from 3 months to 25 years of age.

What are the documents required to buy a health insurance policy?


Usually, the following documents are required to buy health insurance.

  • Age proof: Documents like Driving Licence, Voter’s ID, Birth Certificate, etc.

  • Proof of identity: Documents such as Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Driving licence, etc.

  • Address proof: Document proofs like Bank Statement, Ration Card, Electricity Bill, etc.

  • Medical reports: Submission of previous medical records. Also, you may have to undergo a series of medical tests to produce a comprehensive medical report.

  • Photographs: You may have to submit several passport size photographs.

How many sports or gym injury-related claims can I raise in a year under an ACKO Health Insurance Policy?


You can raise multiple claims related to accidental injuries up to the sum insured (Rs. 1 crore) during the policy period.

Are there any other insurance options for sports and gym-related injuries?


There are not many insurance options for sports and gym-related injuries. Personal Accident, Critical Illness and Overseas Travel insurance all exclude sports-related injuries in their policy wordings. Also, regular health insurance usually excludes such types of injuries. Fortunately, ACKO Health Insurance Policy covers accidental injuries even from sports and gym-related activities.

What is the sum insured under an ACKO Health Insurance Policy?


ACKO Health Insurance Policy is a one-stop solution to a wide range of medical emergencies. It offers a sum insured of Rs. 1 crore. This sum insured can be utilised to meet a host of medical expenses.

How many network hospitals does ACKO have?


Currently, ACKO has over 7,100+ network hospitals across India. Hospitals include reputed health care providers like Fortis, Apollo Hospitals, etc.

Does an ACKO Health Insurance Policy cover ambulance charges in the case of sports or gym-related injury?


Usually, insurers do not cover all ambulance trip charges. However, ACKO offers coverage for all the ambulance trips of the insured from home to the hospital subject to the maximum sum insured value. So, if you, unfortunately, suffer injuries due to a sports or gym-related mishap, you do not need to worry about ambulance trip charges to the hospital. ACKO Health Insurance Policy has got you covered!

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions.

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