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Why Women Need to Buy Separate Health Insurance

Team AckoJul 22, 2021

Women successfully play various roles in our society. A daughter, mother, life partner to a confident professional, entrepreneur and what not. Today’s women are all-rounders. But are they paying enough attention towards themselves in the midst of striking a balance between their personal and professional life? Are they planning well for any unforeseen events? Answer would be – Not as much as they should. If we go by the insurance statistics, National Family Health Survey Just suggests that only 20% women are covered by health insurance in India.

Why Women Need to Buy Separate Health Insurance

Women are the backbone of a family. Illness of a woman has a far-reaching consequences on the well-being of the family. Heart disease, cancer, reproductive health problems, thyroid, diabetes and hypertension, etc. are the common illnesses women are prone to. Moreover, women face exclusive health concerns such as pregnancy, reproductive tract cancer, ovarian and cervical cancer and breast cancer, etc. Hence, it is important to pay attention to their healthcare needs. Health insurance is the need of the hour for today’s women.

There are multiple reasons/factors that contributes to women’s ignorance on health insurance

  • Lack of awareness: Women need to know that there are multiple women centric health insurance plans offered by insurance companies. Women’s health care needs are unique. Hence, insurance companies have introduced various innovative women’s health insurance plans into the market to cater to women’s health care.

  • More premium due to longer life expectancy: As per the studies, women live longer than men. With longer life and likelihood of chronic illnesses, women tend to utilise more health care services than men. That’s why, many insurance companies charge women slightly more for comprehensive coverage.

  • Women still depend on others for their financial decision: Though women are leaving no stone unturned in their career, most of them would still prefer to depend on father or husband for financial decisions. Hence, most of the women prefer to get included in husband or father’s health insurance policy.

  • Women are busy saving for major life events: There are totally independent women too who plan their own finances. But, they are busy saving for major life events like, education, weddings, children, home, etc. without giving a thought on future uncertainties related to women’s health care.

  • Women do not put their health first: Most of them just avoid medical care. Many women opt for home remedies in case of a health concern.

It is a high time for women to realize the real worth of their well-being and a need for a separate health insurance coverage. Here are some strong reasons to avail a separate health insurance for women.

Sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyles are the real reasons for complex health issues in women today. Be it a working woman or a homemaker, everyone are so used to desk-bound style with not much activity. Along with that, pollution, work pressure, lack of sleep and improper food habits are contributing for more illnesses.

Increasing risk of critical illnesses

Specifically, women are facing more exclusive and critical health issues when compared to men today. Though women feel they are at lesser risk, the fact is something other way around!

  • One woman dies every eight minutes in India of cervical cancer

  • Breast cancer is the most common among women in India. As per cancer India report, one in 28 women in India is likely to develop breast cancer during lifetime.

  • India is diabetes capital of the world! 72 million cases were recorded in the year 2017 with women at higher risk of the disease.

Maternity health benefits

With the rising cost of healthcare, experience of motherhood comes with heavy medical expenses. With the complications and health issues increasing during pregnancy, every women must concentrate on availing exclusive health insurance coverage. Women’s health insurance plans offered by various insurance companies cover maternity healthcare cost.

Tax benefit

Working women can consider availing a separate health insurance to avail tax exemptions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

The Bottom Line

Women must care for their own well-being to lead a successful and quality life. Unique health challenges faced by the women can be exclusively addressed with the help of separate health insurance coverage. Choosing the best plan available, based on the need, is the key to enjoy the benefits to the fullest!

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