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Discover the Key Components Of ABHA- A Part of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission

TeamAckoMay 13, 2024

The Government of India launched the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission or ABDM under a scheme called the Ayushman Bharat Scheme. This initiative has been targeted to digitalise the healthcare ecosystem in India through an Ayushman Bharat Healthcare Account (ABHA), contributing to the benefit of economically vulnerable sections.

ABDM is among the crucial healthcare initiatives of the Indian Government, hence, here we will be discussing the components of ABHA and its significance.




What is an ABHA Card?

ABHA, or Ayushman Bharat Healthcare Account is a part of the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY). An ABH account lets you digitally record your prescriptions, medical reports, health insurance and all related medical histories.

Citizens of India can open their ABH account, for which they are given a card consisting of a unique 14-digit number as their ABHA ID. This is known as an ABHA card and is linked to their mobile number or Aadhaar card.

ABH accounts are created to link enlisted hospitals across the country. It enables doctors to access their patients' medical histories from anywhere anytime. Though it is not mandatory for every citizen to register for an ABHA card, you can apply for the same free of cost.

Privacy and Security in ABHA

  • ABHA aims to provide strict privacy and security for health data. Personal health records are encrypted, and consent managers control access. 

  • Users have transparency and control over who can access their data. They can grant timed access to doctors/hospitals and revoke access when unnecessary.

  • This ensures health data remains private and secure yet is accessible to healthcare providers when required to treat the patient.

What are Key Components of ABHA?

The ABHA scheme consists of some crucial parts, which equally contribute to making it as beneficial as it is today. So, the components of ABHA are given as follows.

Healthcare Professional Registry (HPR)

Through this Healthcare Professionals Registry or HPR, you can avail the data of registered and verified healthcare practitioners. It is extremely helpful in cases where you are not aware of any specialised doctors whom you may need during medical emergencies.

HPR is a huge directory from where you can get every information of healthcare practitioners. It includes their area of specialisation, experience and other relevant details.

ABHA Mobile App

ABHA mobile app lets you have access to your complete medical history seamlessly. One can access the app from various sources; however, the data management of the account or information sharing can only be controlled by the cardholder.

ABHA Number

With an ABHA card, you get a unique 14-digit number that is known as the ABHA number. This number is linked to the real-time medical records of the beneficiaries with their consent. It acts as the identity of your ABH account and reduces your task of carrying medical reports physically whenever you are going for a medical consultation.

Health Facility Registry (HFR)

Health Facility Registry or HFR and Healthcare Professionals Registry are often considered the same components of ABHA. However, they are not so. Unlike HPR, this type of registry lets you be aware of the healthcare facilities available across the country that are registered and verified, like clinics, diagnostic centres etc. It saves your time by providing you with information on suitable healthcare facilities instantly.

Who is Eligible for an ABHA Card?

An ABHA card is beneficial in accelerating the healthcare services in the country. Hence, you need to satisfy the ABHA card eligibility criteria set by the Government of India to be able to register for it. The criteria include:

  • Individuals opting for an ABHA card must be a citizen of India and have legal Indian citizenship.

  • Individuals must have their Aadhaar cards.

The Indian Government does not specify any caste category to apply for ABHA cards. Hence, individuals of all caste categories (General, SC, ST, and OBC) can opt for the same.

The Impact of ABHA on Healthcare Accessibility 

  • ABHA will make healthcare more easily accessible to people across India. Health records will be available digitally to doctors where patients get treatment.

  • This helps migrants and workers get treatment outside their home region, as records can travel through ABHA.

  • Digital records reduce paperwork and delays in treatment. Telemedicine has also become easier by sharing test reports with doctors online.

  • Overall, ABHA enables healthcare portability, makes records interoperable, and removes geographical barriers to access.

Benefits of ABHA for Healthcare Providers

1. Access to Longitudinal Health Records

ABHA allows access to complete patient health records, including history, lab/scan reports, medications, etc. It provides a longitudinal view of a patient's health for improved diagnosis and treatment decisions.

2. Operational Efficiencies

Digital storage and exchange of records reduce paperwork and administrative workload for hospitals/clinics. This allows them to improve operations.

3. Enables Continuity of Care

Even when patients move locations, their health records are available to new providers. This enables continuity of care based on their medical history.

4. Advanced Analytics

Aggregated health data enables advanced analytics around population health trends, disease patterns, treatment effectiveness, etc. This supports policy making.

5. Discoverability of Providers

ABHA allows linking provider registries. Patients can find doctors/hospitals nearby via the linked provider directories.

6. Financial Inclusion

Providers can connect with various health insurance schemes through ABHA to simplify processes. It enables the digitisation of claim settlements.

How to Get an ABHA Card Through the Official Website of the National Health Authority?

You can apply for an ABHA card free of cost, following some simple and hassle-free steps. The steps for ABHA card application are as discussed below.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the National Health Authority or download the ABHA app.

Step 2: Navigate to a tab called "Create my ABHA number".

Step 3: Select if you would proceed with your Aadhaar card or driving licence.

Step 4: Enter details like your Aadhaar card number, PAN number etc.

Step 5: You will receive an OTP for your mobile number verification. Enter the OTP in the required space.

Step 6: Enter other details such as your name, gender, DOB etc.

Step 7: Click on "Submit".

After you submit the application form, you can download your unique ABHA ID. You can further use this ID to access the information of various registered healthcare facilities in India.

How to Create an ABHA ID Through ACKO App?

You can create your unique ABHA ID through ACKO app within a few minutes, following some simple steps, which include:

Step 1: Download the ACKO app from the Play Store or App Store, if you are a new user.

Step 2: Log in with the OTP received and your mobile number, then click on “Discover”.

Step 3: Click on the “Create” option against the member you want to create the ABHA health card.

Step 4: Fill in the required details such as Aadhar number, contact number etc.

Step 5: Create a unique username as your ABHA address.

Step 6: Tap on the “Download Card” option to use it for future reference.

Future Developments and Enhancements in ABHA

  • Integration with more health programs and insurance schemes is underway. 

  • Support for regional languages in the ABHA interface to improve ease of use.

  • Enabling record sharing across borders for people traveling overseas.

  • Options for storing advanced health data like genomic sequencing and imaging reports.

  • Using blockchain for decentralisation and advanced security.

Final Takeaway

To conclude, an ABHA card is one of the significant initiatives to revolutionise the healthcare ecosystem in India. With an ABHA ID, you cannot only have access to the data of numerous verified healthcare practitioners but keep track of your medical histories as well.

So we hope to answer your queries about the components of ABHA in detail. You must have understood the need for a health insurance plan for your family. While through an ABHA card, you can search for the right health practitioner instantly, health insurance can cover your medical expenses during health emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the components of ABHA and other relevant details related to it:


What is the benefit of ABHA card?

An ABHA card benefits you by providing you with a unique 14-digit number that acts as your health ID. Through this number, you can keep track of all your medical histories without carrying any physical documents. Moreover, it lets you search for registered health facilities and practitioners instantly.

Is it mandatory to enrol in the ABDM for the citizens of India?

No, it is not compulsory to enrol yourselves in the ABDM. However, the practitioners and health facility centres are required to enrol themselves once the Indian Government decides to register them in the ABDM.

Is there any registration fee that applicants may need to pay to register themselves for an ABHA ID card?

No, there is no registration fee required for you to pay to register yourself for an ABHA ID card. This process of application is free of cost for all citizens of India.

How to download the ABHA mobile app?

The steps to download the ABHA mobile app from an Android device are as follows:, follows:

Step 1: Open the Play Store.

Step 2: Search for ABHA mobile app.

Step 3: Click on the “Download” option, then tap on “Install”.

Do all the records remain safe?

Yes, the Indian Government makes policies and enables security guidelines through which all your data remains safe and secured.

Can my digital health records be accessed by other doctors without my knowledge?

No, all your digital health records can only be managed and shared by you. No health practitioners can have access to our medical records without your consent.

How to log in to the ABHA mobile app?

You can log in with your registered mobile number and email ID. You can also log in to the app with your unique ABHA card number.


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