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What Is The Use Of ABHA Health Card?

Team AckoFeb 2, 2024

When you visit a doctor or go to a hospital in case of emergencies, the healthcare providers generally ask for your medical history and records. In some cases, you may remember certain details, but in most scenarios, it is mostly difficult to keep track of past health records unless you maintain physical copies. Such situations may delay your check-up, as the doctors need to be sure about your medical condition before starting the treatment.

Hence, to avoid such inconveniences, the Indian Government introduced Ayushman Bharat Health Account or ABHA card, as a part of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) scheme. Keep reading this article to know the use of ABHA cards before you apply for one so that you can use it in the most effective way.




What is an ABHA Health Card?

ABHA health card is a digital card that comprises all your consultation details, medical history and prescriptions. The card has a unique 14-digit number that acts as the ABHA ID. This scheme is an integral part of ABDM, focusing on developing a digital healthcare system. It helps people to access and show their records whenever and wherever they need to, saving the hassle of maintaining physical copies of the reports and carrying them every time during a doctor's visit. 

Apart from storing your medical documents, this card is also used for consulting different healthcare professionals who are registered under ABDM, from the comfort of your home. Every ABHA verified doctor from different medical backgrounds is available for you to choose from, as per your needs.

What is the Use of an ABHA Health Card?

The ABHA health card has certain benefits that help you access your medical records, history, prescriptions, etc. Through the ABHA health unique identification number, medical insurance companies and health professionals can access an individual’s health records. Here is a breakdown of the ABHA card uses:

Digital Medical Records

One of the significant uses of ABHA health card is that it digitalises the individuals’ health records. Individuals can link their health records to the ABHA card and create a personalised digital setup to provide it to healthcare providers whenever necessary. 

Access to Health Records

The ABHA health card enables sharing of your health records with your doctor. In addition, the doctors cannot obtain your records without your consent. You can also revoke access to these records at any time according to your wants.

Consent and Security

Another use of the ABHA card is that individuals’ health records cannot be shared without their permission. The health ID cards have a high level of security and encryption mechanisms. It reduces the chances of medical information leaks with the ABHA application. 

Optional Activation and Deactivation

The ABHA health card makes it easy to opt in and out whenever possible. Having an ABHA health card is not essential for seeking medical attention. You can register with the ABHA platform and deactivate the account any time you want to leave the platform. 

Network of Doctors

The use of the ABHA Health ID card enables you to get healthcare professional registry access. Through the ABHA application, you can connect to a network of doctors and choose a doctor according to your requirements. You can choose the best doctor depending on the fees and services. In addition, these doctors and healthcare professionals are verified, as you will find in the ABHA application.

Online Consultation and Telemedicine

Another use of the ABHA health card is enabling users to get access to telemedicine and online consultation. It helps individuals get medical advice at their homes without visiting healthcare practitioners in person. But before you set your appointment with doctors using this card, make sure to first apply for the card using ACKO app by following the simple steps discussed below.

Easy Access to Data

When you create an ABHA health ID card, it enables you to access the data seamlessly. It permits you to present your medical records even if you reside in a different state or city. You just need your unique health ID to access the medical records from anywhere.

Digital Footprint

Another reason to have an ABHA card is its ability to establish a digital record. This electronic trail facilitates the sharing of patient medical histories among various healthcare professionals. Familiarising yourself with the functions of the ABHA card is important, and so is learning the process of generating an ABHA health ID.

How to Get an ABHA Health ID Card Through ACKO?

A valid driver's licence and Aadhaar card are among the papers required in order to obtain an ABHA health ID card. The steps to generate a distinct ABHA ID using the ACKO app are as follows:

  1. If you are a new user, download the ACKO app from the App Store or Play Store.

  2. Enter the OTP received on your mobile number and click the ‘Discover’ option.

  3. Click on the ‘Create’ tab to create the ABHA health ID card.

  4. Enter the necessary details, like your Aadhaar number, name, contact number, etc.

  5. Make a unique username as your ABHA address.

  6. Click on the ‘Download Card’ option to get the ABHA health ID card and use it for future reference. 

Overall, the use of ABHA cards is a significant initiative towards digitising the healthcare industry in India. This innovation empowers individuals to securely store and access their health records from anywhere in the country. Moreover, it encourages patients to take control of their health information, facilitating informed decisions by medical professionals.

Moreover, you must buy health insurance to complement the use of the ABHA health card. It will cover the expenses arising due to medical emergencies and help you save a lot of finances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some responses to frequently asked queries concerning the use of ABHA card.


What are the eligibility criteria for applying for an ABHA card?

There are no such eligibility criteria for registering for an ABHA card. All Indian nationals are eligible to apply for an ABHA card.

What is the use of an ABHA number?

The 14-digit ABHA number is used for identifying and authenticating the user. Users can also use it to link their health records with other systems in India’s healthcare industry.

Is it mandatory to register for an ABHA card?

No, it is not mandatory for individuals to register themselves for the ABHA card.

Can healthcare professionals access my health records through the ABHA number?

No, healthcare providers and doctors cannot access your digital health records without your consent. You have to share access to them for them to analyse your health records.

Can I revoke access to my health records after granting them to doctors?

Yes, you can revoke access to your health records shared with healthcare providers at any time. Once you revoke the access, the information will not be visible to the doctor or hospital. 

What is the cost of registering for an ABHA card?

The cost of registering for an ABHA card is free. You do not need to pay any fees to obtain an ABHA card.

Are my health records safe?

Your health details are secure when you register for an ABHA card; no one may access the data without your permission. The encryption and security features on the ABHA health ID cards are more advanced.


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