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Embrace Green: Make Your Child Know The Value Of Trees!

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Trees are an important part of our environment as they are homes to many animals. This activity will make your sweetheart understand this. It will also help him to develop his motor and learning skills.



    Requisites: A magnifying glass.


    1. Take your kiddo for a walk in a forest.

    2. Show him different trees and tell him that they are important for us as they exchange gasses - they take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. Trees maintain a healthy amount of gasses in the air.

    3. Also, show him bird nests in trees and tell him that different birds make their nests on trees. So they are important for birds as well.

    4. Then encourage your kiddo to look at the ground for burrows and holes with his magnifying glass around trees.

    5. And then tell him that hedges provide home and food for a lot of invertebrates. 

    6. Show your kid lichens (green covering on the trees). 

    7. Tell your kiddo that there are many living beings that depend on trees for their food.

    Encourage your kiddo to grow more plants, by planting a tree you are not only helping yourself but also providing many animals home and food. Also tell him to never cut down a tree.

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