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Learn And Have Fun With Math!

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024


    Your little genius starts learning so many things at this stage. But sometimes, it seems difficult to teach them because basic learning is always tricky. Kids love to play, so make his lessons his fun time and your kiddo will easily catch your points. Here is one of the fun activities on mathematics.
    Materials Required: Carton in any size -10 to 20, Paints, Glue, White paper, Sticker (with different no of objects, like for NO. 1 any object related to count one –one butterfly or one banana etc. ), Some smile stickers or thumbs up and down stickers
    1. First, cover all cartons with white paper.
    2. Write numbers on it using paint in different color.
    3. Make plus, minus and equal sign on carton.
    Level 1-
    1. Tell your kid to count the objects and match it with the right number. Stick the sticker along with the numbers.
    2. When they finish all the stickers they go to the next level.
    Level 2-
    1. Arrange two different numbers of carton with plus sign. Now, tell him to add them together. Once you get the correct response from him, put that number in front of the equal sign.
    2. You kid can count two carton objects for addition.
    Level 3-
    1. Arrange two different number carton with the minus sign. First, keep the number which is higher than the other, and then the small number.
    2. Tell your kid to subtract it the two numbers. Once you get the correct response from him, put that number in front of the equal sign.
    Note: When your kiddo tells you the right answer, you can stick one smiley or thumbs up sticker on his shirt or hand; as a sign of appreciation.
    For older kids, you can level up this activity with multiplication and division.

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