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Make Your Child Understand The Concept Of 'Condensation'

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

With this science experiment, you can simply help your kiddo to explore the process of condensation. When water evaporates from a surface due to heat, it form vapors and converts into gas, after which when it reaches a cooler surface its state from gas changes to a liquid (water droplets), this is called condensation. Moreover, this activity will also help your kiddo to develop his motor and learning skills. 



    Requisites: Hot tap water, a tall clear plastic cup, a wide clear plastic cup, a magnifier.


    1. Fill a clear plastic wide cup with 2/3 hot tap water.

    2. Place a taller clear plastic cup over the top of it so that it fits in the bottom cup properly.

    3. Then leave the cups for a few minutes.

    4. After few minutes remove the top longer cup and look at the sides of the cups.

    5. You can use a magnifying glass for it too.

    6. You will notice that there are small cloudy looking drops of the water inside the cup.

    7. Now you can explain the process of condensation to your child. 'As the water is hot inside the wider cup it increases the rate of evaporation, filling the air inside the cups with the gas water vapors. But as the water vapors move away from the hot water towards the top cup, it cools down as soon as it comes in contact with the surface of the top taller cup'.

    This is exactly how condensation takes place, cloud formation is a beautiful example of it. This activity will help your child understand science better!

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