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Make Art Work Fun & Learning

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

With the help of this easy activity you can make your child understand the power of an invincible force such as wind with a fun experience. Your child will often look at activities he can participate in that involves some art work and that gives him good opportunities to explore. 



    Requisites: Water based colors, paper plates, plastic straws, dropper, water (if required)


    1. Take any water based color. Those paints that are not permanent and can easily be washed off.  

    2. Pour some of the paint onto the paper plate and check the consistency. If you think it is thick then you can adjust the consistency by adding few drops of water to it.

    3. Take one straw in your hand and give another one in your child’s hand. 

    4. Using the straw blow the paint around on the plate and show your child how you did it.

    5. Now ask your child to blow through straws and move paint around the plate in the same way.

    6. Show your child how the paint looks on the plate after blowing and explain what exactly happens with this simple experiment. Talk about what wind is and how it makes the color spread all over the plate.

    This is a simple and easy activity which can be performed anytime with your child. By doing this activity he will understand and learn the power of wind. 

    Note: Let your child perform this activity under your supervision to avoid any harm of sucking instead of blowing the paint.

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