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Look! Here Is The Magic Painting!

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

This type of painting is getting very popular these days and is loved by kids of almost every age group. If your kiddo really loves painting, then through this activity you can actually broaden your little one’s artistic repertoire and allow him to create a wonderful artwork with this clever painting technique. 



    Requisites: Paper, Colored pencils or paint, Wax crayons, Paintbrush


    1) The first step in creating this unique artwork is to have your little one completely color the piece of paper using bright colored pencils or paint. If the paint is being used, wait until it is completely dry before doing the next step.

    2) Color the entire picture with black crayon, making sure you cover the color underneath with black crayon.

    3) Using the end of the paintbrush, scratch a design through the black crayon so that the color underneath shows. This creates a beautiful bright painting.

    This painting is really magical and this is such a striking picture that you and your kiddo may wish to use a canvas rather than a paper. It will definitely be an artwork worth keeping and displaying or giving as a gift to a friend or a relative or can be a great return gift for a birthday party.

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