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Paper Plate Letter Learning Activity

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

At this stage, your kid learns by playing. Hence, it is important to keep introducing activities that enable learning along with fun. This activity enhances your kiddo’s fine motor skills as well as develop cognitive skill. You can play this anywhere - in a room or garden.



    Requisites: Light colour paper plate, Colourful marker pens, Paper cutter, 4 to 5 objects stickers related to each letter from a to z (You can collect that picture from old magazine and newspaper).


    1. Take a paper plate, write lower case letter in little bold at the middle.

    2. Now write lower case letter on side of plate. For example (if middle letter is ''e'' then you can make combination of other letters like a, c, e. If small letter is ''f'' then you can make set of t, f and j.

    3. Cut between the letters which are written on the side of plate, so your little one can flap and fold easily.

    4. Give the plate to your baby, pronounce that letter loudly, fold similar letter towards to centre letter. You can demonstrate once to show your kiddo.

    5. When first step is finished successfully, stick the sticker at the centre of the plate, which starts with the letter, when your kiddo sticks that sticker on letter say to them pronounce that word loudly.   

    For example - if centre letter is ''e'' then your little one can stick picture of eyes, ear, elephant, egg, elbow, exit, engine, e-mail, earth, eraser, etc.  

    Kids' picture memory is very sharp and they can recall image information very fast compared to text or verbal information. From this activity, your kiddo identifies alphabets easily.

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