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Tear To Create

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

A fun activity to unveil the creative side of your child. Make your child jump with joy doing their favorite time pass of tearing paper!!



    Requisites: Contact paper, Tissue paper of different color, Tape


    1. Take a contact paper, peel off the backing and tape it to a wall or a window

    2. Take tissue papers of different colors and help your child to tear it in to pieces

    3. Take one piece of tissue paper and demonstrate on how to stick on the contact paper with a loud call as “Stick”

    4. Your child will follow sticking the remaining papers on the contact paper with loud yell filled with laughter as “Stick”

    5. Let your child stick where ever she wants and imagine different figures and objects

    You will be amazed at her creativity and imagination. This activity helps your child to think out of the way and move his hands as he wants. It will hone his fine motor skills. 

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