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Sitting, Walking, Jumping, Writing- What Are The Motor Skills Your Child Develops?

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

By this stage, you helped your kiddo sit, you were delighted when they took those first steps and walked towards you. Now, they can run, jump and play all sorts of games. In fact, your child, who could barely support his own weight as an infant can even write now.



    What you need to know 
    We all know how kids experience rapid physical development. They grow and their motor skills advance. For instance, a baby learns to sit with support and then begins to sit on their own by the age of 6-8 months. Slowly, they learn to walk and by 5-6 they can run, jump or play games. These are all examples of motor skills.

    These skills are basically physical developments that allow a child to use larger and smaller muscles in cohesion. For example, larger muscles from the back and legs are used to run or walk straight across a beam, while muscles in the finger and hand, with coordination from eyes help them write or paint.

    So, gross motor skills and fine motor skills use larger and smaller muscle groups effectively. Some of the major motor skills your child develops at the age 5-6 include walking along a line, balancing and crawling. Then, there are other skills such as writing, playing video games, using a mobile phone or even playing a piano.

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