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Writing Strategies- Your Kiddo's Scribbles Now Need To Convert Into Handwriting

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

So, you have been looking at the work your child has been doing at school. Lately, you have maybe noticed that your child has monstrous handwriting that you can’t comprehend. And their drawing is no good either. The colors are over the top, the lines are drawn aimlessly. Worse, you just had a look at someone else’s work from their class only to notice that their peers are better!

What you need to know
Well, this may happen at times. There are a number of kids who might not draw or write as well as other kids. It can be quite frustrating, knowing that your child might be the worst at something taught in kindergarten. But usually, this is no cause of concern.



    Children develop at their own pace. Fine motor skills like writing or drawing and coloring take time and therefore, comparing the child to their peers isn’t the smartest option. You can still definitely help your little one with simple things, such as handwriting and coloring groups, helping them explore. Spend some time with them and let them have fun coloring. At the same time, remember that all kids aren’t artists and may not grow up to have great drawing skills.

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