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Your Child's Likely To Enhance Their Adaptive Milestones

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Your child is now work in progress, trying and exploring different things. As a part of it, his adaptive milestones will now become enhanced. On the other hand, as a parent you will be giving necessary inputs and also ensure he is physically safe. For instance, when it comes to dressing, he tries to explore how to dress. Shirts tend to get stuck. You can make it easier for him by investing in elastic waisted pants or a wide necked top and sleeves that are loose fitting. You can lay down his clothes out on a flat floor or can help him with the difficult parts. When it comes to eating, he will use his whole hand frequently. The use of tools will be limited to fork and spoon. He will still prefer to have finger food as it is easy to manage.



    What you can do



    Try modelling good healthy eating habits. Show by example. You can also read books to your child on what are table manners, types of foods, etc. Other things which he will do on his own are taking off his shoes, pick up toys when requested to do so, begin to understand basic safety principles, communicating the need to use washroom. As a parent, handholding is very important. In many occasions, your child wants to be independent and adapt to a new habit. Hence, be supportive. As he tries to do things on his own, there will be occasions where he may be at risk. So never leave him unattended. Honing the basic adaptive skills is indeed challenging for a 2 year old, but by being supportive and watchful, your child learns the life skills needed to conduct day-to-day activities.

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