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7 Effective Tips for Couples to Manage Stress Related to Infertility

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

The infertility journey can make life stressful for the intended parents. Many celebrity couples including Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have shared their emotional and stressful experiences with infertility. So, you are not alone in this stressful journey.



Stress does not cause infertility but infertility undoubtedly causes stress. The advice and comments from close friends, relatives, and medical experts may make you conclude that the need of the hour is, “Just relax” and try out something that provides you solace.

Let’s have a closer look at the stress busters for the infertility couples to keep stress at bay

1. Accept your feelings:

The periodical infertility tests and the procedures involved can make you feel as if you have no control of your body leading to stress and devastation. Be assertive to your feelings and opinions. Therefore, the first step to reduce stress is to acknowledge that your feelings are absolutely normal and nothing to brood about.

2. Discover ways to reduce stress:

The best ways to soothe your stress and heighten your spirits are to rely on proven and trustworthy methods. For instance, listening to soothing music, opting for a calming nature walk, spending time in and around nature, reaching out to loved ones, praying, doing yoga, meditating, eating healthy and well-balanced meals, exercising regularly, or seeing a therapist.

3. Talk openly:

Sometimes, infertility issues may seem to be a private struggle. But confiding in someone who is very close to you might relieve stress. Find a trusted person, it can be your parent, sibling, friend, relative or even your spouse to burst out your feelings. Their supportive shoulders can make you feel empowered and supported.

Encouraging your partner to share the feelings suffered due to infertility and patiently listening to the grief and vice versa can integrate a happy life.

4. Join infertility support groups:

Locate an infertility support group near your area and enrol. Make frequent visits whenever you feel stressed. While meeting other infertility couples you will find a company and know that you’re are not alone. You can maintain a good rapport with like-minded people by sharing your concerns, feelings, questions, fears, and problems. It is believed to help relieve your stress.

5. Don’t bottle up your anxiety:

Allow yourself to cry and be angry. By suppressing, you will only feel worst. If you feel too depressed, give a try to self-talk (talking to yourself), cry out loudly in front of the mirror in your bedroom or you can vent out your anger by pounding a pillow or hitting a punching bag. By releasing your emotions, you are likely to get rid of stress to some extent and feel better and energized.

The effects of infertility can interfere with family, work, money and sex. Trying these ways to reduce stress, anxiety and tension can make you feel better and enjoy life.

6. Connect to RESOLVE:

Try relaxation techniques by RESOLVE - The National Infertility Association (www. has introduced innumerable techniques to resolve all the issues involved with infertility stress.

Learn and practise relaxation techniques and stress management methods to decrease your stress. Some of the techniques are progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and tai-chi, which comfort you to a great extent. For some time you might feel light at heart.

7. Create time for hobbies:

Another way to manage stress while dealing with infertility is by making time for hobbies. You can set aside some time for things you both enjoy. Try doing something daily that makes you feel good. Just 15-20 minutes can de-stress you tremendously. The hobbies may include: Doing an art, gardening, painting, reading, knitting, watching a movie, playing cards, board games, and chess.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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