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All You Need To Know About PCOS

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a health problem that affects many women of childbearing age these days. The reproductive system of women is controlled by hormones and in PCOS, the hormone system gets disturbed, which affects the fertility.



PCOS causes hair growth on face and body and this also leads to baldness in women. This affects the ovaries of women, reproductive organs that produces estrogen and progesterone. It might cause cysts in the ovaries, irregular period cycles, and production of high level of male hormones in women.

Here are some more information of PCOS that you should know:

Causes Of PCOS

PCOS is caused by genetic factors, higher level of insulin in the body also causes PCOS, being overweight leads to hormonal imbalance and this causes trouble in childbearing. Extra insulin production affects the hormones and this causes the follicles to produce more of testosterone that is a male hormone and lesser amount of ostrogen that is a female hormone. This increases the chances of irregular periods and infertility in women who are of childbearing age.

Symptoms Of PCOS

There are many symptoms of PCOS like irregular periods, heavy bleeding during periods, excessive hair growth on face and body, weight gain due to PCOS, thinning of hair or excessive hair loss, depression, mood swings, acne or oily skin. If you are facing these symptoms every month then you need to see your doctor and talk to her regarding this problem so that she can guide you for your better health and healthy pregnancy.

How to treat PCOS?

There is no cure for PCOS as such but with diet and lifestyle changes you can easily manage PCOS symptoms. If you are overweight, then you need to get advice on healthy eating and your exercise routine that will make you healthy. When you will get a healthy BMI as per your body then your hormonal system will improve that will make your pregnancy easier.

Your mood swings will be tamed and other symptoms will be in check too. In some cases, your doctor might suggest you some medicine for ovulation so that your ovulation cycle can be corrected for a successful pregnancy.

When to see a doctor?

If you are suffering from PCOS and facing certain symptoms then you need to see your doctor immediately. If you have missed periods and you are not pregnant then you need to visit your doctor. If you notice unwanted growth of hair on your face and body then you might be suffering from PCOS. If you are trying to be pregnant by having intercourse regularly but you see no signs of pregnancy and if you have blurred vision or unexplained weight loss then you need to see a doctor.

PCOS and Fertility

Fertility and PCOS don’t go hand in hand but this condition doesn’t stop you from being pregnant. With proper treatment of PCOS you can get pregnant naturally. There are certain medications that help in betterment of ovulation cycle and also stimulates fertility. Meet up a fertility specialist that will help you in conceiving naturally. Modify your diet and lifestyle that will help in making you pregnant in a healthy way.

How to prevent PCOS?

PCOS cannot be prevented if you are not leading a healthy life but it can be averted by living a healthy life. If you are overweight, have diabetes, and notice irregular periods, then do consult a doctor on time for a healthy start towards pregnancy. Take weight loss programs and have a healthy regime to keep yourself fit and happy.

Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only, based on industry experience and secondary sources. It is not a substitute for professional advice. Please consult a qualified expert for health or insurance-related decisions. Content is subject to change, refer to current policy wordings for specific ACKO details.



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