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Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Composed of healthy protein filled dal, Bari is a tasty recipe for you one that you should definitely try making.



    Ingredients to make Bari:

    Moong dal - 200 grams (1 cup), oil - 2 tsp, plates - 2 to 3

    Steps to make Bari:

    1. Clean dal, wash with clean water then soak in drinking water for 2-3 hours.

    2. Remove the water and make a coarse paste of the dal without adding any extra water. A very fine paste makes the Bari very hard.

    3. Take out dal paste in a utensil, beat rigorously, the mix is ready to make Dal Bari.

    4. Grease clean-dry plates with oil. Take the dal mixture in your hand, in the same way you would take besan or dal paste while making the pakoras. Drop some paste on the plate a little at a time. You need to practice making Bari at equal gaps, there is no change in taste if the Baris are small or big in size. Make as many Baris that will fit in 1 plate, after 1 plate is filled break Baris for another plate. Make Baris till the entire paste is used up, then place these plates out in the sun.

    5. If the sun's heat is strong then the Bari made in the morning will dry up to a certain extent by the evening time(Baris are made in the morning itself so that they can dry in the sun the entire day). Once the Baris dry up, it becomes very easy to remove them from the plate. You can put them in the same plate and dry them the next day as well.

    Moong Dal Baris are dried and ready. Fill them in a clean and dry container for up to 6 months. Take out as many Baris required from the container and make its dish.

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