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Santre Ki Barfi

Team AckoFeb 8, 2024

Using besan and sugar, you can prepare delicious barfi. Flavoured with orange juice and zest, you can make santre ki barfi. Orange is rich in vitamin C while besan has protein and sugar, the required carbohydrates. Adding ghee takes care of fats. The orange juice when added gives a twist to the usual besan barfi.



    Ingredients to make Santre Ki Barfi:

    ¼ cup ghee, 1 cup besan, ½ cup sugar, ¼ cup water, 3 tsp orange juice, 2 tsp orange zest, a pinch of salt

    Steps to make Santre Ki Barfi:

    1. In a pan, add ghee. Once warm, add the besan. Roast the besan stirring continuously on low flame till the besan combines well with the ghee and no lumps are there. Add salt.

    2. The above step takes about half an hour till you find the mixture turning golden brown. This is an indication that besan is now well cooked. Keep it aside and allow it to cool.

    3. In another pan, take half cup sugar and ¼ cup water. On medium flame, let the sugar dissolve well in the water. This step will take about 10 minutes. Add the orange zest (leave some for garnish) and orange juice and give a stir and switch off the flame.

    4. Now, add this sugar orange juice infused syrup to the cooled besan mixture. Give a good mix.

    5. Transfer the mixture to a greased plate and spread it evenly. On top garnish with little orange zest. Cut into small squares.

    Orange flavoured santre ki barfi is all ready to sweeten your taste buds. Enjoy!

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