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German Visa Photo Size

TeamAckoApr 17, 2024

When applying for a visa, there is often a list of requirements you need to follow. One of these requirements is a passport-sized photo. It may seem easy at first glance, but if you're applying for a German visa, you need to pay close attention to the details of your photo. If you don't follow the specifications, your visa application could be delayed or rejected. 

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This guide will help you understand the essential requirements for a German visa photo requirements so that you can have a smooth visa processing experience. By following this guide, you will have a better chance of meeting all the criteria without any issues.



Germany Visa Photo Size

When you apply for a Germany visa, the photo must meet the following requirements:

  • The photo size should be 35×45 mm or  1.38 x 1.77.

  • 80% of the photograph should cover the face.

  • The photograph has to be the size of a passport.

  • There should be no borders.

  • There should also be some portion of the subject’s shoulder.

Germany Visa Photo Background and Quality

When applying for a German visa, it's crucial to adhere to the specific photo background and quality requirements to ensure your application is processed smoothly. Here are the German visa photo background requirements:

  • The background of your picture must be plain, ensuring there are no patterns or distractions. 

  • Preferably, the background should be white or off-white to maintain a neutral and clean appearance. 

  • Ensure there's a good contrast between the background, your hair, and your face for clarity and distinction.

  • There should be no one other than the subject in the background.

These are the rules you must follow when it comes to the quality of your photo for your Germany visa: 

  • The photo should not be shiny or glossy. It should be matte-finished.

  • The photo should not be printed. 

  • The minimum print resolution should be 600 dpi.

  • Photos should be in colour.

  • It is important to keep the colour balance right in colour photos and show skin tones as they really are.

  • It should be a recent one (least 3 months old).

  • The lighting should be even, not too dark or bright.

  • The picture should not be hazy, damaged or creased. 

  • The picture should not have too much contrast or brightness.

  • The pictures should not have been changed in any way, like with Photoshop.

  • It should be of high quality, preferably professional.

Germany Visa Photo Attire Requirements

When taking your photo, wear your regular clothes, not a uniform or camouflaged clothing. You should avoid wearing a hat or head covering unless it's for religious reasons. Also, avoid wearing sunglasses or dark optical glasses. If you wear glasses, make sure that your eyes are fully visible and that the glasses are completely transparent without any reflection, shadow or distortion. Lastly, avoid wearing clothing that matches the background.

Facial Expression Requirement for the Photo of Germany Visa

For your German visa, you must have a neutral expression on your face, with lips closed and your eyes open. Do not smile, frown, or make any other extreme facial expressions. The goal is to look natural, not forced. Make sure to look directly at the camera. Your eye position should be straight, ensuring that your eyes are clearly visible. Your entire face must be visible in the photo. This means no shadows or hair covering any part of your face. 

German Visa Photo Requirements for Children

  • Position the child's head to face the camera directly, maintaining a neutral facial expression.

  • Ensure the child's eyes are open and they are looking straight at the camera.

  • Avoid laying infants on a white sheet for overhead photos; this method is not recommended.

  • Ensure no shadows are cast on the child’s face, and the head is supported in a way that no hands are visible in the picture.

  • Provide a recent photo of the child, preferably taken within the past three months, for an accurate representation of their current look.

By adhering to these guidelines, you ensure that your visa application is not delayed or rejected due to the photograph. Remember, the purpose of the photo is to clearly identify you, so it's important to follow these requirements closely. Till then, happy travels and best of luck with your visa application process!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions people have about the photo requirements for a German visa. Take your time reading it to make sure you understand all of the questions.


What is the photo size for a Germany visa?

For a Germany visa, you need a 35 x 45 mm, not black and white.

What is the pixel size of a German visa photo?

The pixel size for a German visa photo is typically 35 mm wide by 45 mm high.

What are the photo rules for a German visa?

The photo rules for a German visa are that the photograph must be passport-size and 35 x 45 mm without a border. The applicant's full face must be visible, with enough contrast and clarity. The photograph must be recent (3 months and not more than that).

Which background is required for Germany visa photo specification?

It should have a plain white or off-white background. 

How many photos are required for a German visa? 

Two recent passport-sized colour photos are required.

Is the German visa photo matte or glossy?

The picture for the Germany visa should be matte.

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