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Exploring Wonders of America: A Guide to Best Places to Visit in USA in 2024

TeamAckoFeb 20, 2024

When we come across the list of most visited international destinations by tourists each year, the USA, or the United States of America, ranks at number 3. Since 2022, the USA has observed tourist arrivals of almost 23 million people all around the world. From the bustling cityscape of Los Angeles and New York to mind-boggling historical landmarks and national parks, the USA has something for everyone.

Here we have curated a customised list of different places to visit in USA for your next international vacation.




Your Guide to Top Places to Visit in USA - Region Wise

We have customised your guide to the most visited places in USA region-wise. The places are handpicked as per the most common choice, and you can visit them during your trip and enjoy them to the fullest.

Places in Northeastern Region

The Northeastern region or East Coast of the USA has the most well-known and visited places in the USA. Here is a list of the top places you can visit in the USA if you are planning to just enjoy the hustle and bustle of America. 

1. New York City, New York

When you talk about the USA, the first place that comes to mind is New York. It is undoubtedly the most popular destination not only in America but also around the world. Culture, food, galleries, sporting events, museums, Broadway shows, and, of course, shopping—it has everything one wishes to experience in their visit to a foreign nation.

  • Best Time to Visit: You can visit New York any time of the year. Nonetheless, the fall and spring seasons are pleasant to enjoy the city more.

  • Activities: Visit the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, and the Empire Building and also go to baseball games.

  • Main Attractions: Museum of Modern Art and Broadway theatres.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 30,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

2. Washington, D.C.

The capital of the United States of America, Washington, D.C., serves as the most well-known destination around the world. It features some iconic museums and monuments, making it one of the best places to visit in USA if you want to know the history and culture of America. Booking hotels in DC is also easy, as you get options for both budget and luxurious accommodation as per your preference.

  • Best Time to Visit: From September to November and from March to May.

  • Activities: Walk the halls of Smithsonian Museum, visit the funky marketplace for unique shopping and nightlife, and explore historic neighbourhoods.

  • Main Attractions: The White House, National Air and Space Museum, Lincoln Memorial and others.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 20,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

3. Boston, Massachusetts

For all you history lovers out there, you cannot miss Boston, Massachusetts, on your trip to the States. The place is steeped in history, with every surrounding area screaming with the rich cultural heritage of the USA and several historical sites to visit. The place is also filled with art and culture, with music festivals happening numerous times a year, making it a must-visit place in USA.

  • Best Time to Visit: June to October

  • Activities: Explore the Freedom Trail, visit Harvard University, and enjoy a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

  • Main Attractions: Fenway Park, Tea Party Ships and Museums, Boston Common, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Beacon Hill.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 25,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

Places in Southern Region

With wild, mild and humid weather all throughout the years, the southern part of the USA is filled with the country's rich history. Let us check the below list to know some key places to visit in the United States’s southern section.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

If you are a foodie, then you cannot miss New Orleans on your vacation to the USA. The place is famous for its vibrant music scene, unique cuisine, and rich cultural heritage. You can enjoy some unique dialects, Creole cuisine and different festivals while in New Orleans, making the most of your memorable trip to America.

  • Best Time to Visit: February to May

  • Activities: Explore the French Quarter, attend live jazz performances, and savour Creole cuisine.

  • Main Attractions: National World War II Museum, Besthoff Sculpture Garden, New Orleans Museum of Art, The Cabildo and the Presbytère, and Vue Orleans.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 12,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

2. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, also known as the 'Music City', is for everyone who enjoys a great taste in music. The city welcomes every storyteller and dreamer to have the essence of a friendly, authentic and creative persona for the overall country. Moreover, with its own music to offer tourists, Nashville has the best nightlife to enjoy, making it one of the best places to visit in USA for couples.

  • Best Time to Visit: May, June and October.

  • Activities: Visit the Grand Ole Opry, tour the Country Music Hall of Fame, and enjoy live music on Broadway.

  • Main Attractions: Johnny Cash Museum, The Parthenon and Ryman Auditorium.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 20,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

3. Orlando, Florida

While planning the best places to visit in USA for your foreign trip, make sure to keep Orlando on your list to make the most of your vacation. For every park enthusiast and adventure fanatic, Orlando offers festivities, lip-smacking foods, sparks and a homage to Hispanic Heritage Month. 

  • Best Time to Visit: Mid-September to November

  • Activities: Indulge yourself in different activities by visiting Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando and going trekking in Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park.

  • Main Attractions: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Walt Disney World, Orlando Eye, Discovery Cove and Orlando Science Center.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 22,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

Places in Western Region

The Western region of the USA is a nature lover’s paradise. Filled with beautiful landscapes and scenic beauty, if you want to get away from a quiet place, the western section of the country is for you. Let's check out some of the popular places to visit in USA’s this region.

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Stretching for around 278 miles along the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon has some of the best views and picturesque landscapes to make your USA trip unforgettable. The palace is considered one of the world's wonders, with more than 4.7 million visitors every year. If you love taking pictures, especially of landscapes, this is a must-visit.

  • Best Time to Visit: March to May and September to November.

  • Activities: Go hiking on the Bright Angel Trail, sit with yourself or with loved ones to enjoy the sunset from the rims of the canyon, and take a helicopter tour of the entire area.

  • Main Attractions: Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon Skywalk and Havasu Falls.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 16,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

The best USA places to visit to fulfil your wish to encounter crazy nightlife, fine dining, shopping and entertainment, then Las Vegas in Nevada is the place for you. Make sure to try your luck in gambling, as the city offers several casinos and gambling places to earn quick money and enjoy a memorable night with your friends or spouse. Moreover, you get options for budget-friendly and luxury hotels and resorts for your stay in the city.

  • Best Time to Visit: All year round. But the high seasons are from September to November and March to May.

  • Activities: Explore Fremont Street to try your luck in casinos and have a crazy nightlife, enjoy some time at the Las Vegas Strip (only for adult travellers), and click pictures under the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign.

  • Main Attractions: Downtown Las Vegas, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, STRAT Tower, Fountains of Bellagio and Hoover Dam.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 33,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

3. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park, with its 2.2 million acres of pure wildness, is the crown jewel of the world's natural treasures. It is not just the world's first national park, but it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park's unique geothermal features, rich animals, and breathtaking landscapes make it a must-see for nature lovers. Remember the movie '2012'? Well, some eye-opening movie scenes were shot in this area.

  • Best Time to Visit: April to May and September to October.

  • Activities: You get a plethora of activities to perform in Yellowstone, such as watching wildlife, hiking, scenic drives and camping. 

  • Main Attractions: Grand Prismatic Spring, Mammoth Hot Springs, Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake and Lamar Valley.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 16,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

Places in Midwestern and Pacific Region

Lastly, the midwestern and Pacific regions of the USA are for beach lovers and history enthusiasts. The cities in this region are filled with the rich history of the USA and some of the most exquisite beaches in the world. Let us check below to know the popular places to visit in the USA's Pacific and midwestern areas.

1. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Known as 'America's Shrine of Democracy', Mount Rushmore features the faxes of four great presidents of America, carved at a length of 60 feet across the Black Hills. If you want to indulge in the presidential history of America, you can miss this sport. The mountain is a symbol of the country's birth, growth, development and preservation, making it one of the most important places to visit in the United States.

  • Best Time to Visit: May, September and October.

  • Activities: Take a ranger-guided tour to explore the entire park with proper knowledge of its historical importance. Do not miss the lighting show in the evening if you want to enjoy the place to the fullest.

  • Main Attractions: Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Custer State Park and Crazy Horse Memorial.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 15,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

2. Hawaii

For every beach lover out there, Hawaii is among the best places to visit in USA for couples. The Hawaiian Island takes you out of the busy city noises and drops you into the calm and serene beaches to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest. However, Hawaii is not just for couples; it has something for everyone. As an outdoor paradise, you can visit Hawaii not just to enjoy its beaches but also its naturally evolved volcanoes and parks, completing your overall trip to America.

  • Best Time to Visit: March to September.

  • Activities: Relax on Waikiki Beach, explore volcanoes in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and indulge yourself in snorkelling and other water sports in Hanauma Bay.

  • Main Attractions: USS Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbour, Diamond Head, Road to Hana, Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, and Volcanoes National Park.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 35,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

3. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California, offers you some of the best experiences of American culture. Considered among the popular places to visit in USA, Los Angeles is considered the land of Hollywood, cultural icons, glamorous and living your life to the fullest. You can easily spot some of the famous faces from the Hollywood industry if you are just casually strolling around the city. The beach towns of Los Angeles are a haven for surfers, so make sure to at least try surfing once if you haven't.

  • Best Time to Visit: March to May and September to November.

  • Activities: Go to Santa Monica Beach to relax yourself and surf your heart out. Make sure to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Griffith Observatory and experience a rodeo drive for an unforgettable American experience.

  • Main Attractions: Beverly Hills, Grand Central Market, Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), The Hollywood Sign, and the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

  • Expected Costs: Approximately Rs. 33,000 per person (including accommodation and food).

Key Takeaways

Visiting the United States of America for a vacation or work purpose is a dream for all. Starting from historical monuments to scintillating beaches, gorgeous landscapes, exquisite cuisines, and the hustle and bustle of cities, planning your USA tour as per your preference will help you get the most from this country.

However, you can, at times, face serious issues during your international trip, which may ruin your entire vacation. To avoid any unwanted issues or losses during your trip to the USA, make sure to get travel insurance. Having travel insurance for USA tour will keep you secured from situations like loss or theft of funds, baggage loss, flight rescheduling or cancellation, hotel booking-related issues or medical emergencies. 

Hence, before you plan your foreign vacation to America, make sure to read all the best places to visit in USA we have described above and get travel insurance for your safety. So pack your bags and go on your dream foreign vacation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Some Questions Asked About Places to Visit in USA


1. What is the best time to visit the United States of America?

May to September, or spring to fall, is considered the best time to visit the USA for your international vacation.

2. What is the cost of visiting Disneyland in California?

The cost of entrance to Disneyland in California varies, but prepare to pay between $100 and $150 every day. Additional expenses for meals, souvenirs, and lodging should be anticipated.

3. What are some of the best hiking trails in the western part of the USA?

Yellowstone National Park has some of the most popular hiking trails in the western United States. It includes the Yellowstone Grand Canyon, Mount Washburn, and the Fairy Falls path. The complexity of the trails varies, so select one that is appropriate for your level of experience.

4. How can I save money on a budget in New York City?

Consider utilising public transit, dining at local eateries, and visiting free sites such as Central Park and the High Line to save money in New York City.

5. Can I hire a car in the United States using my foreign driver's licence?

Yes, you may hire a car in the United States with your international driver's licence. It is nevertheless recommended that you get an International Driving Permit (IDP) to present extra paperwork in English.

6. Which is the best place to visit in the USA for vacation?

The Grand Canyon is a popular tourist attraction and is considered one of the best places in the USA to go for a vacation. The National Park gives you the option to go hiking, canoeing, river rafting and exploring the nearest rock formations.

7. How many days are required to explore the USA?

When you are planning your trip to the USA, prepare your itinerary for 21 days. During this period of 21 days, you can explore the USA from its east coast to the west coast.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to change. Please consult an expert before making any related decisions.


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