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US Visa Photo Size

TeamAckoApr 17, 2024

Getting the right photo for your US visa application is crucial. It's not just a formality; it's a necessary aspect of the procedure. The photo must meet the strict specifications imposed by the US government. If it doesn't, your application may be delayed or even denied. That is why understanding and following the US visa photo size and standards is critical. 

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If you want to learn more about the US visa photo requirements and move one step closer to getting your visa, read our guide to the end.



US Visa Photo Size

When applying for a US visa, one of the key requirements is to meet the specific guidelines set out by the US Department of State to avoid any delays or complications with your visa application process. 

Here's what you need to know about the photo size for US visa:

  • Your photographs must be coloured and passport-size. They should measure 35 mm in width by 45 mm in height without any borders. 

  • These photos should be recent, taken within the last 6 months, to match your present look.

  • The face must occupy 50% to 69% of the image's total height. This requirement helps identify you by making your face visible.

It’s important that you adhere to this US visa passport photo size requirement to eliminate any discrepancies that might occur while submitting your application.

US Visa Photo Background and Quality 

The background of the photo is just as important as the applicant. Taking the right photograph with a background that matches the US State Department guidelines may be complex, so carefully select the background to ensure compliance with the US visa photo background requirements.

  • The photographs must be taken against a plain white or off-white background. 

  • There should not be any patterns in the background.

  • There should be no objects in the background.

  • There should be no one in the background with the subject.

  • Parents can put their babies in the chair if the applicant is an infant.

  • There should not be any shadow. 

  • There should not be any haziness in the background.

US Visa Photo Attire Requirements

Even though your face is the most important part of the picture, what you wear for your US visa photo is also very important. 

Here are the key points regarding US visa photo attire requirements:

  • Don’t wear hats or head coverings unless they are worn for religious reasons.

  • If you wear headgear for religious purposes, it should not cover your face or cast shadows on it. 

  • Glasses are not allowed in visa photos except for medical reasons.

  • If you usually wear a hearing aid or something similar, you might wear it in your picture.

  • Do not wear a uniform in your photo. Wear clothing that you wear daily.

  • Uniforms such as hijabs, turbans, or other religious attire are acceptable as long as your face is fully visible.

  • Avoid bright colours and patterns. Wear neutral colours and simple patterns.

Facial Expression Requirement for the Photo of US Visa

For the US visa photo requirements, the facial expression should be neutral, with both eyes open and directed at the camera. The applicant's full face must be visible, and the expression should not be smiling or frowning. Your mouth should be closed. A natural, relaxed face is best.

US Visa Photo Requirements for Children 

The US visa photo requirements for children are the same as the US visa photo requirements for adults. However, for your better understanding, here are the key points you should remember:

  • Children should maintain a neutral expression on their faces.

  • Their mouths should be closed and their eyes should be open.

  • They should not be smiling or sad in the picture.  

  • They should sit at the centre of the photo.

  • Parents shouldn’t hold their children. If necessary, keep them in a chair with support.

  • There should be no object or toy visible.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the US visa photo requirements for Indians and that any confusion has been cleared up. The guidelines mentioned are very important and can make or break the decision. 

To avoid any further inconsistencies, it would be best if you got your pictures done by a professional visa photo service rather than doing it by yourself. They are well acquainted with how photographs must be clicked for visa purposes. Remember not to edit the pictures, as they will be rejected right away on policy grounds. If required, click the picture again.

And lastly, ensure that you follow these guidelines precisely to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered some of the commonly asked questions about the US visa photo size. Please go through it carefully to understand the overall situation.


What background colour is acceptable for US visa photos?

The background colour for US visa photos must be white or off-white.

Can I smile in US visa photo?

Yes, you can smile slightly. Just make sure it’s not too distracting and that your eyes and mouth are open.

What is the standard photo size for a US visa?

The standard photo size for a US visa is 35 mm in width by 45 mm in height without any borders.

Can I wear lipstick in US visa photo?

Yes, you can wear a little lipstick or makeup but make sure it’s not too bright.

What if US visa photo is rejected?

If your US visa photo is rejected or denied, you can re-upload it by logging in with the same ID. If the picture doesn’t meet the requirements, you can retake it with the help of a professional photographer.

Do we need photos for B1 B2 visas?

Yes, you are required to submit a photograph during the visa application process for a B1 or B2 visa.

What should I wear to a US visa interview?

For your US visa interview round, you can wear formal or casual clothing, whichever comforts you. If you want to look a bit professional, a pantsuit with a tie will also work best.

Can I use Photoshop and filters in the US visa photo? 

No, you cannot use Photoshop or filters in your USA visa photo.

Can I take a picture for my US visa while wearing ethnic Indian clothes?

Yes, you can take a picture for your US visa by wearing traditional clothes, too.

Can I wear glasses while taking my US visa photograph?

No, if you are not wearing it for medical reasons. Sunglasses are a big no.


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