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TVS Victor Bike Insurance

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TVS Victor Bike Insurance

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TVS Victor is a low-cost 110cc commuter motorcycle that is most useful for daily commutes. The bike is loaded with features that give tough competition to other bikes in the segment. The TVS Victor Bike Insurance Policy should be a well-balanced one that suits the qualities of this bike. The following article will help you with detailed information on bike insurance.

Benefits of Buying Online Bike Insurance For TVS Victor
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Take a look at the following benefits of buying your TVS Victor insurance policy online.

Quick Comparison
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In today’s market, you will find many bike insurance plans. Comparing these plans and finding the best bike insurance policy can be tedious while buying the policy from an insurance agent. Online comparison is way easier and faster. Simply select the required features and compare plans to get the best coverage.

Instant Policy
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Online bike insurance policies are instant. You don't have to wait for a long time to receive your policy document. Go through the terms and conditions of the selected plan and make payment. Your policy will be sent to your email address within a few minutes.

Easy Process
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The entire process of buying insurance is easy, quick, and transparent unlike buying bike insurance from an agent where you sign documents, apply for bike insurance and wait for the document to arrive by post. Here you buy coverage as per the agent’s choice.

Types of Bike Insurance Plans for TVS Victor
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Following are the main types of the bike insurance plan for your TVS Victor

Third-party Liability Insurance
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Buying Third party bike insurance is mandatory. You will have to pay a fine if you fail to buy at least this basic bike insurance plan. Apart from being a compliance requirement, this plan protects you financially against unfortunate events like third-party property damage, death, or injuries. It will also cover you against legal liabilities arising out of an accident.

Comprehensive Insurance
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Apart from taking care of the mandatory part of the bike insurance policy, a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy will also cover you for Own Damage, i.e. cost of repairing the damage caused to your bike due to various events including fire, accidents, and calamities. This plan also offers theft and total loss coverage.

What’s Covered in TVS Victor Two-wheeler Insurance Policy? (Inclusions)
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The following situations are covered in a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy of TVS Victor at ACKO.

What’s Not Covered in TVS Victor Two-wheeler Insurance Policy? (Exclusions)
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The following situations are not covered in a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy of TVS Victor at ACKO.

Add-ons for TVS Victor Bike Insurance Policy
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Add-ons help you get additional benefits and value-added services with a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan. Here are a few provided by ACKO.

Why ACKO for Buying TVS Victor Insurance?
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Take a look at the following benefits of buying your TVS Victor insurance policy from ACKO.

No Pre-inspection
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ACKO does not inspect your bike when you buy or renew your bike insurance policy. This helps us generate your insurance policy faster and provide coverage instantly. Simply log in to ACKO’s website or mobile app and buy the policy.

Instant Claims
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We understand that a bike may suffer minor damages on a regular basis. Such claims can be settled instantly. Instead of going through the entire claim process, you can simply raise a claim and leave the rest to us. You may even receive the claim amount within a few hours of damage.

Low Premium
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ACKO insurance is one of the lowest priced in the market. We follow a no-commission model that allows us to create discounted bike insurance plans. The additional digital infrastructure reduces our operational costs. These factors result in low-cost policies.

ACKO’s Super Easy Claim Process
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Making a claim at ACKO against your TVS Victor Bike Insurance Policy is very easy and quick. Here are the steps for your reference.

Step 1: Log in to through the website or download the mobile application

Step 2: Click on your TVS Victor Bike Insurance Policy and select "Claim Now"

Step 3: Share necessary details and submit the claim.

The team will get in touch with you to know more about the claim. It may be settled instantly if the damages are minor.

Frequently Asked Questions
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We have come up with answers to some frequently asked questions. You can contact us at [email protected] In case you have any specific queries.

Commonly Asked Questions About TVS Victor Bike Insurance


How to buy TVS Victor Bike Insurance Policy online?

You need an internet-enabled device like a smartphone or a computer to buy a bike insurance policy. Visit and click on Bike Insurance. Enter your bike details and choose any of the suggested plans. Read through the terms and conditions, and make payment to receive the policy instantly.

Why should I buy a Comprehensive Policy over the basic plan?

A Comprehensive Policy will provide all-around coverage for your TVS Victor bike. You will be covered against both - Third-Party Liabilities as well as damage to the bike. Thus, buying a Comprehensive Policy is more beneficial.

What is NCB, and why is it important?

NCB stands for No Claim Bonus. This is a discount for not raising claims during the previous year’s policy period. It increases with each consecutive claim-free year and caps at 50% of the own damage premium.

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