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TVS Scooty Pep Bike Insurance

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 TVS Scooty Pep Bike Insurance

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The Scooty Pep and Pep Plus models offer a mix of fresh looks and good performance. Its insurance policy should offer good coverage as well. The Scooty Pep Bike Insurance policy will provide financial support in many unfortunate situations depending upon the plan you choose. This article will help you with details related to Scooty Pep Plus Bike insurance.

Benefits of Buying Online Bike Insurance For TVS Scooty Pep
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Take a look at the following benefits of buying your TVS Scooty Pep insurance policy online.

Compare Plans Online
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You can compare different bike insurance plans while buying the policy online. This helps you find the most suitable plan for the lowest price available. This process can be very tedious in offline or traditional insurance. Comparing each plan manually is not feasible. You get this opportunity in online bike insurance.

Buy Anytime
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Online Bike insurance is available for purchase 24x7. You don't have to worry about national holidays that keep you from visiting the bike insurance company and buying a plan offline. Online insurance is always at your disposal. Simply visit the insurer's website and purchase bike insurance. Nowadays, insurance can be bought through the insurer's mobile app as well.

Get Instant Policy
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Unlike traditional insurance, online bike insurance is instant. You can get access to your insurance policy as soon as you make payment. Remember to not make haste while buying bike insurance as insufficient coverage can pose a problem in case of bike damage.

Types of Bike Insurance Plans for TVS Scooty Pep
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Following are the main types of bike insurance plan for your TVS Scooty Pep.

Third-party Liability Policy
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The Indian law mandates every bike owner to buy at least the basic bike insurance plan available in the market. This basic plan is called the Third-party liability plan. It provides financial protection against third-party liabilities like property damage, death, or injuries. Your legal liabilities arising out of an accident with a third party are also covered here. However, any kind of damage to your bike is not covered by this plan.

Comprehensive Insurance
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As the name suggests, A Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy provides comprehensive coverage. It includes Third-party Bike Insurance as well as Own Damage (i.e. damage to your bike). The nature of damage can be anything from accidents, calamities, fire, or theft. Most types of unfortunate incidents that lead to bike damage are covered.

What’s Covered in TVS Scooty Pep Two-wheeler Insurance Policy? (Inclusions)
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The following situations are covered in a comprehensive bike insurance policy of TVS Scooty Pep at ACKO.

What’s Not Covered in TVS Scooty Pep Two-wheeler Insurance Policy? (Exclusions)
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The following situations are not covered in a comprehensive bike insurance policy of TVS Scooty Pep at ACKO.

Add-ons for TVS Scooty Pep Bike Insurance Policy
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Add-ons help you get additional benefits and value-added services with a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan. Here are a few provided by ACKO.

Why ACKO for Buying TVS Scooty Pep Insurance?
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Take a look at the following benefits of buying your TVS Scooty Pep insurance policy from ACKO.

1. No Pre-inspection
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ACKO does not inspect your bike when you buy or renew bike insurance from us. This helps in reducing the time required to issue a policy. You can use your bike on public roads without worrying about being fined for not having a valid bike insurance policy.

2. Instant Claims
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Minor damages can instantly be repaired thanks to instant claims. All you have to do is raise a claim from the ACKO's website or mobile application and share details about the claim. We will assess the damage and make an instant settlement based on the term of your policy. You can use the claim amount to carry out repairs instantly.

3. No Paperwork
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Buying or renewing bike insurance from ACKO is completely paperless. No documents are required to purchase bike insurance. You just need simple details like the bike's registration number, manufacturing year, previous policy details (if applicable), and claim history. You don't have to fill confusing forms or submit documents when purchasing from ACKO.

ACKO’s Super Easy Claim Process
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Raising a claim at ACKO is extremely easy. You just need a mobile or computer and a good internet connection. Here are the steps to raise a claim at ACKO. 

We will get in touch with you to know more about the claim. We may be able to settle the claim instantly if it is for minor damages.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Following are some of the common questions about TVS Scooty Pep Bike Insurance. Please send an email at [email protected] if you have more queries.

Commonly Asked Questions About TVS Scooty Pep Bike Insurance


Which factors are considered while calculating TVS Scooty Pep Bike Insurance premium?

Factors like the age of the bike, model, type of bike insurance policy, number of add-ons, and current market value of the bike, are considered while calculating the bike insurance premium.

What is a total loss and how will it affect my TVS Scooty Pep Bike Insurance policy?

Total loss is when the bike is damaged beyond repair. The repair cost of such damage is way higher than its current market value. If your bike is totalled, then the insurer will settle the claim amount approximately equal to the Insured Declared Value (IDV). The coverage will then end.

How helpful will the Roadside Assistance add-on be for my TVS Scooty Pep?

You get many value-added services under the Roadside Assistance add-on. These services come in handy if you suffer a breakdown. Services like tyre repair, fuel refill, on-spot repairs, on-call assistance, etc. can be availed under this add-on.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for TVS Bike Models/Variants
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