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TVS Wego Bike Insurance

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TVS Wego Bike Insurance

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The TVS Wego two-wheeler has been around for more than a decade. It is a unisex model that can be used by license-carrying people of any age. The Wego gets frequent updates in terms of looks and performance as well. Buying an adequate TVS Wego bike insurance policy that includes all the major components is fruitful for such a sturdy bike.

Benefits of Buying Online Two-wheeler Insurance For TVS Wego
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The traditional method of buying bike insurance takes a lot of time and effort on the bike owner’s part. However, an online policy is quick, valid, and full of features. Take a look at more reasons for buying bike insurance online.

Instant Policies
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The traditional method of buying bike insurance requires a lot of paperwork and time. However, an online policy can be purchased within minutes. Additionally, you can choose insurance coverage easily and compare bike insurance online to get the best policy.

Faster Process
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Getting your bike insured from a traditional insurance company can be time-consuming mainly due to extensive paperwork. This process is eliminated with online insurance as you are required to submit soft copies. Thus, you save a lot of time.

Online Process
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The online process of buying insurance can be done online in the comfort of your home. You don't have to call any agents to your house or personally visit the insurance company. Plus, insurance can be bought at any time irrespective of the opening hours of the insurance company.

Types of Bike Insurance Plans for TVS Wego
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Buying insurance cannot be skipped as this is the law in India. One can however choose how much coverage to buy depending upon requirements and budget. The following are the two-wheeler insurance plans available for TVS Wego.

Third-party Liability Plan
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A Third-Party Liability Policy is necessary to comply with the law, as this is the basic policy you are expected to purchase for your bike. It will only cover you against third-party damages like death, injuries, property damage, etc., and will not cover you for the damages that your TVS Wego will suffer.

Comprehensive Plan
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This is a dual benefit plan and it not only covers third-party expenses but also damages to your bike. Damages arising from accidents, fire, total loss, theft, natural or man-made calamities, etc. are covered under this plan. You can also increase the coverage of this plan with add-ons.

What’s Covered in TVS Wego’s Two-wheeler Insurance Policy? (Inclusions)
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You can understand the coverages of your bike insurance policy by reading the policy document. The following are general inclusions of a two-wheeler insurance policy.

  1. Third-party liabilities

  2. Theft of the insured bike 

  3. Accidental damages

  4. Fire or explosions

  5. Total loss i.e. a bike damaged beyond repair

  6. Damage from a natural or man-made calamity

  7. Coverage as per add-ons 

What’s Not Covered in TVS Wego’s Two-wheeler Insurance Policy? (Exclusions)
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Some situations are not covered under insurance. Such situations are called exclusions of a bike insurance policy. Here are the general exclusions of bike insurance.

  1. Riding the bike in an intoxicated state

  2. Using the bike for an illegal activity

  3. Intentional damage

  4. Damage due to not abiding by the traffic rules

  5. Damage when the insurance policy was not active

  6. Damage outside the geographical limits of the country

Add-ons for TVS Wego Two-wheeler Insurance
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Add-ons offer specific coverages and are options to buy with a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy. It is advised that one must choose add-ons judicially since they increase the cost of your bike insurance policy.

  1. Zero Depreciation

  2. Personal Belongings - Damage/Theft

  3. Roadside Assistance Cover

  4. Key Protect

  5. Outstation Emergency Cover

  6. Bike Engine Protect

  7. Consumables Cover

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ACKO is one of the fastest-growing bike insurance companies of today’s time. Here the customer is a priority at all times. ACKO aims to eventually eliminate obstacles that customers repeatedly face regarding bike insurance. Here are more reasons to insure your bike at ACKO.

Instant Claim Settlement
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We understand that bikes are more prone to damage than other vehicles. Thus, we offer the benefit of instant settlement for minor damages. Simply raise a claim, we will understand the situation and settle the amount in a few hours.

No Pre-inspection
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ACKO does not inspect your bike when you buy a new bike insurance policy or when you renew the existing plan. This results in faster processes and you can get the bike insured within a few minutes.

Buy/Renew Online
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A bike insurance policy can be bought from a personal device like a phone or a laptop. You don’t have to see an insurance agent or visit the insurance company for this purpose. Buy bike insurance anytime or anywhere.

Claim Process
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ACKO follows a simple claim process where you just have to be equipped with the details of the incident. The following steps will help you raise a bike insurance claim at ACKO.

Step 1: Log in to ACKO profile with your registered mobile number

Step 2: Find your bike insurance policy and click “Claim Now”.

Step 3: Upload the documents and any details related to your claim

You will be guided through the next steps about the claim after you submit it through your ACKO profile.

Frequently Asked Questions
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You might have the following questions related to your TVS Wego bike.


I use my bike to only travel to nearby places, do I still need a Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy?

Yes, it will be a good choice to buy a Comprehensive Policy as your bike can get damaged during short rides as well. Plus, there is a possibility of damage from natural or man-made calamities, theft, or fire, etc. The basic Third-party Bike Insurance Policy can prove to be insufficient in such situations.

I was about to renew my bike insurance but the bike is damaged. Can I make a claim?

No, making a claim against an inactive policy is one of the basic exclusions of a bike insurance policy. Please consider speaking to our customer care executive if you are in doubt.

Which documents do I need to raise a claim at ACKO?

You don’t need any physical documents to raise a claim at ACKO. You will require the soft copies and details of the claim though.

Why is it advised to buy only some add-ons as opposed to all?

Add-ons increase the cost of your insurance policy, this is why we recommend you to buy only those add-ons that add value to the policy and are suitable to your needs.

What would happen if I don’t renew my policy?

Firstly, you will have to bear all the expenses related to your damaged bike and also the third-party liabilities that may arise out of an accident. Secondly, you will have to pay fines and penalties for not following the law since buying bike insurance is mandatory under The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for TVS Bike Models/Variants
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