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TVS Sport Bike Insurance

TVS Sport Bike Insurance

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Whether you own a commuter bike or a high-end sports bike, two-wheeler insurance is a must. A bike insurance policy not only ensures that you comply with the rules but also protects you against financial losses if your motorcycle is damaged. Do you own a TVS Sport bike or plan to buy one? Then read on as this article will provide you with all the information you need to know about TVS Sport bike insurance.

Benefits of Buying Online Bike Insurance for TVS Sport Bike:

Below are the advantages of buying online two-wheeler insurance for your TVS Sport bike:

1. Digital Process

When you buy two-wheeler insurance online, there is no need to fill forms or complete tedious documentation. Everything happens online, and the entire purchase process is digital. You can visit the ACKO website/app and enter three details: bike make/model, purchase year and previous policy details to purchase bike insurance online without any paperwork.

2. Convenient Process

You need not visit any agent/middleman or insurer’s office if you opt for online two-wheeler insurance. All you have to do is log on to ACKO’s website or app from anywhere in the country to purchase online 2-wheeler insurance for your TVS Sport bike.

3. Transparent Process

When you buy online insurance for your TVS Sport bike, there are no hidden charges. The purchase/renewal process is transparent, and there is no intervention from any agent/middleman. You only pay for the insurance plan and services when you buy bike insurance online.

Bike Insurance Plans for TVS Sport Bike:

There are mainly two types of two-wheeler insurance plans for TVS Sport: Third-Party Bike Insurance Plan and Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan. Below are the coverage details of both the 2-wheeler insurance plans:

Third-Party Bike Insurance Plan:

It is mandatory to purchase at least a Third-Party Bike Insurance Policy to meet the legal requirements. The insurance plan covers damages to third-party property or life. It is a basic two-wheeler insurance plan for your bike, and it does not cover damages to your TVS Sport. A Third-Party Insurance Plan provides only Third-Party Liability (TPL) cover.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan:

As the name suggests, a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan provides all-round coverage. The insurance plan offers Third-Party and Own Damage cover. That means the policy covers damages to your bike caused due to an accident, fire, or man-made/natural disasters. The Comprehensive/Package policy also covers losses such as theft or total loss of the insured bike. Moreover, you can also opt for add-ons to enhance the coverage of the insurance plan.

What’s Covered in TVS Sport Insurance? (Inclusions):

TVS Sport Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance provides coverage against the following:

  • Loss or damage to the motorcycle due to a fire outbreak or explosion.

  • Total loss or theft of the insured motorcycle.

  • Loss or damage to third-party property/life.

  • Damages to the motorcycle caused due to natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc.

  • Damages to the motorcycle caused due to man-made disasters such as vandalism, riots, etc.

  • Loss or damage to the motorcycle due to an accident.

Exclusions of TVS Sport Bike Insurance:

TVS Sport bike insurance does not provide coverage against the following circumstances:

  • Damages to the motorcycle due to wear and tear.

  • Loss or damage to the motorcycle when riding under the influence of intoxicating substances.

  • Damages to the motorcycle due to mechanical or electrical failure.

  • Loss or damage to the motorcycle while riding without a valid driving licence.

  • Any add-on cover which is not purchased.

  • Personal Accident cover.

  • Loss or damage to the motorcycle due to improper handling or rash riding.

Add-ons for TVS Sport Two-wheeler Insurance:

Add-on is nothing but an individual cover that enhances the coverage benefits of a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy. You can opt for add-ons when purchasing/renewing the bike insurance plan. Below are the available add-ons for TVS Sport bike insurance:

  • Engine Protection Cover

  • Roadside Assistance Cover

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

  • Consumables Cover

  • Outstation Emergency Cover

  • Key Protect Cover

  • Personal Belongings - Damage/Theft

Good-To-Have Add-ons for TVS Sport Bike:

You can consider buying the below add-ons for all-round coverage for your TVS Sport bike:

  • Engine Protection Cover: The engine is one of the most expensive components of the bike. Your bike can suffer engine damages due to an accident or natural disasters such as flooding, etc. Bike insurance does not cover such losses. But, the Engine Protection add-on protects you against financial losses incurred due to damage to your motorcycle’s engine.

  • Consumables Cover: The bike insurance plan does not cover the costs of consumable items such as lubricants, gearbox oil, nuts and bolts, screws, etc. Each time your bike is repaired, you will be charged for consumables. However, the Consumables Cover add-on covers the expenses incurred due to the use of consumable items.

  • Roadside Assistance Cover: Imagine your bike breaks down in the middle of the road, and you are stranded without any assistance. The Roadside Assistance or RSA add-on cover can come to your rescue in such situations. The RSA add-on provides 24x7 assistance within 100 km from your place of residence. The Roadside Assistance cover provides towing services and vehicle repair services.

Why choose ACKO Two-wheeler Insurance Policy for your TVS Sport Bike?

Below are the reasons why you should opt for ACKO Bike Insurance Policy for your TVS Sport bike:

1. Get Your Bike Insured Instantly

Buying bike insurance from ACKO is quick and simple. Log on to the website/app, enter your vehicle and personal details, select your insurance plan and pay online. That’s it. The two-wheeler insurance policy will be instantly sent to your email address. There is no waiting or filling of forms. Get your policy instantly.

2. Quick Claim Settlements

ACKO offers instant on-account claim settlement for minor damages. If the damages are severe and if any parts need to be replaced, you can get it done via any of ACKO’s network garages.

3. No Pre-Inspection

There is no pre-inspection when buying ACKO two-wheeler insurance for your TVS Sport. Even if your previous insurance plan is expired, there is no need for vehicle inspection. You can buy the insurance plan instantly without the hassle of getting your vehicle inspected.

4. Low-Cost Bike Insurance Plans

The tech-enabled, paperless digital insurance saves operation costs, and ACKO passes on this saving to the customers in the form of low-premium bike insurance plans. You can get the insurance cost quote and compare different plans before making your purchase.

Claim Procedure:

Filing a two-wheeler insurance claim at ACKO is easy, and it takes only a few minutes. There is no documentation, and you do not need to fill lengthy forms. Follow the steps below to raise a bike insurance claim at ACKO:

  • Step 1 - Log on to the website ACKO.com or download the ACKO smartphone app.

  • Step 2 - Log in to your account via an OPT sent to your registered mobile number.

  • Step 3 - Click the ‘Claim’ option on your policy card.

  • Step 4 - Enter the details of the damage.

  • Step 5 - Upload the pictures of the damaged two-wheeler.

  • Step 6 - For minor damages, you will receive an instant on-account claim settlement.

  • Step 7 - In the case of severe damages, ACKO’s two-wheeler insurance expert will get in touch with you to process the claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about TVS Sport bike insurance:

Commonly Asked Questions About TVS Sport Bike Insurance

Do I need to submit any documents while buying TVS Sport bike insurance from ACKO?

No. You need not upload any documents while buying two-wheeler insurance online from ACKO. Visit the ACKO website/app, fill in the vehicle and personal details, choose your insurance plan and make the payment online. That’s it. Your two-wheeler insurance policy will be instantly sent to your email address. There is no paperwork or filling of forms.

Can I renew TVS Sport bike insurance online, and how much time does it take?

Yes. You can renew bike insurance online, and the process is similar to buying a new insurance plan. Log in to your ACKO account via the website or the app. Select the policy renewal option and choose your insurance plan and add-ons. Make the payment online, and your two-wheeler insurance policy is renewed. It only takes a few minutes to renew your ACKO bike insurance policy.

Is Personal Accident cover included in TVS Sport two-wheeler insurance?

No. Personal Accident (PA) cover is not included in a bike insurance plan. You have to purchase the Personal Accident cover separately when buying/renewing the two-wheeler insurance plan. Along with a third-party insurance cover, the PAC cover is also mandatory to comply with The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. You need to buy only one PA cover even if you own multiple vehicles.

Can I buy add-ons for my Third-Party bike insurance plan?

No. You cannot opt for add-ons for a Third-Party Two-wheeler Insurance Policy. Since the Third-Party Policy does not come with an Own Damage cover, you cannot buy add-ons. Add-ons enhance the coverage benefits under the Own Damage cover. Only a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan allows you to buy add-ons.

My TVS Sport bike is damaged due to flooding. Does a bike insurance plan cover such losses?

Yes. If you have purchased a Comprehensive 2-wheeler Insurance Plan, such losses are covered. A Comprehensive Policy covers damages to your bike caused due to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, etc. If your bike is damaged due to flooding, you can raise a claim against the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan. But if you have opted for a Third-Party Insurance Plan, then damages to your bike are not covered.

What is NCB in TVS Sport bike insurance, and what is the benefit of NCB?

NCB or No Claim Bonus is the discount awarded by the insurer for making no claims during the previous policy period. You can avail of an NCB discount when renewing the insurance policy. NCB reduces the insurance premium, and the percentage of discount depends on how many claim-free years you had. The NCB discount goes up to 50% if you have made no claims for five consecutive years.

Which add-ons should I buy for my TVS Sport bike?

Add-ons enhance the coverage benefits of the Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy. You can consider buying Engine Protection Cover, Roadside Assistance Cover, Consumables Cover and Zero Depreciation Cover add-ons for your TVS Sport bike. For the full list of available add-ons, click here.

Can I buy long-term bike insurance plans at ACKO?

Yes. You can buy 2 or 3-year long-term bike insurance plans from ACKO. By opting for a long-term two-wheeler insurance plan, you save on the premium, and there is no hassle of yearly renewals. You can opt for a long-term plan while buying/renewing the Third-Party/Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy.

Is there an option to change the IDV as per my requirement while buying ACKO bike insurance?

Yes. You can adjust the IDV (Insured Declared Value) as per your needs while buying Comprehensive 2-wheeler insurance from ACKO. While selecting the insurance plan, you can find an IDV slider, which suggests the optimum IDV for your bike. You can move the slider and adjust the IDV as per your requirement. Note that you don't have the option of adjusting IDV if you are buying a Third-Party Bike Insurance Plan.

What happens if my TVS Sport bike insurance expires?

An expired bike insurance policy will not provide any coverage benefits. The insurer will not be liable for any damages caused to your bike or third-party property/life if the insurance plan lapses. 

Also, it is an offence to ride your bike with an expired two-wheeler insurance policy. You may also lose out on benefits such as NCB discount if you fail to renew the policy within 90 days from the date of expiry. You might end up paying an increased premium while renewing an expired policy due to additional charges. So, always renew the insurance plan before it expires.

About Two wheeler Insurance for TVS Sport:

Two-wheeler insurance is as important as fuel for your TVS Sport bike. Yes, bike insurance is crucial in India as Third-Party 2-wheeler insurance is mandatory to comply with the legal requirements. It’s not only about adhering to the rules and regulations. A two-wheeler insurance plan also protects you from financial losses incurred due to damage to your TVS Sport bike.

Purchasing a Third-Party 2-wheeler Insurance Plan is compulsory as per law. The insurance plan covers loss/damage to third-party property or life. If your bike damages another’s person’s vehicle/property or injures a third-party, the insurer will take the liability for such losses. But the Third-Party Policy is a basic insurance plan for your TVS Sport bike as it does not provide an Own Damage cover.

Comprehensive 2-wheeler Insurance Plan offers all-round coverage as it comes with Third-Party and Own Damage cover. The insurance policy covers damage to your bike caused due to fire, accident, or man-made/natural disaster. The Comprehensive Policy also covers theft or total loss of the insured bike. The plan is also flexible as it allows you to expand the coverage benefits via add-ons.

Along with the Third-Party cover, a Personal Accident (PA) cover is also mandatory as per law. The PA cover provides coverage against accidental death/disability to the rider/owner. You can buy the PA cover separately when purchasing/renewing the bike insurance plan.

Why should you buy TVS Sport ?

TVS Sport is a commuter motorcycle in the 110cc segment. TVS Sport is an ideal bike for daily commutes as it delivers good performance and fuel efficiency. Despite being a commuter segment bike, the TVS Sport features a premium design and comes loaded with a host of premium features. The bike is light and nimble, and it is a perfect bike for urban conditions.

On the design front, the TVS Sport features a sporty headlamp, a premium 3D logo on the fuel tank and sporty body graphics. Coming to the features, the motorcycle gets segment-first LED daytime running lights, extra-long seat, aluminium pillion grab rail and electric start. The 110cc engine also gets Eco Thrust Fuel Injection Technology (ETFi) for smooth power delivery and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Highlights of TVS Sport Bike:

  • Premium styling with a sporty headlight and body graphics.

  • First-in-segment stylish LED daytime running lights.

  • Premium 3D logo on the fuel tank.

  • Stylish clear lens turn indicators.

  • Chrome cover on the exhaust muffler.

  • Alloy wheels and aluminium pollution grab rail.

  • Electric start and Eco Thrust Fuel Injection Technology (ETFi).

  • Econometer indicator on the instrument console.

  • Extra-long seat for a comfortable ride.

  • Telescopic shock absorber at the front and 5-step adjustable hydraulic shock absorber at the rear.Long-life 110cc duralife engine.

TVS Sport Specifications, Variants and Ex-Showroom Price:

Refer to the following tables for TVS Sport bike price, variants and specifications:

TVS Sport Specifications:

Details Specifications
Engine 109.7cc
Fueling ETFi (Eco Thrust Fuel Injection Technology)
Power 8.1 Bhp
Torque 8.7 Nm
Transmission 4-Speed gearbox
Braking Drum brakes (Front/Rear)
Fuel Tank 10 Litre
Kerb Weight 110kg
Seat Height 790mm
Fuel Efficiency 75kmpl
Colour Options Black Blue. Black Red, Mercury Grey, Volcano Red, White Purple, White Red, Balck Green

TVS Sport Variants and Ex-Showroom Price:

Model Variant Price
TVS Sport Kick Start and Alloy Wheel Rs. 56,100
TVS Sport Self Start and Alloy Wheel Rs. 62,950

CIN: U66000KA2016PLC138288

IRDAI Registration No: 157

Category: Non-Life Insurance

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