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Australia Visa Photo Size

TeamAckoApr 17, 2024

Getting a visa is one of the key steps in planning your trip to Australia. One important aspect of the application is submitting the correct photo. The Australian visa photo size must meet specific requirements to be accepted. Let's go through what you need to know to make sure your application process is smooth and successful. 

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Australia Visa Photo Size

When applying for an Australian visa, it's essential to ensure that your photo meets the specific size and requirements set by the Australian Government. 

Here are the most important rules regarding the photo size for Australia visa:

  • The dimensions of the photo have to be 35 x 40 mm wide and 40 x 50 mm high.

  • It should be a coloured photo. Black and white pictures are not accepted.

  • 90% of the photo should be of the face.

  • The size and placement of the head are 32 to 36 mm, not bent over or slouched, and in the middle.

  • The eyes and other parts of the face must be shown clearly.

  • The subject should be looking directly into the camera.

  • The subject should be at the centre of the picture.

Australia Visa Photo Background and Quality 

The background and quality of the visa photo are not just mere formalities but critical components that can affect the outcome of your visa application. Here are some rules you need to follow for your Australia visa photo background:

  • The background of the visa photo must be plain.

  • The colour of the background should be either white or light grey.

  • Ensure there are no patterns in the background.

  • Avoid any shadows in the background.

  • The subject should be alone in the background.

  • There should be no object or person in the background.

In terms of Australia visa photo quality, here are the guidelines you must adhere to: 

  • The photograph needs to be high-resolution.

  • The face must appear clear and in focus. 

  • The photo should accurately represent the applicant's natural skin tone. 

  • It should not be manipulated or retouched. 

  • The lighting should be even, without any harsh shadows or overexposure.

  • It's also important that the photo be recent, typically taken within the last three months. 

Australia Visa Photo Attire Requirements

If you're planning to get a visa for Australia, it's important to know the dress code for your Australia visa photo attire requirements. You'll need to follow a few specific rules to make sure your photo is accepted. 

To start with, avoid wearing white or bright colours that might blend in with the background. Instead, choose solid and darker colours that will stand out. It's also important to dress formally or semi-formally like you would for a job interview. Don't wear hats or glasses unless you have a medical or religious reason, and even then, your face must be fully visible. 

Australia Visa Photo Requirements for Children

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when taking pictures of your child:

  • A picture with an open mouth is fine for kids under the age of three.

  • Make sure no one else is visible and no toys, too.

  • Be sure the kid is staring directly into the camera's lens. 

  • Picture the kid in the middle of the frame.

  • The child's posture should be upright, without any leaning.

  • The child should not be smiling or crying; it should be neutral-looking.

  • You can hold the child unless you are out of the frame or keep the child in a chair.

Facial Expression Requirement for the Photo of Australia Visa

For an Australia visa photo requirement, you're required to maintain a neutral facial expression. This means your face should be relaxed without any exaggerated expressions. Essentially, you should not smile, frown, or have your eyebrows raised. Your mouth should be closed, and your eyes open and looking directly at the camera. Your hair or bang should not disturb the facial features and your facial features are clearly visible and can be easily recognised, which is important for identification purposes.

Now that you know about the Australia visa photo requirements for Indians, adhering to these is essential, as any deviation may lead to delays in processing or even rejection of the visa application. It's always a good idea to have the photo taken by a professional or at a photo service centre that is familiar with the visa photo requirements of different countries, including Australia. This ensures that the photo meets all the specified criteria, helping to smooth the path for your visa application process. 

Have a stress-free visa application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have answered some of the commonly asked questions about the Australia visa photo requirements. Please go through it carefully to get answers to all the questions.


What is the photo size for Australian visa?

The photo size for Australia visa is 35 x 45 mm, and it must be a coloured photo.

Where do I take my Australian visa photo?

We recommend that you take your Australia visa photo only with a professional photographer rather than yourself at home. This is because the picture needs to follow certain visa criteria set out by the Department of Foreign Affairs, and if the picture is of low quality, it will not be accepted. 

What photo is required for an Australia visa passport?

You need to take two identical passport-size photographs taken within the last three months. The photos should not be edited and should be of a high quality.

How many photos do you need for an Australian visa? 

Two colour, recent passport-sized photos are required.

What is an Australia visa photo guarantor?

An Australia visa photo guarantor is the person who determines whether your picture verifies you or not. In simple terms, it is a person who matches you with your picture and decides if it’s as per the specifications. 

Can I smile in my Australian passport photo?

No, you cannot take an Australian passport-size picture smiling because passport photos need to meet high international standards.

Is the Australian visa photo matte or glossy?

The Australian visa photo should not be glossy; it should have a matte finish.


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