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Beaches in Australia

TeamAckoFeb 27, 2024

Australia is the land of endless coastlines. We ain't joking mate, when we say it has a vast coastline that stretches for a crazy 25,000 kilometres! No wonder it’s a paradise for all our beach buddies and sunshine chasers. Australia is home to some of the most stunning sandy shores, crystal clear water, and marine life. Beaches in Australia are basically a living rainbow. Also, you're right – Aussie beaches are a wild roller coaster of fun, beauty, and chill vibes that totally capture the essence of the country's laid-back way of life. Here are some of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Australia. 




List of best beaches in Australia

  1. Bondi Beach

  2. Whitehaven Beach

  3. Manly Beach

  4. Surfers Paradise

  5. Cable Beach

  6. Byron Bay

  7. Wineglass Bay

  8. Noosa Main Beach

  9. Hyams Beach

  10. Bells Beach

  11. Lucky Bay

  12. Cottesloe Beach

  13. Mindil Beach

  14. Mooloolaba Beach

  15. Four Mile Beach

Bondi Beach 

If there is one Australian beach everyone in the world knows about is Bondi Beach. It is that iconic. Nestled within Sydney's hustle and bustle, this place is like the crown jewel of Australian beaches. Golden sand? Check. Waves that practically beg you to ride them? Double-check. And oh, let's not forget about the Bondi Iceberg ocean pool – it's like the coolest clubhouse ever! What more do you want? The beach also has some amazing eateries and cafes right across the road and an interesting trail to reach Coogee Beach. 

Bondi Beach also hosts events like the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, showcasing artistic installations against the backdrop of the ocean.

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Why Visit

  • golden sands

  • surfing

  • lively atmosphere

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is the ultimate tropical dream, and ideal for #beachvibes on Instagram. Tucked away in the Whitsunday Islands, it's like a tropical postcard come to life. It flaunts sand that's so white, that it's like strolling on clouds. 

With crystal-clear waters perfect to dive in, and views that'll have your jaw dropping faster than a kangaroo's hop. Whitehaven Beach is basically a tropical postcard that comes to life. No wonder it is referred to as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  

Location: Whitsunday Islands, Queensland

Why Visit: 

  • White sands

  • Clear waters

  • Snorkelling

  • Swimming

  • Relaxing

Manly Beach

Just a ferry ride away from Sydney’s Circular Quay, Manly Beach is a perfect beach escape from the city. If surfing's your jam, you've hit the jackpot. This beach gets waves that cater to beginners and pros alike. Its super laid-back vibe adds to the charm of the beach and its chilled-out town centre. The scenic walk along the coastline from Manly to Spit Bridge is a must-do activity for nature enthusiasts.

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Why visit: Surfing, relaxing, chilled vibe

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Surfers Paradise Beach

Calling all thrill-seekers and party animals – Surfers Paradise Beach is your ticket to beachy euphoria! Down on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise beach is like a non-stop fiesta. Surfing? Yep, it lives up to its name by offering excellent surfing conditions. Skyscrapers towering over the shoreline? You bet. Nightlife and entertainment options that'll have you dancing till dawn? Absolutely. If there's a beach that's basically on caffeine in Australia, this is it.

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Why visit: Nightlife, surfing 

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is known for its unique red cliffs, camel rides along the shoreline, and stunning sunsets. The 22-kilometre stretch of white sand offers plenty of space to relax and unwind. And when the sun begins to dip into the Indian Ocean, you're in for a show that'd give a Hollywood blockbuster a run for its money. You can see hues of orange, pink, and purple across the sky. 

Location: Broome, Western Australia

Why visit: Sunsets, red cliffs, camel rides along the shore

Byron Bay

Byron Bay isn't just a place; it's a state of mind. It is perfect for free-spirited souls, relaxed vibes and surf enthusiasts. The beach offers fantastic waves for surfers of all levels. With its artsy vibe, endless beaches, and iconic Cape Byron lighthouse, this is where boho meets the beach in Australia. You can ride the waves, dance to your own rhythm, and watch sunsets that'll make your heart do a happy dance.

Location: Byron Bay, New South Wales

Why visit: Surfing, bohemian vibe

Wineglass Bay

Adventure junkies and nature lovers, gather around – Wineglass Bay in Tassie is your jam! Nestled within the Freycinet National Park, it's like a secret paradise hiding in plain sight. No wonder this beach is known for its natural beauty, granite peaks and remote setting. Hike up to the lookout point, and boom you will be greeted with a panoramic view like no other. It is one of the biggest highlights of Tasmania. 

Location: Freycinet National Park, Tasmania

Why visit: clear waters, white sand, and picturesque setting

Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach, situated in the town of Noosa, is a family-friendly beach. It is like the cosy corner of the beach universe with waves that are gentle enough for a leisurely swim. The vibe of the place is so chill that you'll practically melt into your beach towel. The beach's north-facing orientation provides shelter from the prevailing winds, making it perfect for swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, and kayaking. The nearby Noosa National Park offers stunning coastal walks and the chance to spot native wildlife.

Location: Noosa, Queensland

Why visit: Swimming, beginner-level surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking

Hyams Beach

Attention, sandcastle architects and beachcombers! Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay is not your average beach – it's got sand that's practically in competition with the clouds for whiteness. With waters so clear you'll think they're showing off, this place is basically a daydream come true. Visitors can snorkel, swim, and relax in this idyllic setting while appreciating the natural beauty that Australia is known for.

Location: Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Why visit: White sand, relaxing

Bells Beach

For avid surfers, Bells Beach is a pilgrimage site. Located along the Great Ocean Road, this beach is internationally renowned for its powerful waves and world-class surfing competitions, including the annual Rip Curl Pro. The rugged coastline and dramatic cliffs add to the allure of Bells Beach, making it a favourite spot for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

Location: Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Why visit: Surfing

Lucky Bay

Beachgoers and kangaroo enthusiasts, welcome to Lucky Bay! This isn't just a beach; it's a spot where kangaroos hang out. Imagine sunbathing next to a kangaroo - what a unique and unforgettable experience. Nestled within Cape Le Grand National Park, Lucky Bay is a hidden gem characterised by its pure white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Visitors can enjoy swimming, fishing, and picnicking in this picturesque coastal haven.

Location: Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia

Why visit: Turquoise waters, kangaroos on the beach

Mindil Beach

Mindil Beach in Darwin is renowned not only for its sandy shores but also for its vibrant sunset markets. As the sun takes its evening dip, this place transforms into a beach market wonderland. From artsy crafts to delicious bites, it's like a party where the ocean's the DJ and the sunset's the grand finale. Watching the sunset over the Timor Sea is a magical experience that captures the essence of Australia's northern coastline.

Location: Darwin, Northern Territory

Why visit: Sunset markets

Cottesloe Beach

Perth peeps and beach enthusiasts, Cottesloe Beach is your urban oasis! The waves are a perfect match for a casual swim, and the vibe is so chill you'll practically be in beachy nirvana. With its grassy hangout spots and cafes, this beach is like your go-to weekend hang with a side of coastal paradise.

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Why visit: swimming, sunbathing, picnicking

Mooloolaba Beach

Situated on the Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba Beach is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and inviting waters. The protected bay creates calm swimming conditions, making it ideal for families with children. The Mooloolaba Spit area offers a range of dining options, and the coastal boardwalk is perfect for a leisurely stroll while taking in the ocean views.

Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Why visit: family-friendly atmosphere, scenic coastal boardwalk

Four Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas is a tropical haven where the azure waters of the Coral Sea meet the lush greenery of the Daintree Rainforest. Spanning four miles of sandy perfection, it's an aquatic playground for swimming, kayaking, and beach-combing. The laid-back vibe invites you to bask in the sun's warmth or take leisurely strolls. Catch breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and keep an eye out for curious crabs along the shoreline. This beach is nature's masterpiece.

Location: Port Douglas, Queensland

Why visit: Golden sand, Lush rainforests 


So there you have it, mates – the best beaches in Australia that you can visit. Beaches in Australia are like a theme park for nature lovers, thrill-seekers, and sun seekers. From jaw-dropping beauty to wild adventures, there's a beach for every kind of beachgoer. So grab your sunnies, slap on some sunscreen, and let your perfect beach escapades begin!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on Beaches in Australia


What are the most famous beaches in Australia?

Australia boasts many famous beaches. Some of them are Bondi Beach (NSW), Whitehaven Beach (QLD), Surfers Paradise Beach (QLD), and Manly Beach (NSW).

Are Australian beaches good for surfing?

Yes, Australia is a global surfing hub.

What's the best time to visit Australian beaches?

The warm summer months of November to March are ideal for beach visits in Australia. 

Can I have a beach bonfire in Australia?

Beach bonfires are generally not allowed due to fire danger.

Are there dog-friendly beaches in Australia?

Yes, many beaches in Australia are dog-friendly, but regulations vary for every beach. 

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