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Schengen Visa Photo Size

TeamAckoJun 5, 2024

When applying for a Schengen Area visa, you must include passport-style photographs as part of your application. Two photographs of yourself are required, along with other documents and your passport. The photos must be of a specific size, format, and perspective and are considered a basic required document. 

In this guide, we will provide you with clear and concise information on the rules for taking these photos so that you can take them yourself, adhering to the Schengen visa photo size for Indians.

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Schengen Visa Photo Size

You must pay close attention to the Schengen visa passport photo size requirement when you are preparing your application. This seemingly small aspect is significant for your application's success, as the photograph needs to meet specific dimensions and guidelines set by the Schengen agreement. 

  • The standard size for a Schengen visa photo is 35mm x 45mm. 

  • The face should occupy 70-80% of the picture. 

  • The head should cover 32-36mm from forehead to chin.

  • It's vital to ensure that the photo is recent and taken within the last three months.

  • There are no borders in the frame.

  • It clearly shows your face against a light background with no shadows or obstructions.

Schengen Visa Photo Background and Quality

The background of your photo for a Schengen visa should not be very bright. It is best to have a white or off-white background, but light grey should also work. It is also important that you wear clothes that don’t match the background colour so you can be noticed. Wearing the same colour as your background will lessen your visibility. It is also important that the background is plain and does not have any pattern, shadow, or mark on it. Make sure you are alone in the picture and that no other people or objects are visible in the frame.

When it comes to Schengen visa photo quality, it's important to ensure that the photo is printed on high-quality paper with a minimum resolution of 600 dpi. The photo should be in colour, representing your actual appearance and making your skin colour look natural. It's crucial to avoid submitting a photo with marks or creases, and it should have a matte finish rather than being glossy or shiny. Furthermore, the photo should not have undergone any edits or alterations that could change your appearance.

Schengen Visa Photo Attire Requirements

Dressing for a Schengen visa photograph doesn't have to be a stressful task. Here's how you can approach it:

You don't need to suit up like you're going to a wedding. You can wear casual or professional attire; just make sure it's not too revealing or too bright. Keep accessories to a minimum and avoid wearing colours that match the background. It can make you camouflaged and make you hard to notice. 

If you are wearing headgear for religious purposes, such as turbans or hijabs, please make sure that your face is visible from the top to the chin. Sunglasses are not allowed in the picture, but you can wear glasses if they are for medical reasons. However, please ensure that the glasses you wear for the photograph have regular-thickness borders and are not just for special occasions.

These simple tips will help you nail your Schengen visa photo with ease while meeting the Schengen visa photo attire requirements.

Facial Expression Requirement for the Photo of Schengen Visa

When taking a photo for a Schengen Visa, it's important to ensure that your facial expression is neutral. Your mouth should be closed, and you should not be smiling, frowning, or showing any other expressions. Your eyes should be open, visible, and not covered by hair or eyeglass frames. You should be facing the camera directly with your head centred in the photo, meeting the Schengen visa photo specification.

Schengen Visa Photo Requirements for Children

For children, the Schengen visa photo requirement is the same as that for adults. In case the subject is an infant, hold the baby and later edit yourself from the picture. The baby should be the only one appearing in the photo, so it’s important to make sure there are no toys or chairs in the picture. 

The baby’s face should be calm and neutral, and they should not be crying or smiling. If the baby is below 3 years of age, a picture with an open mouth is considerable. Make sure the baby’s head is not tilted; it should be straight and looking at the camera.

Getting the perfect picture is the key to your Schengen visa requirements, and getting it done yourself would save you some time and money. We hope the information provided has been helpful in clarifying any doubts you may have had regarding the photo size for Schengen visa. Adhering to these guidelines not only ensures your application is accepted but also avoids unnecessary delays.

 Good luck with your application, and safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have answered some of the commonly asked questions about the Europe visa photo requirements. Please go through it carefully to get answers to all the questions.


What is the photo size for a Schengen visa?

The photo size required for a Schengen visa is 35mm x 45mm. The photo should be of high quality, with a clear front view of the face, covering 70-80% of the photo. The background should be light-coloured.

Is the photo glossy or matte for a Schengen visa?

The photo should have a matte finish and should not be glossy or shiny.

For a Schengen visa, how many photos do you need?

You must provide two recent colour photos the size of a passport.

What should be the background for Schengen visa photos?

For Schengen visa photos, the background should be light-coloured, preferably plain white or off-white.

What kind of photo do I need for a Schengen visa?

According to the Schengen visa requirements, the photo must be a standard passport size of 35mm x 45mm.

What clothes to wear for Schengen visa photo?

For a Schengen visa photo, avoid uniforms and ensure your face is visible, even with religious head coverings.

Can I wear glasses for my Schengen visa photograph?

Yes, you can wear glasses unless they are for medical purposes and there is no reflection on them.


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