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5 Tips to Accelerate Towards Improved Health

Team AckoJun 6, 2022

Staying fit isn’t a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Eat, Exercise, Sleep, these are the three golden points that will keep you centered towards achieving your fitness goals. Just like bathing is an integral aspect of one’s daily routine, one should also strive to place ‘fitness-related activities’ in the same bracket.

While a lot of people want to lead fitter lives, they fail to act on their desire due to several barriers and are often found staring at their dream from a distance. This non-performance can lead to frustration and ultimately, health issues.

Listed below are 5 tips that will help you in crafting a fruitful health plan and accelerating towards your health goals.

5 Tips to Accelerate Towards Improved Health


    1 – Eat Right

    The output is dependent on the input. If you keep eating fried stuff along with sugary beverages, you are bound to pile up a lot of kilos. Several people think going on a crash diet will magically resolve their health concerns. It might in the short run but such options are never long-term prospects. One should eat right in order to stay fit.

    Of course, catering to taste buds is a treat that one should indulge in once in a while. The primary focus when it comes to eating right is consuming the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats, along with minerals and vitamins, which is commonly known as the balanced diet.

    2 – Engage in a Physical Activity

    It is common knowledge that physical activity burns calories. That doesn’t mean the only way to burn calories is to sweat it out in the gym for an hour, every day of the week. Playing a sport you love, swimming, cycling, etc. are also physical activities that help you to stay fit. If you like dancing, include it in your health plan, do it regularly, and make it a part of your fitness routine.

    The important factor here is to perform the activity of your choice on a regular basis. If the thought of going to the gym five days a week is demotivating, consider jogging in a nearby park twice or thrice a week to get things started. Once it becomes a routine, you can increase the frequency and add activities to your weekly schedule.

    3 – Mental Peace

    It’s all in the mind. You need to be in the right frame of mind for your body to function optimally. Lifting weights might build muscle but what about mental peace? Yoga can be helpful. Meditating with the help of soothing music can also increase your calmness quotient.

    Reading, travelling, spending time with friends, can be relaxing and contribute towards achieving mental peace. It is suggested to visit a certified practitioner if you have been facing mental issues (example – depression).

    4 – Sleep Well

    One can’t underestimate the power of sleeping right. A good night’s sleep can be rejuvenating. If you are involved in performing any physical activity, you should sleep for 7-8 hours a day. Note that quality sleep scores over quantity (number of hours). Maintain a regular sleeping pattern and your body shall look forward to getting up from the bed in the morning with revived energy.

    5 – Get Inspired

    You can get inspired by Virat Kohli, Deepika Padukone or the sixty-year-old fit uncle in your neighborhood. If there’s a lack of motivation, you can huddle-up with your buddy/partner and engage in a fitness routine together. You can cheer each other up as you take small strides towards achieving your health goals.

    Health Insurance Policy

    Along with a suitable fitness plan, one should also opt for a comprehensive health insurance policy. You can minimize your financial losses in case of medical issues with a health insurance policy that offers extensive coverage. You can choose from a variety of medical insurance plans. Nowadays, medical insurance plans are available at the click of a button.

    Remember, your health is your most precious asset. Take active measures to nurture it.

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