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World Population Day and The Importance of Family Planning

Team AckoSept 11, 2023

As per a 2019 United Nations report, India is all set to overtake China as the most populous country in the coming eight years. In 2019, average life expectancy is at 72.6 years; in 2050, it is predicted to reach 77.1 years. By 2050, world population is forecasted to be around 9.7 billion. All these statistics lead to this problem – increase in demand and shortage of resources.

Medical advancements have increased people’s life span. More people = more demands but planet Earth is finite when it comes to availability of resources to meet these demands. Therefore, overpopulation is a serious threat for the future of mankind. This is where family planning comes into the picture. Read ahead to know more about World Population Day and why family planning is important.

World Population Day



World Population Day

United Nations (UN) observes World Population Day on 11 July. The day’s purpose is to highlight several issues related to population explosion. The observance was first established in 1989 by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme.

Here are the standards put forth by the UN in favor of family planning. (Note that these standards have been written here in a simplified manner for better understanding.)

  • There should be no discrimination when it comes to offering family planning information and services.

  • All countries must make family planning services available for every citizen.

  • Mere availability won’t suffice; the services must also be accessible.

  • Information and services must be provided in an ethical and culturally acceptable manner.

  • Proper communication, good quality, and scientific accuracy must be maintained.

  • Every person must make an informed decision

  • Right to privacy must be respected regarding family planning

  • Countries must ensure active participation of citizens when it comes to decision making involving health issues

  • Those making the policies must be accountable to the people

Importance of Family Planning

Family planning is the need of the hour. Proper planning regarding child bearing and birth spacing must be done for a better future. Here are two major parts of family planning.

  • Health planning

A woman’s body must be ready to give birth. Adolescent pregnancies can lead to complications. Contraceptives must be used to prevent unplanned pregnancies. The mother’s as well as the unborn child’s health is at stake when it comes to pregnancy. Thus, all possible healthcare measures must be undertaken.

A gap of few years between pregnancies helps the mother’s body to heal. The nutrients lost during the gestation period can be regained. This way, the pregnant woman will be able to provide necessary nutrients to the growing child. Suitable pre-natal and post-natal care should be provided to ensure a healthy mother and child.

  • Financial planning

Nutrition forms the core of a healthy mother and child, not just during the pregnancy but also after it. There are frequent medical tests to be conducted to track the mother and child’s health. Childbirth is expensive. From medicines to hospitalization, there are a lot of bills that need to be taken care of.

Bringing a child in this world is a huge responsibility. Parents need to make financial plans to ensure the child gets adequate healthcare and education. And in today’s times, both, healthcare and education are costly. Thus, financial planning has the power to make or break a child’s future. This is where medical insurance plans can prove extremely important.

Health Insurance Plans for Family

Health insurance is a crucial aspect of financial planning. One must purchase relevant medical insurance plans to secure finances in case of unexpected health hazards. You can buy a health insurance plan for yourself or/and opt for family health insurance as well.

Nowadays, health insurance plans for family are easily available online. Check whether the family health insurance policy has a maternity cover and also keep an eye on its waiting period. Make sure to compare health insurance plans for family based on the premium charged, situations covered, and the services offered by the insurer.

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