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Significance of World Day of the Deaf and Understanding Hearing Loss

Team AckoJul 22, 2021

It is widely believed that humans excel because of the ability to communicate and coordinate on a large scale on a continuous basis. Communication is a two-way street; you need a speaker and a listener, and these roles interchange frequently in case of a dialog.

World Deaf Day

There can’t be effective communication if one person speaks and the other doesn’t listen. That is why it is said that listening is an important aspect of proper communication. But what about those who cannot listen? They are certainly no less than those who can. They need to be communicated with in a different language, one that uses signs.

Hearing disability shouldn’t stop a person from evolving into a successful person. This is what international agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) are working towards. WHO states that lakhs of people all over the globe suffer from hearing loss. They suffer more due to lack of access to proper care and services that can benefit them.

Hearing loss can be prevented. Those facing such issues can be rehabilitated, provided they get proper support. Also, people facing hearing issues have their rights and do not deserve to be mistreated. This is the central theme of World Day of the Deaf – Awareness. Read ahead to understand more about International Week of the Deaf, hearing loss, and health insurance.

International Week of the Deaf:

The last week of September is observed as the International Week of the Deaf. It is observed from Monday to Sunday, the last day is referred to as World Day of the Deaf. This practice began in the year 1958. Initially, it was a day-long event. Eventually, it extended to a week.

World Federation of the Deaf:

The International Week of the Deaf is managed by the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD). The WFD is a United Nations-recognized organization. This federation includes 130 National Associations of Deaf people. This event aims to increase public awareness regarding the issues faced by deaf people and also about their rights.

Understanding Hearing Loss:

Welfare organizations work at various levels to negate the stigma associated with hearing loss. They campaign for equality and the rights of deaf people. One way to empathize with deaf people is to understand more about hearing loss. This way one can understand the challenges and campaign for inclusiveness.

Factors Responsible for Hearing Loss:

Here’s a list of major causes that can lead to hearing loss.

  • Ear infection

  • Problems due to aging

  • Issues faced because of working in hazardous surroundings

  • Family history

  • Medicine-induced concerns

  • Accident

  • Continuously listening to high-decibel noise·

  • Tumor

Hearing Loss Symptoms:

It is suggested to visit a doctor in case you face the following hearing loss symptoms.

  • Finding it difficult to understand normal conversations

  • Unable to listen clearly leading to lack of understanding

  • Increasing the volume of the television set and other devices

  • Requesting people to repeat their words for better comprehension

  • Difficulty to hold a dialog in a social setting due to lack of hearing·        

  • Buzzing in the ear

Hearing Loss and Health Insurance:

Health insurance is a preventive measure related to securing your finances. Nowadays, hospitalization has become costly. In such cases, a health insurance company can prove to be supportive. There are different types of health insurance policies; individual plans, accident insurance, etc. Choose what meets your requirement.

Accident insurance and other special types of insurance policies are designed to offer extensive coverage for specific instances. For example, a Personal Accident insurance policy offers dedicated coverage in case a person faces full or partial disability due to an accident. A Personal Accident insurance policy usually covers hearing loss due to accident, however, it is suggested to read the fine print to know about the coverage in detail.

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