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Why Do We Celebrate National Doctor's Day?

Team AckoJun 15, 2022

An interesting fact about Doctor’s Day is that it is celebrated on different dates in different countries. In India, we celebrate it on the 1st of July every year. The US celebrates it on the 30th of March, Brazil on 18th of October, Canada on 1st May, in Cuba this day is a holiday observed on the 3rd of December and in Nepal on 4th of March, among other countries.

On this amazing occasion of Indian Doctors Day, let’s take a look at things you might not know about why we celebrate it in the country.

Why Do We Celebrate National Doctor’s Day?

Importance of Doctors Day in India

In India, it marks the birth and death anniversary of the legendary physician and second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. It was his belief that only a healthy person who is strong in mind and body can ever dream of achieving India’s freedom i.e. Swaraj. His contribution to the welfare of women is also beyond great.

Dr. Roy encouraged women of all classes and communities to come forward and avail medical treatment in the Seva Sadan started by him and his team. His training center helped women learn about nursing and social work, and in turn, spread the knowledge forward. After his death, the house he lived in was turned into a nursing home as per his wish. It was named after his mother, Aghorkamini Devi.

We celebrate Doctor’s Day not only to honor Dr. Roy but each and every person related to the field of medicine for their tireless efforts and dedication towards the patients.

How to Celebrate Doctor’s Day?

Here are a few interesting ways in which you can show gratitude to a doctor:

Red Carnations:

The red carnation flower is a symbol for the Doctor’s day. You can present them to your favorite doctor on this day. A bouquet of carnations will bring life to the dull feel of a doctor’s office. If red carnations are not available, you can replace them with any red flowers of your choice.

Greeting Cards:

Nowadays, greeting cards are slightly out of fashion. However, this does not take away the happy feeling a card can give. You can write personalized messages on a card and pass them to the doctor. Thank you notes with a summary of the incident that changed your life can also be mentioned.


If you are not into flowers and cards, you can opt for a box of chocolates or treats for the doctor. A customized cake, cookies, sweets, etc. wrapped in a nice paper can also serve the purpose.

Personalized Video Message:

Thanks to the internet and various video calling applications, you can get in touch with your favorite doctor from anywhere around the world. Either record a video or get in touch with the doctor via video calling to say thank you and show gratitude for everything that a doctor has done to help you improve your health and lead a better life.

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