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World Heart Day: Understanding, Preventing, and Controlling Cardiovascular Diseases

Team AckoJul 22, 2021

It is one of life’s greatest mysteries how a fist-sized organ is responsible for the entire human body’s functioning. The human heart is essentially known as an organ that takes care of pumping blood throughout the body; which in turn is how the body receives oxygen and nutrients. Thus, establishing that the heart is at the centre of human survival. This is why heart-related issues are life-threatening. 

World Heart Day

The technical term for such issues is Cardiovascular Diseases. Read ahead to know more about cardiovascular diseases, World Heart Day, and health insurance.

Understanding Cardiovascular Diseases:

Diseases pertaining directly to the heart, vascular diseases associated with the brain, and health issues linked with blood vessels are collectively known as cardiovascular diseases. In simple words, they are diseases that do not allow the heart to function properly. World Health Organization data suggests that such diseases are one of the top causes of human deaths and disability across the globe.

World Heart Day:

World Heart Day is World Heart Federation initiative that is directed towards creating awareness about cardiovascular diseases among individuals and the community. It is observed on 29th September on an annual basis.

As cardiovascular diseases are a major global concern, a gigantic effort is required by the entire human species to create a positive change. World Heart Day aims to help people by educating them about the perils of an unhealthy lifestyle and the steps they can take to keep their heart healthy and pumping. This campaign focuses on prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases. The theme for the year 2019 is ‘Be A Heart Hero’. It encourages people to act ‘now’ for a healthy life.

Common Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors:

Cardiovascular disease risk factors can be divided into modifiable and non-modifiable factors.

Non-modifiable factors:

These factors are not in your control. Thus, they are termed as non-modifiable. For example, cardiovascular risks resulting out of aging are out of your control. Thus, aging is a non-modifiable factor. Family history and diabetes are other non-modifiable factors.

Modifiable factors:

Some cardiovascular disease-causing factors can be controlled, they are referred to as modifiable factors. For example, you can choose to eat better, exercise regularly, avoid tobacco, etc. Such activities will improve your heart’s health.

Frequent Checks:

Leading a healthy lifestyle is essential for a healthy heart. You have to eat, exercise, and sleep right. However, non-modifiable factors can cause heart risk. Thus, it is crucial to stay aware of what’s happening with respect to your body’s key metrics. Here’s a list of frequent checks you need to perform so that appropriate steps can be taken to prevent/treat cardiovascular diseases.

  • Blood glucose level

  • Blood pressure

  • Cholesterol level

  • Weight

  • Body Mass Index

Tips for a Healthy Heart:

  • Avoid Smoking, both active and passive

  • Focus on a high-fibre diet

  • Control blood pressure

  • Exercise, dance, swim or play a sport on a regular basis

  • Take measures to lead a less stressful life if not a stress-free life·

  • Avoid being seated at a stretch for a longer period of time

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Health Insurance:

Purchasing the right health insurance plan is a good precautionary measure. It will help you to manage your finances in case of healthcare issues. Here’s a list of widely available health insurance plans.

  • Plan for an individual

  • Plan for a family

  • Critical Illness insurance

  • Personal Accident policy

  • Mediclaim

It is suggested to opt for suitable health insurance plans and create a strong health insurance portfolio. For example, you can opt for a family plan and go for a Critical Illness insurance policy with a cover for heart-related issues.

You can conduct basic online research to understand which plans suit your needs. Buying health insurance online is easy and convenient. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the chosen plan minutely to avoid issues during the claim settlement process.

This World Health Day, play your part in creating awareness about cardiovascular diseases. Take a pledge to keep the hearts of your loved ones happy and healthy.

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