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8 Motorcycle Riding Tips for Female Bike Riders

Team AckoJan 18, 2024

It is a common sight to see women riding two-wheelers. There are several motorcycle events to encourage and promote women bike riders. Following which bike riding has become a hobby for most women. It is very important to consider the safety aspect of a rider while riding a bike. For that, you have to follow certain road safety measures for a safe journey. Read ahead to know some of the motorcycle riding tips for a female rider.




Motorcycle Riding Tips for Women

Riding a motorcycle is not a difficult task. You have to ride safely to avoid accidental risks. Here are some two-wheeler driving tips for ladies:

1. Check Your Comfort

The first and foremost thing for a rider is to check for comfort. Riding at your comfort level is very crucial even if you are an experienced rider. You have to consider some factors such as seat height, riding posture, and appropriate attire which can directly affect your riding. When you are buying a bike, check for the seat height. Because it is necessary that you comfortably put both feet flat on the ground when seated on the saddle.

2. Avoid Loose Clothing

There are a lot of clothing options for a female rider. A few things you need to consider while choosing clothes from your wardrobe. One of the important considerations is to avoid loose clothing. Because of high speed, your loose clothes can obstruct your view. You can wear tight clothes which are comfortable for a ride. Thus, pay attention while choosing your clothing during your bike journey.

3. Bike Registration and Licence

Whether it is a male or female rider, registration certificate and driving licence are two important factors of a bike. Before riding a bike, make sure you have a valid driving license. If not, you can apply for a two-wheeler licence. At first, you will be eligible to get a learner’s licence, later on, you can apply for a permanent licence. Meanwhile, you have to check for the registration of the bike, and the number plate of your bike should reflect the same. It is wiser for you to keep a copy of the registration certificate, licence, Pollution Under Control Certificate and insurance policy of your bike while riding.

4. Insure Your Bike

Having two-wheeler insurance is also an essential document for your bike. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, third-party insurance is mandatory for a vehicle. You can also opt for Comprehensive insurance to cover the repair cost of your bike in any unfortunate events like accident, theft, or any natural calamities. It also offers coverage for third-party losses. With the rising number of road accidents, it is advisable for you to buy online motor insurance for an instant service at a lower premium. Don’t forget to renew your bike insurance policy before it expires to continue the services.

5. Tie Your Hair 

There are a lot of safety concerns while riding a bike. One of them is managing your hair. While riding a motorcycle, it is necessary to tie your hair. Loose and untied hair have a tendency to blow, that is often distracting and risky. Your hair can also cover your face or obstruct your view, which can be very dangerous while riding a two-wheeler. On the other side, don’t tie your hair so tight, because it can be uncomfortable too. You can entail a low ponytail or low loose braid to your hair for safety and comfort aspect.

6. Wear Riding Gear

Accidents can damage a vehicle and it can risk lives. You have to be very careful while riding a motorcycle. The preventive measures include wearing proper gear and accessories. People think riding gears are expensive, but you can find a variety of gear in the market, which can be less expensive and more fashionable. 

First, make sure you have a proper fitting full-face helmet because a full-face helmet offers protection to your head as well as your face in the case of accidents. When it comes to outfits, consider buying leather or other synthetic material, jackets and pants. To cover up your ankle purchase good riding boots which help to prevent burns from the bike's exhaust pipe and engine. Buying all these things would be worth the penny, as you can save yourself from serious accidental injuries.

7. Initiate Your Ride With a Small Bike

If you are a new rider, it is not a good idea to start with a heavy sports bike. It is always suggested to start your bike riding experience with a small dirt bike which will give you a basic idea about motorcycles. For your safety perspective, it is dangerous to ride a heavy motorcycle in the beginning. Later on, you can opt for a bike of your choice.

8. Be Aware of Your Motorcycle Parts and Save Your Expense

Normally you take your motorcycle to a mechanic when you face any problem. Sometimes they can charge you extra. So, it is very important to research on your motorcycle parts and understand how much the repair cost before paying the amount. For better performance, It is good for you to learn how to maintain your bike. In that way, you can get to know your motorcycle as well as save your expenses.

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Whether you are a new rider or an experienced one, it is equally important to consider the safety guidelines to avoid unforeseen accidents. The above-mentioned two-wheeler driving tips for ladies can surely be helpful in their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the risks involved for a female while riding a bike?


Whether it is male or female, the risk is always there while riding a motorcycle. The accidental risk can be more while tough riding such as adventurous off-road ride, rally race, etc. Motorcyclists often get overwhelmed after watching videos which leads them to mimic the activity that can be very risky. So you have to be cautious while riding a motorcycle.

Which insurance is the best fit for a long journey?


Mandatory by law, Third-party insurance covers third-party life and properties. If you want to get a wider coverage for your bike, then Comprehensive insurance is the best option. Comprehensive insurance covers the repair or replacement cost of the bike against accident, theft along with the third-party losses.

Which documents do I have to carry while riding a motorcycle?


You have to carry a copy of your bike Registration Certificate, Pollution Under Control Certificate, your bike insurance policy. Having a valid driving licence is also very important. For your feasibility, you can carry a soft copy of all these documents for reference.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions.

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