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Important Bike Riding Tips for Teenagers

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

The latter part of teenage years and bike riding have one thing in common—freedom! And when you combine teenagers in late adolescence and bike riding, there’s a sense of adventure attached with freedom. However, where there’s an adventure, there’s a risk. And risks need to be avoided as much as possible for safe adventures. For those risks that catch us off guard, there’s insurance. This article will speak about important bike riding tips for teenagers and cover some insurance basics at the end. Read on.




Tips for Teenagers Riding a Two-wheeler

Here’s a section on crucial bike riding tips for teenagers.

1) Correct Driving License

Ensure you have a valid and correct Driving License before you ride a bike on public roads in India. For example, there is a different DL for bikes with gear and bikes without gear. There’s one for both as well. Do not ride a bike with gear if you only have the DL for a bike without gear.

2) Practice Makes Perfect

You might be itching to zoom on your bike on the highway. But wait. Practice in the secluded streets before you hit the main roads. Riding a bike on a highway comes with its own set of challenges. Start slow, get confident, and keep practicing. Eventually, you will become a pro at riding a bike on highways or anywhere else.

3) Ride Safe

There’s no sugar-coated way to say it—bike riding is risky! An accident can be fatal. Always wear a helmet while riding a bike. Even if you are visiting a friend’s place that’s just a kilometer away, wear the helmet. Also, keep a check on the speedometer.

4) Follow Rules

It is good to acquaint yourself with basic traffic rules, and regulations about the streets in your locality such as one-way streets, honk-free zones, etc. Not following zebra crossing rules, overtaking vehicles from the wrong side, and jumping traffic signals are common traffic rule violations. Avoid these by being aware and patient. Disobeying traffic rules not only increases the chances of an accident but also leads to monetary penalties.

5) Buy Right Bike Insurance

If things go wrong while riding a bike (for example, an accident), a comprehensive two-wheeler Insurance Plan purchased from a reliable insurer will bail you out financially. Such a plan will cover legal liabilities if you cause damage to others or if your bike gets damaged due to an accident or calamity.

Things to Keep in Mind While Riding a Bike

There are a lot of risk factors involved while riding a bike, especially when it comes to a beginner. Here’s a list of things you need to consider if you are a teenage rider to mitigate those risk factors.

1) Pick a Compatible Bike

Choosing a bike that is compatible with your body dimensions is an important aspect of a safe ride. Check for the vehicle’s height and your comfort level while riding it. Riding and handling a powerful and heavy bike like a Royal Enfield can be a challenging task for some. It is best to pick comfort over style while buying a bike.

2) Keep Documents Handy

Make sure to keep the following bike-related documents handy while riding a bike.

  • Valid and appropriate Driving License

  • Bike’s Registration Certificate

  • Pollution Under Control Certificate

  • Bike Insurance Policy

The traffic police ask for the above-mentioned documents if/when they stop you and demand ‘bike papers.’ Failing to show these documents or riding with invalid documents can lead to a penalty and legal hassles.

3) Be Alert

While riding a bike, it is your responsibility to look out for yourself and the others and to avoid accidents. Always be vigilant and pay full attention when you are riding a bike in India irrespective whether it is a narrow street or a highway.

4) Maintain Speed Limit

‘Better late than never’ is an apt statement for bike riders. As a thumb rule, ride at a speed where the bike is in your control. Riding at high speed tends to increase the chances of losing control, which can lead to a serious accident. For a safe journey, follow the applicable speed limit on the route you are riding.

Yes, accidents are unpredictable. But when you are maintaining the speed limit, the severity of the accident might be less as compared to an accident where the bike was riding at an uncontrollable speed.

5) Proper Maintenance

A two-wheeler is a machine. And every machine needs proper periodic maintenance. Keep the bike in good condition by servicing it at regular intervals.

Things to be Avoided While Riding a Bike

Here’s a list of things you should avoid while riding a bike:

1) Riding Without Helmet

Wearing a helmet while riding a bike is mandatory by law. It covers the rider’s skull, face, eyes and offers much-needed protection in case of an accident. You must buy a helmet that is robust and fits you well.

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2) Performing Stunts/Tricks

Bike stunts/tricks need expert supervision. There is a reason only professionals perform such stunts/tricks. It might sound exciting to perform wheelies, burnouts, etc. but they can damage the bike and cause injuries to you and others as well.

3) Uncomfortable Footwear

Not wearing proper footwear may lead to control issues while switching gears and applying brakes for certain motorbikes. Right footwear maintains a better grip enabling a safe ride. Avoid wearing uncomfortable footwear or slippers while riding a bike. Opt for appropriate footwear such as sandals or shoes with a snug fit.

4) Drinking and Riding

In no situation should you ride a bike under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. Such an act is dangerous, illegal, and not covered under insurance.

5) Texting/Calling and Riding

This is as good a menace as drinking and riding. Bike riding is a full-time activity. Do not use your mobile phone while riding a bike.

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Lack of bike-riding experience can cause major problems for teenagers while riding on highways and crowded streets. Young bike riders need to develop bike-riding skills by practicing them in a controlled environment, following traffic rules, and ensuring safety measures. Also, insuring the bike with a wide-spread cover is beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the basic points to remember to ride a motorcycle safely?


To ride a motorcycle safely, you need to be alert, avoid distractions of any kind such as mobiles, wear protective gear, and have the presence of mind to act calmly in a panic situation; like a sudden intrusion by a rickshaw.

Which kind of a motorbike can 16-year-olds ride legally?


16-year-olds can legally ride a bike that is under 50cc if they have a valid Driving License for it. However, such bikes are almost extinct in the Indian market. Discussions are going on concerning allowing 16-year-olds to ride electric bikes. Please check with the bike vendor and have a look at current news for updated information on this topic.

Is there a separate Bike Insurance Policy for teenage bike riders?


There is no separate Bike Insurance Policy for teenagers in India.

Is the Bike Insurance Policy sent by the insurer via email after online purchase a valid document?


Yes, if you have purchased the policy from a certified online insurer, then it is a valid document.

I am 19 years old and about to purchase my first bike. Which insurance policy should I buy?


As a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy offers extensive coverage, it is a better pick compared to just a Third-party Liability Bike Insurance Policy. Visit to calculate the premium for your bike’s insurance policy.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions.


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