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New bikes in India

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

The Indian two-wheeler industry offers a wide variety of motorcycles to cater to the ever-demanding customers. The offerings include commuters, cruisers, sports, adventure tourers, as well as luxury motorcycles. With multiple choices, searching for the right bike can be challenging. But that search ends here, as we have listed new bikes in India with their latest price, features, body types, specifications and more for you to make the right choice. Have a look!




List of new bikes in India 2022: Latest price, features and specifications 

This section lists some of the new bikes by brand (as of September 2022) with their latest price, body type, gearbox and more.

New TVS bikes in India

1. TVS Ronin (Price: Rs. 1.50 lakh onwards)

The TVS Ronin is the company's attempt at a cruiser bike. However, it is also suitable for daily use. Its low-slung profile and small wheels make it easier for tall and short riders to ride through traffic and during occasional long journeys. It has premium features such as Upside Down (USD) front forks, alloy wheels, ABS modes, a slipper clutch, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.


  • Engine: 225cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 45 kmpl

  • Max power: 20.12bhp

  • Max Torque: 19.93Nm

New Honda bikes in India

2. Honda CB300F (Price: Rs. 2.26 lakh onwards)

The Honda CB300F is a naked sports bike that looks handsome and aggressive with sharp lines on the fuel tank, a low-slung headlight, and golden USD forks. While the power output may not be up to the levels of its rivals, its engine is refined, and the ride quality is impressive. It is one of the new bike launches in India by Honda, sold through their premium model outlet, Honda BigWing, in 2022. 


  • Engine: 300cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 35 kmpl

  • Max power: 24.13bhp

  • Max Torque: 25.6Nm

New Royal Enfield bikes in India

3. Royal Enfield Scram 411 (Price: Rs. 2.03 lakh onwards)

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 is the scrambler version of the Himalayan 411. It has shed the 21-inch front wheels to a 19-inch, and there is no windscreen. Furthermore, the panniers are not there; instead, neat-looking tank shrouds accentuate its youthful characteristics. Priced lower than the Himalayan 411, the bike adds sportiness to the ride and handling experience.


  • Engine: 411cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 40 kmpl

  • Max power: 24.30bhp

  • Max Torque: 32Nm

4. Royal Enfield Hunter 350 (Price: Rs. 1.50 lakh onwards)

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is the most affordable bike from the company. It's a stylish bike with a powerful 350cc engine offering a sporty ride. The rider ergonomics, the low centre of gravity and the revised rake angle make it easier to ride through dense traffic. Available in different colour themes, it looks youthful and suits tall and short riders. It is also loaded with premium features such as a digital instrument console, dual channel ABS, USB mobile charger, and more.


  • Engine: 350cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 45 kmpl

  • Max power: 20.20bhp

  • Max Torque: 27Nm

New Hero bikes in India

5. Hero Xpulse 200 4V (Price: Rs. 1.37 lakh onwards)

The Hero Xpulse 200 4V is an entry-level off-road or adventure bike in India. Its lightweight construction lets riders tackle some of the toughest terrains. While the 2V version lacked top speed, this model enables the engine to rev freely and achieve decent speeds of more than 100 km/h. The bike is nimble and absorbs most of the undulations without stress, thanks to its long-travel suspension and 21-inch front wheels. 


  • Engine: 200cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 40 kmpl

  • Max power: 19.10bhp

  • Max Torque: 17.35Nm

New Yamaha bikes in India

6. Yamaha MT 15 V2 (Price: Rs. 1.64 lakh onwards)

The Yamaha MT 15 V2 is a naked sports bike that has been updated with new colour schemes and additional features for 2022. It's a great bike to tackle the hustle and bustle of city roads. It offers a combination of performance, fuel efficiency and sporty features.


  • Engine: 155cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 40 kmpl

  • Max power: 18.10bhp

  • Max Torque: 14.10Nm

New Yezdi bikes in India

7. Yezdi Roadster (Price: Rs. 2.01 lakh onwards)

The Yezdi Roadster is a retro-modern cruiser bike with a modern engine and equipment. The oval-shaped fuel tank, round headlight and large side panels emphasise its retro design language. It is equipped with premium features, including dual-channel ABS, a digital instrument console, and more. 


  • Engine: 334cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 40 kmpl

  • Max power: 29.23bhp

  • Max Torque: 28.95Nm

8. Yezdi Scrambler (Price: Rs. 2.08 lakh onwards)

The Yezdi Scrambler shares the same chassis as the Roadster, but the riding ergonomics and styling are more suited for a spirited ride. The bike is a fun and sporty bike and offers mild off-road characteristics. While the main design element is focused on a retro-modern approach, the engine and equipment are modern. It is also available in various retro paint schemes.


  • Engine: 334cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 40 kmpl

  • Max power: 28.72bhp

  • Max Torque: 28.21Nm

9. Yezdi Adventure (Price: Rs. 2.15 lakh onwards)

The Yezdi Adventure is a true adventure bike. The riding posture, footpeg position and long travel suspension let you take the bike off-road without much effort. While the design language may be similar to some of its rivals, it boasts a powerful engine and upmarket features.


  • Engine: 334cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 40 kmpl

  • Max power: 29.90bhp

  • Max Torque: 29.84Nm

New Suzuki bikes in India

10. Suzuki V-Strom SX (Price: Rs. 2.15 lakh onwards)

The Suzuki V-Strom SX is an adventure tourer equipped with a capable engine and peppy performance. The refined motor is the biggest advantage of the bike. The power delivery is linear and smooth, helpful especially during long journeys. It offers good top-end speed and arrives at it without much fuss. It does sport alloy wheels that are not capable of taking the bike off-road, but it makes up with the benefit of tubeless tyres.


  • Engine: 225cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 45 kmpl

  • Max power: 20.12bhp

  • Max Torque: 19.93Nm

New BMW bikes in India

11. BMW G 310 RR (Price: Rs. 2.85 lakh onwards)

The BMW G 310 RR is a sports bike built in collaboration with TVS Motors in India and sold worldwide. The bike looks fantastic with the iconic BMW paint scheme. Underneath, it is powered by a frugal engine that throws power output without difficulty. While it may not be the most powerful in the segment, the engine's refinement and the build quality make it an irresistible choice for sports bike enthusiasts.


  • Engine: 310cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 40 kmpl

  • Max power: 33.52bhp

  • Max Torque: 27.30Nm

12. BMW F 850 GS and Adventure (Price: Rs. 12.50 lakh onwards)

BMW Motorrad is known for its penchant for high-quality and premium bikes, especially in the adventure segment. The BMW F 850 GS is one of them. It is a capable adventure bike with advanced electronics that aid the rider on different difficult terrains. It shares the design language of all the GS series. 

The twin-cylinder in-line engine offers generous power when required, and it is capable of taking the bike off-road without much difficulty. There is also an adventure version that comes equipped with added features.


  • Engine: 850cc liquid-cooled inline twin-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 25 kmpl

  • Max power: 93.87bhp

  • Max Torque: 92Nm

New Kawasaki bikes in India

13. Kawasaki Ninja 400 (Price: Rs. 4.99 lakh onwards)

The Kawasaki Ninja 400 is a potent sports bike, and the twin-cylinder offers linear power delivery and refinement. The bike looks sporty with the iconic green paint scheme that is synonymous with the Ninja series. With sharp design language and a committed riding position, it offers an energetic performance. It is also loaded with electronics to offer optimum performance.


  • Engine: 400cc liquid-cooled inline twin-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 25 kmpl

  • Max power: 44.79bhp

  • Max Torque: 37Nm

New Triumph bikes in India

14. Triumph Tiger Sport 660 (Price: Rs. 8.95 lakh onwards)

The Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is the smallest adventure tourer from the manufacturer. It caters to the mid-size engine capacity, and it is affordable compared to some of its elder siblings. It is designed to deliver the comfort of everyday commutes or even occasional weekend rides. The front design is aggressive and sporty with its low-slung headlight and chunky USD forks at the front. It is loaded with premium features and electronics to aid the rider on different forms of terrains.


  • Engine: 660cc liquid-cooled inline 3-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 25 kmpl

  • Max power: 80bhp

  • Max Torque: 64Nm

New Ducati bikes in India

15. Ducati Multistrada V2 (Price: Rs. 15.50 lakh onwards)

The Ducati Multistrada V2 sits at the top of the adventure bike segment. While it may compete with some of the best names in the industry, it differentiates itself with sporty dynamics and excellent ride quality. It is a lethal combination of a sports bike and a capable adventure bike. Ducati Multistrada looks sharp and ready to go the distance with its potent engine and offers great comfort on long journeys.


  • Engine: 937cc liquid-cooled L-Twin-cylinder engine

  • Mileage: 20 kmpl

  • Max power: 113bhp

  • Max Torque: 96Nm

List of new bikes in India

Here is a list of some of the new motorcycles in India.

Sl. No. Name of new bikes in India Body type Price (ex-showroom Delhi)
1. Hero Xpulse 200 4V Adventure Tourer Rs. 1.37 lakh onwards
2. Yezdi Roadster Cruiser Rs. 2.01 lakh onwards
3. Yezdi Scrambler Scrambler Rs. 2.08 lakh onwards
4. Yezdi Adventure Adventure Tourer Rs. 2.15 lakh onwards
5. Royal Enfield Scram 411 Scrambler Rs. 2.03 lakh onwards
6. Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Tourer Rs. 8.95 lakh onwards
7. Suzuki V-Strom SX Adventure Tourer Rs. 2.11 lakh onwards
8. Yamaha MT 15 Naked Sport Rs. 1.64 lakh onwards
9. BMW F 850 GS Adventure Tourer Rs. 12.50 lakh onwards
10. Ducati Multistrada V2 Adventure Tourer Rs. 15.50 lakh onwards
11. Kawasaki Ninja 400 Sports Rs. 4.99 lakh onwards
12. TVS Ronin Cruiser Rs. 1.50 lakh onwards
13. BMW GS 310 RR Sports Rs. 2.85 lakh onwards
14. Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Cruiser/Roadster Rs. 1.50 lakh onwards
15. Honda CB300F Naked Sport Rs. 2.26 lakh onwards

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some common questions about new bikes in India.


Which are the most popular bike launches in 2022?

Some famous motorcycle launches in 2022 are the Hero Xpulse 200 4V, Yezdi Scrambler, Yezdi Adventure, Royal Enfield Hunter 350, TVS Ronin and the Suzuki V-Strom SX.

Which is the suitable two-wheeler insurance for brand-new bikes in India?

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance offers financial protection against damages to the bike and third-party liabilities, making it an ideal bike insurance policy for brand-new bikes.

Which are the most popular bike brands in India?

Some of India's most popular two-wheeler manufacturers are Hero MotoCorp, Royal Enfield, TVS Motors, Bajaj Auto, KTM, Suzuki and Honda.

Which are some of the new bike brands in India?

Some of the new two-wheeler brands in India (2022) are Yezdi Motorcycles Company, Jawa Motorcycles Company, Moto Morini, Zontes Motorcycles and Revolt Motors.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making any related decisions.

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