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How To Change Wiper Blades On A Car

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Maintenance of a car is no child's play. As a car owner, you must regularly service and maintain the vehicle. Like the car's major components, such as the engine, battery, and chassis, that require regular maintenance, wiper blades also need regular checks. It is because the wiper blades keep the windshield free of dust, rain, and snow and ensure glare-free visibility to the driver in all weather conditions.

Extreme climate conditions can cause wear and tear of wiper blades, like any other car component. Therefore, you need to run timely checks and replace the worn-out wiper blades of a car to ensure a seamless driving experience. Read on to find out all about wiper blades and how to change wiper blades on a car.




When to change wiper blades on a car?

A stitch on time saves nine! The age-old proverb stands relevant in the case of car wiper blades.

Identifying a defective wiper blade in time can save you from great trouble. Don't wait until the eleventh hour to replace damaged wiper blades, as it can cause accidents because of a lack of visibility.

Several warning signals ascertain that you must consider changing your wiper blades. We have broken them down for you here.

  • Wiper blades are meant to wipe your windshield clean without any noise. If you notice the wiper making a chattering sound while cleaning, take the cue and get them replaced in time. A noisy wiper blade fails to clean the windshield properly.

  • Improper handling or cleaning of the wiper blades may disfigure or crack the frame of the wiper blades. A crooked or broken frame causes a gap between the wiper and the windshield, making cleaning impossible. An out-of-shape frame hampers the performance of the blade altogether, leaving dirt on the windshield.

  • If your wiper blade leaves water streaks along its trail, it is begging for replacement. Cracked or split rubber refills are the cause of such improper wiping. Often while removing dirt and grit from the wiper blades, the rubber refills split. Such chips can hamper the cleaning process manifold.

Finding the perfect set of wiper blades

People often spend a great amount of time selecting a car and its various components. However, the time spent on finding the right set of wiper blades for one’s car is negligible despite it being one of the most important components ensuring the safety of the driver and the occupants. 

Apart from the dimensions, there are a few other things to bear in mind when choosing wiper blades for your car.

  • The design of the wiper blade has a huge bearing on its performance. Opting for wiper blades with an aerodynamic build reduces the amount of dragging and ensures that the motion makes no sound while cleaning.

  • Choosing wiper blades with a curvature that fits your car perfectly is important. It ensures that there is full contact between the windshield and the wiper, promising you a spotless windshield each time. Unlike an ill-fitted wiper, which fails to wipe off dirt and water completely, an exact-fit wiper will give you top-tier cleaning.

  • Wiper blades are subject to extreme heat and cold conditions. Therefore, opting for heat-resistant and UV-resistant wiper blades is preferable. It will protect the wiper blades and increase their durability despite harsh weather conditions.

Steps to change wiper blades on your car

Let us assume that you need to change your wiper blades urgently and do not have the time to call in hired help. There is no need to feel worried or intimidated by the task, as you can do it yourself as long as you follow a few simple steps.

With the right tools, practice, and patience, you can replace the wiper blades of your car with utter ease.

Are you wondering how to change wiper blades on a car? Do not worry! We have listed the process of changing wiper blades below in four simple steps. 

Step 1: Procuring A New Set Of Wiper Blades

The foremost step before diving into the job is procuring the right wiper blades.

  • Get your hands on a measuring tape and note down the dimensions of your existing blade. It rules out the possibility of buying wiper blades that do not fit your car perfectly.

  • You must consider the curvature of your windshield when purchasing a replacement, along with the length of the wiper. You can visit a local store selling car parts or buy wiper blades online.

Step 2: Be Careful When You Lift The Wiper

Now that you have your replacement ready, it is time to do the job.

  • Carefully lift the metal arm of your car wiper that attaches itself to the car cowl. You need to be very delicate in this step to avoid causing damage to your windshield.

  • Failure to lift and hold the metal arm firmly may result in it springing back, creating cracks across your windshield.

  • You can also place a thick cloth over the windshield to protect it while you replace the damaged wiper blades, just in case the metal arm slips from your grip and strikes the glass. 

Step 3: Remove The Old Wiper Blades

The next step requires you to detach the old wiper blade from the metal arm.

  • With the metal arm pulled away, turn the wiper in a manner that makes its bottom face upwards.

  • You are then required to look for the retaining clips close to the end of the rubber refills.

  • You can slide out the refills easily by pinching the clips together with a pair of needle-nose pliers. 

Step 4: Fix The New Wiper Blades In Place

We are more than halfway through!

  • Once the old wiper blades are out, all you have to do is secure the new ones. Just slip the new wiper blades into the end from which you pulled the old one out.

  • Once in place, the retaining clip will click. It shows that the wiper is in place.

  • Pivot the arm to turn the bottom side downwards, and voila! You are all set.

  • Carefully bring the metal arm back and repeat the process for the blades on the other side. 

The need for a comprehensive insurance cover 

Wiper blades constitute one of the safety features of a car. Failure to maintain a fully functional wiper can lead to unprecedented accidents.

Procure a comprehensive car insurance cover to protect yourself from financial liabilities caused by unforeseen road mishaps.

Not sure which insurance plan is best for your four-wheeler? ACKO has got you “covered” with insurance policy options for all types of vehicles. Visit our website or download the app for more details.

To wrap up

Car owners often neglect a faulty wiper blade, thinking it is an insignificant part of the car. However, multiple studies show that dirty windshields cause drivers to crash in a driving simulator.

A poor quality or damaged wiper blade will fail to keep the windscreen clean and increase the glare produced, hampering the driver’s vision. Such a scenario multiplies the risk of accidents. Therefore, pay due attention to the maintenance and timely replacement of wiper blades to keep accidents at bay.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions related to how to change blades on car.


Can I change the wiper blades of my car myself?

Yes. Changing wiper blades is no rocket science. You can easily do it yourself.

How can I clean the wiper blade of my car?

You can use a moist cloth to clean the grit off your wiper blades.

Are wiper blades inspected during a car safety inspection?

Yes, wiper blades, like every other car component, are thoroughly inspected during a car safety inspection.

How often does one need to replace the wiper blades?

One must replace the wiper blades on their car every six to twelve months. You also ought to replace them immediately when you notice some damage.

Are all the wiper blades on my car the same length?

No, the two wiper blades on the front windshield of your car are of different lengths. Also, the wiper blades on the rear windshield are not the same length as those on the front windshield.

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